The Lord of the Rings: What are the actors doing now?

when american version ring When it came out in 2002, it terrified people.not to say the original ring Directed since 1998 Hideo Nakata Not terrible, but until recently people were generally reluctant to read subtitles for international horror The Blair Witch Project, the movie immediately sparked speculation that the events depicted in the film might have happened to viewers had they seen the grisly VHS tape. The story has become permanently embedded in the catalog of urban legends and has even been parodied in satires. horror movie Franchise and saturday night live skit.

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But what happened to the actors after the movie became famous?Fangoria Chainsaw Award Winner Naomi Watts Besides that, there are many familiar faces hiding in the film, who have carried on in their acting careers since ring was released. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to lately!

David Chase The Lord of the Rings
Picture from DreamWorks SKG

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Naomi Watts as Rachel Keller

Naomi Watts in Lord of the Rings
Image via DreamWorks Pictures

Naomi Watts plays the leading role in the film ring, desperately trying to solve the mystery of the cursed VHS tape before her 7 days are up.Prior to this film, her major breakout role was in david lynchThe 2001 psychological thriller, Mulholland Drive. Known for playing characters who experience some form of loss or pain, the British actress has continued to rise to fame with roles in the following films: 21 grams, which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.She also starred in the 2005 film king kongthe opposite jack black and Andy Serkis, oriental promise and Viggo Mortensenand internationality and Clive Owen. In 2012, she was nominated again for “Best Actress” at the Academy Awards for her performance in the film impossible. The film is based on the true story of a family in Thailand struggling to survive after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

She has since also starred in the 2014 film bird man and saint vincent, while we were young (2015), glass castle (2017), and Luce (2019).Watts also starred in Divergent Franchises and Showtime dramas twin peaks.her most recent appearance was in the miniseries loudest voicea remake of the Austrian film good night momand Netflix original series, warder.Watts, who also serves as an ambassador for the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, recently announced her marriage to the American actor billy crudup June 2023.

Martin Henderson as Noah Clay

Martin Henderson as Noah Clay in Lord of the Rings
Image via DreamWorks

played by Martin Henderson, Noah Clay, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, agrees to help her investigate the video and the strange deaths linked to it.before he played the role ringthe New Zealand actor in shortland street, New Zealand’s longest running drama and soap opera. Emigrated to the United States in the late 1990s, the late actor heath ledger He reportedly helped him financially until he landed a supporting role in the film. John Woo2001 movie Windtalker. The following year, he played the role of Noah Clay in the film. ringWith Naomi Watts.

Since then, he has starred in joe carnahan2006 movie smoking ace, Devil’s Knot the opposite Colin Firth and reese witherspoonand the TV series gray anatomy. In addition, he also recently appeared in the horror film “A24” xdirected by Ty Westand TV series virgin river Plays Jack Sheridan.

David Dorfman as Aidan Keller

David Dorfman as Aidan Keller in Lord of the Rings
Image via DreamWorks

The little boy who drew scary pictures has grown up! Since he played Rachel Keller’s son Aidan, David Dorfman Reprising his role as Aidan in the 2005 sequel, ring twobut not before playing Jedidiah Hewitt in the 2003 version Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He entered UCLA at the age of 13 and was finally admitted to Harvard Law School at the age of 18.Throughout his studies he continued to have small roles in films such as drill tailor and zombie road kill.He has also acted in TV series, including joan of arcadia and ghost whispererhis last acting role was as a Lannister soldier in the HBO series game of Thrones.

Dorfman, now retired from show business, is now in the “role” of attorney, General Counsel in the U.S. House of Representatives as Legislative Director/Vice Chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee and Chair Emeritus of the Homeland Security Committee’s Cybersecurity Subcommittee. Talk about a career change!

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Davey Elizabeth Chase as Samara Morgan

Ring Features - 2002
Image via DreamWorks Pictures

David Elizabeth Chase In 2001, he started his acting career for the first time with the film donnie darko, as Downey’s younger sister. At this time, she also voiced Chihiro in the English-dubbed version. Spirited Away. In 2002, she continued to play the villain Samara in the film. ringbut she also landed a very different role that same year, as the voice of Lilo in Disney’s Lilo Lilo & Stitch. For both roles, she won the MTV Movie Award for “Best Villain” and the Young Artist Award for “Best Voice Performance: 10 or Under.”She will continue to reprise these roles as more sequels and spinoffs come out, including Leroy Stitch, ring twoand ring.

Another role she reprized was Samantha Darko in the 2009 direct-to-video sequel S Darko.She joins the cast of HBO Big Love She plays Rhonda Volmer, a teen struggling with a polygamous home.Most recently, Chase appeared in the 2016 film jack go home and american romanceher latest work is a voice role in a video game let it die.

Brian Cox as Richard Morgan

Brian Cox in Lord of the Rings
Image via DreamWorks

As ‘shocking’ as his role as Samara’s father in the film ring used to be, brian cox There has been no shortage of performances in film and television since then.Soon after ringcox plays villain william stryker in the film X2. In 2004, played Agamemnon in the movie “Agamemnon”. Troy and Ward Abbott Bourne supremacy.He leapt up to star in this horror flick, and even stephen king highly regarded, Anonymous autopsy.Perhaps Brian Cox’s most prominent recent role is as the patriarch of the Roy family on the HBO drama succession.

Jane Alexander as Dr. Grasnik

Jane Alexander as Dr. Glasnick in Lord of the Rings
Image via DreamWorks

jane alexander starring ring As the doctor who is finally able to provide Rachel Keller with some useful information about Morgan’s family history.She has since continued her acting career with roles such as love feast, fetusand terminator redemption.Her most recent film role was as Dr. Abraham in the 2017 film three christs.On television, Alexander has made various minor appearances, the most notable and most recent of which is blacklist, primaryand cycle story.

Amber Tamblyn as Katie Embry

Amber Tamblyn in The Lord of the Rings
Image via DreamWorks

Amber Tamblyn role is short ring But still responsible for the nightmares of millennials who were too young to watch the film when it came out (but watched it anyway). The horrific look left on her character’s face when her body was discovered remains one of the most iconic horror scenes to this day. Since then, her acting career has taken off, with the following roles: joan of arcadia With former co-star David Dorfman, Traveling Pants Sisterhood, and its sequel, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2.She also appeared in the 2010 biopic 127 hoursmost recently, she starred in the 2023 film you hurt my feelings and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tobias Menzies.

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