‘The Justice Stones’: John Goodman and Walton Goggins on Season 3, Eli’s Retirement and Billy Jr.’s Biblical Madness

(Editor’s Note: The following contains some spoilers for Season 3 of The Justice Stone.)from the creator Danny McBridethe third season of the HBO series gem of justice Seeing Jesse (McBride), Judy (Eddie Patterson) and Kelvin (Adam Devine) to take over the Gem family televangelist empire and further solidify their legacy, now their father Eli (John Goodman) are gradually being retired. Now that they’re in power, they must overcome division and greed to keep others, including some long-lost cousins ​​with dubious motives, from meddling in their affairs.

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In an interview with Collider, co-stars Goodman and walton goggins (plays Billy Freeman Jr., Eli’s brother-in-law who always dreamed of greatness) talks about Eli’s feelings about retirement, releases retro Billy Jr., Baby Billy’s Crazy Bible game show, add kristen johnston and steve zane The eccentric Gem family or Season 3, and Eli’s bond with Gideon (Skyler Gisondo).

Collider: A lot has happened this season. Speaking of your characters, what are you most excited about this season? John, Eli seems to be enjoying retirement, at least a little bit. How do you feel about his current situation?

John Goodman: I think he’s in a really good position. He is much more forgiving than before. He’s trying to handle all the craziness without trying to make him too crazy. It just wants to handle a lot of balls at the same time. He always offends others. He walks on a tight rope, but with a little more forgiveness in his heart.

John Goodman as Eli Gem in Season 3 of The Justice Gems
Image via HBO

Walton, how does Baby Billy feel about where he is now? He has a young son who seems to like crying and screaming, and he has a pregnant wife again. How does he feel about his family? What is their situation? Did he know what trouble he was in again?

Walton Goggins: We had a conversation, and it was like music to me, honestly. In the first two seasons, we did a lot of emotional lifting. This time, we want to have a retro Baby Billy and have some fun. We just wanted to stay in that world, and they did. Every day, I go to work very happy. The stakes are high for him personally, but also low for the larger scheme.The way this idea came about, for Baby Billy’s Crazy Bible What follows is wonderful. That’s the word that comes to mind. It’s really fun.

i’m obsessed with Baby Billy’s Crazy Bible. The number of times everyone has to say it on the show is delightful because it’s the most amazing tongue twister. I now fully believe this is the show we need in prime time.

Goggins: You might get what you want. you will never know.

Walton Goggins to Play Baby Billy Freeman in Season 3 of 'The Justice Stones'
Image via HBO

What was it like to actually stick with it all season?

Goggins: I don’t know if they’re going to pay it off that way. They are good at keeping secrets. They’re better at keeping secrets than I am. Baby Billy’s story begins on a flip-flop, with 24 performances a day by the pool at The Jewel Resort, which is tiring but also a lot of fun. Little did I know it would start with a made-up music video and end up with a rip-off Family Feud and almost a rip-off. I don’t know that’s actually going to be reflected and we’re going to do that. Privately, it’s always been a dream of mine to do something like this and inject a certain amount of post-performance humor. It’s like Steve Harvey giving a monologue and cracking jokes. So, being able to do that has always been a personal dream of mine. I was freaking out, but man, I had a lot of fun.

John, we added Kristin Johnston this season, and I love what she brings to the show and what she brings to the character. How do you compare her family to the Jewel family? What do you like about really exploring this with her?

Goodman: We did a play together in New York about 25 years ago, so I knew her and we were very relaxed together. She brings a lot to this. Whenever they mention another aspect of the gemstone family, I’m all for it because it’s a surprise to me. Every time I make up my own backstory, I have to throw it away because they come up with something better. But it was a blast. She and the incredible Steve Zahn are delightful to watch and always a surprise.

Walton Goggins as Billy Freeman Jr., Valin Hall as Tiffany Freeman in Season 3 of The Justice Stones
Image via HBO

Walton, do you think Billy Jr. is a person with character development? Can he learn from his mistakes, or is his way of doing things too stubborn?

Goggins: Oh, yes. He is not that person. He doesn’t have that anger. He’s freed himself from that monkey and found some peace with his son, which allows him to love his children. He was a great father and, just as importantly, a great husband. The love story between Tiff and Billy Jr. is something to admire and emulate. He deeply respects her and listens to her, and she respects him and makes him feel good and understands his insecurities. Everything they do, they’re always together and united throughout the show. So, I think he’s very different, especially the guy you meet in the flashbacks. He just wants to taste the sweetness of success. He wants to express himself and let people see what he thinks is his talent.

John, how does Eli feel about having Gideon as his driver this season? I love their intimate moments and how they really respect each other by the end of the season.

Goodman: Oh, indeed. Gideon’s growth gave Eli the most satisfaction in three seasons. It’s a wonderful combination. He has a big kid inside and he loves having a stunt driver as a driver, unfortunately, he needs him.

Goggins: Skyler (Gisando) is a great actor.

John Goodman as Eli Gem in Season 3 of The Justice Gems
Image via HBO

Everyone on this show is amazing, so it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Goggins: Exactly. From Shea Whigham to Stephen Dorff, from Lukas Haas to Steve Zahn, and everyone who played . It’s so special. People who have been with each other for a long time, people who have known each other for a long time. There was a time when Steve, Lucas, Shay, Stephanna were all in one place, which was this beautiful place in downtown Charleston. Every night, we would come home from get off work, have a glass of wine, sit by the fire pit, and everyone would start telling stories. Then, inevitably, we’ll have a late night dinner somewhere. It’s that stage of the game where you know you may never be in the same place again. You realize that this is a real good time. You get to a point in your career where you just want to love these people and spend time with them outside of work and hear what’s going on with their lives and their kids and their successes and failures and what we have Opportunity to really do just that. It’s not just about connection. It’s been going on for 25 years, and it’s a really cool opportunity to celebrate that friendship.

gem of justice Airs every Sunday night on HBO and is available on Max.

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