‘The Man From Rome’ Review: A Sinful Thriller

Is there anything better than a good thriller? Few things in movies require more intellectual engagement than trying to solve a mystery. It fills the audience with tension and adds an undeniable sense of engagement to a movie or TV show. However, a good thriller that actually resonates with audiences is rare.We look at recent greats such as prisoner, old boy, parasite, Se7en, and Inception As a shining example of a consummate thriller, others in the genre should certainly watch, too.

So far, 2023 has been a satisfying year for thriller fans. lost and Knock the hut Not only the best thriller of the year, but also one of the best thrillers of the younger decade so far. However, there is naturally much that fails to educate the audience about its complex mysteries, and unfortunately, man from rome is one of them.

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Lapier del Tambor

according to the book Lapier del Tamborby Arturo Pérez-Reverte, man from rome The play centers on Father Quarter (Richard Armitage), a computer hacker who breaks into the Vatican’s security systems and issues an urgent anonymous request to the Pope, threatening him and the entire Vatican, who he is sent to investigate. As Father Quarter delves deeper into the mystery, he begins to unravel the dark secrets of the Vatican. Many people will protect their secrets at all costs.

man from rome is a movie we really want to like. Its core premise and themes are undeniably fascinating, and the cast is terrific. Combine that with the fact that this is a thriller centered on the darkest secrets of the Vatican, and we couldn’t be more excited. Sadly, the film failed to captivate us. The mysteries are too complex and force the viewer to take a step back, the lack of tension is a major flaw, and the acting is disappointing.

There are a few action scenes scattered throughout the film in an attempt to hold the viewer’s attention, but they are few in number and utterly lackluster.We pray that shaky shots and confusing editing of action scenes are a thing of the past, but in this case man from rome, obviously we were wrong. This film contains so many cinematic sins that not even divine confession can set this film free.

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a fantastic premise

The Man From Rome - Premise
screen media

There is no denying that the idea and concept of the Vatican essentially acting as MI5 with highly trained and highly intelligent agents is brilliant.The film immediately feels like James Bond, with the Vatican’s power and impressive technology displayed in the first few minutes Movies that get fans excited about what’s to come. The movie even has a Bond-like title, though it’s unfortunately bland and uninspired, and it’s at this point that audiences know what type of movie they want to see.

man from rome The concept is still compelling. Yet, beyond the opening few minutes, the film never gets caught up in its absurd nature. Let’s not pretend that the Vatican is part of MI5, it’s not crazy, so it’s more fun for the movie to have it and embrace the fun of it all.if man from rome Delve into a style somewhat reminiscent of john wick The franchise will be more exciting than the film’s final product.

Continuing with the James Bond similarities, there’s a scene suggesting Father Quarter has sex with Macarena Bernard (Amaya Salamanca) that will force you to roll your eyes. This is unnecessary and strange, and certainly violates some of the rules of being part of the Church, especially as a member of the Vatican. Sure, they’re technically agents, but they still have the faith of our real-world pastors and other members of the church.

slow, slow burner

The Man From Rome - La Piel De Tambor
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There’s nothing wrong with a slow fire as long as we focus on the plot and characters of the movie. Likewise, if the movie makes us feel nervous, scared, or emotional, there’s nothing to complain about.However, with man from Rome, There’s a lot to complain about. The film’s main plot and mysteries are overly complex, even early on. Viewers will have a hard time following where the story is going, and too many characters are introduced over the course of the film. We also learn about some uninteresting subplots throughout the movie. There are a few plot twists to be discovered, but those do the film’s detriment, considering many viewers don’t care too much about it anyway.

As mentioned, there are some action scenes, but they’re still not up to par. Of course this movie isn’t an action movie, so it can be forgiven to a degree.But in the current world where action movies are dominated by action movies, such as john wick franchise, delivering groundbreaking action scenes, the action is found in man from rome It’s just bland and not exciting at all, which is unfortunately exacerbated by the fact that the music is haunting and doesn’t boost any adrenaline it should.

To put the final cherry on top of this unsatisfying slow-burn cake, here are the facts: man from rome The duration is 120 minutes. This wouldn’t be a problem if the movie was tense, riveting, entertaining, and entertaining, but the bottom line is it’s not. A clean 90 minutes would have done the job well, cut out the many unimportant characters and subplots that overcomplicate the film, and all in all, it would have been a less exasperating film.

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disappointing performance

The Man From Rome - The Pope
screen media

It’s even more unfortunate that the acting in this movie doesn’t do the movie any favors. Richard Armitage’s performance is good, but he doesn’t do much to elevate his character. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast couldn’t stand their ground, perhaps because the film is, for some odd reason, an English film. Perhaps to appeal to a wider audience, but that favors a weaker product. The cast is all Italian, and we can’t help but feel that their performances would have been better and more authentic if their dialogue had been in their native language. It’s good for the actors and the film.

That said, we can’t entirely blame the actors, as the material and dialogue they had to deal with wasn’t great. Many moments of dialogue don’t flow smoothly, and characters often respond in a very odd way, perhaps in an attempt to sound poetic, but sadly it doesn’t work. finally, man from rome Should have stayed in Rome.

Screen media will be released man from rome In theaters and on demand Friday, June 30, 2023.

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