‘The Flash’ stalls, ‘No Regrets’ tops Friday’s box office

In theory, it should be the second consecutive weekend flash has taken on a completely different shape. Now that the DC superhero flick has clearly been a flop, there are some old and new titles filling the weekend’s top five at the domestic box office.Friday’s lead is Sony don’t take it to heartBut at the end of the day, go see one of two animated movies on the weekend, element or Spider-Man Through the Spider-Verse.

don’t take it to hearta comedy film starring jennifer lawrence A millennial woman who agrees to “date” an introverted 19-year-old to free him from his shackles becomes the rare R-rated studio to get a proper theatrical release post-pandemic One of the comedies is known for. era. If it performs well, it should have the power to restore the entire genre to financial viability. It does appear to be so. don’t take it to heart Friday grossed $6.2 million (including Thursday’s $2.1 million in previews), and is projected to take in about $15 million in its opening weekend.The film will be flash Fight for third this weekend.

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Sony also took second place at the box office on Friday as lingering hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Stage some sort of revival as viewers look for alternatives flashThe second weekend is expected to see a massive 70% drop, one of the worst in the history of the superhero genre. Traveling Through the Spider-Man Universe It added $5.7 million on Friday, bringing its domestic total to $303 million.Astonishingly, the film is about to pass Spider-Man: Homecoming lifetime domestic income of $334 million and a high likelihood of passing Spider-Man: Far From HomeBy the end of its run, lifetime earnings had reached $390 million.things don’t look good flash, although. The film opened with a disappointing $55 million opening weekend and is expected to make between $14 million and $16 million in its second weekend.

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After earning the second-worst opening in Pixar history ($29 million), element Showing some signs of life this weekend. The new original film from the once unrivaled studio is expected to post a modest 39% decline at the box office after adding $5.6 million in its second Friday. That pushed the film past the $50 million domestic box office mark. element It’s expected to add $18 million this weekend and potentially take the top spot, expected to hit around $65 million by Sunday. After Paramount Pictures plunged 66% over the weekend, Transformers: Rise of Beasts Another disappointing performance at the domestic box office. The sixth installment in the long-running action franchise has now grossed $114 million in the U.S., which doesn’t bode well for Paramount’s plans to use it as a launchpad for a new trilogy (and possibly spinoffs). Not a good sign. Globally, the film will cross the $300 million mark this weekend, meaning it remains the lowest-grossing entry in the Transformers franchise.

elsewhere, director wes andersonlatest movie of asteroid citySuccessful nationwide release this weekend following record high single-theater average since 2016 la la land last weekend.The movie is projected to take in $9.6 million this weekend and $3.8 million on Friday (which is actually more than beast rises‘ $3.1 million).You can watch our interview asteroid city Star Scarlett Johansson and Jason Schwartzman Stay tuned to Collider for more weekend box office updates.

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