The Marx Brothers ‘Go West’ in one of the first western comedies

In 1940, the Marx Bros. Appearing in one of the earliest Western comedy films, the Overlooked Picture is called Go west. It comes from a very late replySeppo era, the run of the picture is often considered lower when the brothers are at their peak. However, even without Zeppo – who is an important part of Marx’s formula, a The secret sauce If you will The brothers made many admirable films after their big days. Go west is one of them, though it never quite matches the Zeppo-less heights in comparison A night at the Opera.

Go westMarxes’ only frolic through the Western genre, pokes fun at the clichés of the genre in a similar way Mel Brooks will do prominently with Blazing Saddles Just over 30 years later. where Blazing Saddles Mainly creating western comedy and comedy films, Go west Often perfectly content with being a vehicle for 80 minutes of Marx Bros. gags. Which is not a bad thing at all. The movie knows what the brothers do well, and it gives them the space to do it. It’s like seeing a perennial rock band that is stepping out of their time, no beats and playing the music you want to hear.

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‘go west’ is one of the first western comics

Chico Marx, Groucho Marx and Harpo Marx in 'Go West.'
Image via MGM

The Western comedy, the only entry in the list of Western subgenres, is a particularly difficult genre to succeed in. a A million ways to die in the West And lazy 6 As both have proven, filmmakers who attempt to combine the two genres tend to fail miserably at doing well. Brooks mentioned above Blazing Saddles An untouchable masterpiece, and Ballad of Buster Scruggs And My name is nobody Both manage to be really funny pictures set in the style of the West, but these are only rare

While not the first to make a western comedy, at least the Marx Bros. Go west is predated by 15 years by the same title Buster Keaton Flip. Laurel & Hardy Dabbled in the genre West exit In ’37, and WC Fields Do the same My little chickadee In ’40, the same year as Marx’s film. Along with three other examples of comics that put their humor into the West (and the Western genre), Go west Mostly found the Western setting as a vehicle for a series of other unrelated gags that were vintage Marx Bros.

Whether it’s a real movie or not Work as a whole is difficult to say. There’s certainly some great stuff in there, with the little hands showing the brothers, if not in top form, quite closely. The admittedly serious story gets more than it should, especially considering how uninspired the actual plot is.

In ‘Go West,’ Marx Bros. Chase a Fortune

Groucho and Chico Marx in 'Go West.'
Image via MGM

The plot of Go west Feels cut and taken from a forgotten western movie of the era, revolving around the precious land owned by the old man (Tully Marshall) and is viewed by planning railway administrators (Walter Woolf King) and saloon owner (Robert Barrett). Running parallel is a Romeo & Juliet– as well as a love plot involving a young couple (John Carroll And Diana Lewis) who depend on the sale of the plot to carry out their official activities with love for each other.

It is clear that the relatives are involved and cause anger. Chico And HarpoA friend of the landowner, is lending the property for the guarantee of a small loan. Groucho, appears to be a no-nonsense hustler type, trying to trick them into selling to him. Soon after, he is heavily armed and tricked by the film’s enemies into giving them the contract, and so the three teams try to get it back.

That is quite a lot. Definitely not the best joke, not even on Marx’s list.

Where ‘Going West’ Fits In Marx Bros. movie?


Go west A Marx Bros. movie. with many mediums never reaching the impossible heights of their greatest works. Never all Not good The movie, this western comedy struggles to make any of the plot wider than reality Funny. Instead, the moment finds the brothers engaging in their signature cruel comedy at a breakneck pace. really, Go west Work as a living proof of the fact that the manufacturer Irving Thalberg was instrumental in the downfall of the Marx Brothers by introducing a plot-based structure into their work.

The beginning of the film works because it sets up a simple premise – the characters of Groucho, Harpo, and Chico come up short to buy a train ticket out west to get gold – and uses it to get an excellent joke. When told that a train ticket costs $70, Groucho slaps several bills on the counter. He told the servant: “Don’t bother counting it.” “Only $60,” the waiter complained. “I tell you Let’s not count it,” Groucho snaps. Harpo and Chico, eager to get their own fare, come up with a brilliant plan involving a $10 bill tied to a string.

good luck, Go west There are some classic Groucho lines (“I’ll beat them to within an inch of their life, but I don’t have a tape measure”/”I give you my word as a liar, I’ll be back. Ten minutes”), and a few bits that let Harpo do some fun little slapstick. As usual in these movies, there’s also some great music where Chico plays a fun piano rendition of “The Woodpecker Song,” pulling Harpo’s fruit halfway through and rolling it to the keys in perfect tune.

Contrary to its height, Go west There is a low share. The plot, as mentioned earlier, only managed to disrupt the comic rhythm set by the opening scenes of the film. An overly long sequence at the beginning of the third act involving an indigenous tribe of about the same age Mickey RooneyAppearance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s something that can’t be denied, especially on the back end, and the finished product will age better without it. Cartoons that don’t really think are worse than what practically every goddamn Western of the era is guilty of, but what feels like the opportunity to deceive these clichés just ends up insensitive to them.

that said, Go west is best when the brothers’ humor is aimed at A) each other, or B) the movie’s villain. Groucho’s smart ass still pops with wit, and Harpo/Chico’s pride of physical/verbal comedy also blends well. An early scene, in which the three brothers try to trick each other out of train fares, is a highlight. A similar scene, later in the stagecoach is another.

The climax of the film, though, is undeniable Go westThe most memorable character. The brothers, in pursuit of the enemy, cause extreme violence as they run through (and on top of) a fast-moving train. For example, it never reaches a jaw-dropping sight. GeneralBut it also makes for subtle sequences that are fun with slapstick gags.

However, when it comes time for credit, it’s hard not to be left wanting more from relatives. Consider that Go west Coming to the end of their work together, it is still difficult to expect anything more. The boys would only have three more films Go west, and each of them work even less than their western comedy. From there, the brothers would separate (at least artistically), and Groucho would go on to make some very good, but underwhelming solo films.

Go west never reached the height of the king, Duck soup, A night at the Operaor even Monkey business. Again, not many movies can do that. what Go West do The arrangement to be made is for Marx Bros. A handful of classic comedy bits that are fondly remembered as they could be at their peak. Although it is all hidden among the dirt and silt, there are still some words to be panned out.

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