The hot girl with the body is back!Meet the new cast of Netflix’s ‘Unbearably Hot’ Season 5

Who wants to see someone more traditionally attractive learn how to love? That’s the main goal of the Netflix show, too hot to handle. The reality dating show premiered in April 2020 and quickly gained popularity due to its premise and the fact that much of the country is in quarantine. The goal is for these looks-obsessed “hot babes” to dig deeper and form real romantic connections, rather than the typical “Wham, Bam, thank you, sir, ma’am.” With cash prizes, contestants must indulge in a romantic connection without super fun body parts. No intimate touching, no kissing, and certainly no sex. Even pleasing yourself is not allowed. How is this monitored? The camera is connected to the only robot, Lana, an Alexa-like but low-key robot that feels like a real person. Miss Lana’s eyes are everywhere, and she keeps tabs on everyone, making sure they’re not trying to be a little weird next to them. If they make a mistake, everyone’s money is taken. Forgoing $25,000 for a quick sex? In such an economic environment? never. Most people could easily lock in a $200,000 prize, but those entrants weren’t most of them.

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Now in its fifth season, Lana is back and ready to teach this new cast. too hot to handle How to connect on a deeper level. This season’s contestants thought they were on a hot new dating show called “Love Overboard,” but they were jolted awake by Miss Lana. Faced with a $200,000 bet, can they not interfere with each other? Maybe this time around the actors will have more willpower.

just kidding. This cannot happen. The cast this time is definitely hot.

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alex snell

Alex Snell THTH
Image via Netflix

First in alphabetical order by first name is alex snell. Alex is a 28-year-old personal trainer from London, England. His Instagram profile calls him a “modern Greek god,” but he actually seems closer to Narcissus. Some say he is “Prince Charming-looking,” and he seems to agree. He only cares about two things: his hair and having as good a vacation as possible. One can only imagine how many people he has bewitched in the past under the guise of traveling. How will he deal with a situation where he can’t escape his true emotions?

Christine Obano

Christine Obano THTH
Image via Netflix

Christine Obano is next on our list of contestants, who describes herself as a “Houston hottie.” Christine is 6’1″, tall, beautiful, and a 26-year-old model. As a stallion from Houston, she’s easy on guys, but she’s quick to get rid of them once they think of another guy. Was it the fear that Lana would be able to help her work out the emotional connection?

Courtney Randolph

Courtney Randolph THTH
Image via Netflix

next is Courtney Randolph. Courtney is a 25-year-old real estate agent also from Houston, Texas.different from typical TH2H As a contestant, Courtney is very career-oriented, but also wants to make sure she remains passionate and focused. She has been described as being fiercely loyal, and that loyalty will surely be tested later in life. too hot to handle house.

Dre Woodard

Dre Woodard THTH
Image via Netlfix

Have we forgotten Dre? of course not. Dre Woodard 23 years old, actor, model and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Being a gentleman, he made sure everyone he dated got his attention during the week of their date. Unfortunately for Del Rey, he won’t be able to have “different hoes from different area codes” when Lana is around. Can he make a commitment to a person?

Elise Hutchinson

Elise Hutchinson THTH
Image via Netflix

Elise Hutchinson is a 23-year-old ski instructor from Switzerland who takes her job so seriously that she breaks nearly every bone in her body on the slopes. Her personality is said to be the perfect blend of tomboy and ladylike, and she has no problem meeting men when traveling. But how will Lana react when she won’t let her flee the scene?

Hannah Brooke

Hannah Brooke THTH
Image via Netflix

Hannah Brooke is a 24-year-old music artist from Los Angeles, California. Hannah is a different type of triple threat, and she’s known for leaving a trail of men in her dust. She sings, she dances, and she has obvious commitment issues. Will Hannah be able to love a romantic partner more than attention?

Hunter Lonigro

Hunter Lonigro THTH
Image via Netflix

Hunter Lonigro is a 24-year-old internet celebrity from Arizona, USA, who describes himself as a “full-time entertainer”. Hunter is known to be very free-spirited, and he has a happy vibe that allows him to get along with almost anyone. He may attract friends and lovers like moths to a flame, but can this surf-haired, adventurous fellow find a real connection at the retreat?

isaac francis

Isaac Francis THTH
Image via Netflix

isaac francis Born in England but raised in America. The 24-year-old from New Jersey is a banker by day and a model by night, throwing parties on the Jersey Shore. He is considered a remarkable figure. Of course he can talk about love, but can he put it into action? Lana will be the judge on that.

Louis Russell

Louis Russell THTH
Image via Netflix

Louis Russell is a 22-year-old model from Hampshire, England. A man who loves a challenge, Louis loves boxing, football and running in front of women as much as he does track and field. He claims people are saying he’s a threat, which doesn’t necessarily sound like a good thing, but he certainly has it. Lana is known for her bad boy behavior, and viewers will have to see if Lana can tame his inner beast.

megan thomson

Megan Thomson THTH
Image via Netflix

Last but not least is megan thomson. The 26-year-old personal assistant from Cambridge, England, is known for his relaxed disposition and fondness for British boy band JLS. Could she be too infatuated with the handsome guy in the family to find true love?

This new crop of entrants is sure to make this season fun. too hot to handle. As always, it’s sure to be fun and annoying for those of us struggling financially. Yes, they may be “hot”, but as people, what else are they? Make sure to add the episode to your Netflix watch list; the new season premieres on July 14.

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