‘The Flash’ Should Be Canceled If Warner Bros. Want To Make Money, New Report Says

Warner Bros. and DC Studios Apparently Didn’t Get What They Wanted flash. The movie was an undeniable box office bomb, analysts say flash Warner Bros. could lose as much as $200 million. Beyond that, a new report claims that studios actually lose less money if they don’t release finished films at all.

box office analyst Luis Fernando tweeted Flash’s The worldwide box office total is likely to reach a cumulative $280 million to $310 million — the film just passed the $200 million milestone recently. However, considering the film’s reported budget of $190 million, and the fact that the studio only keeps half of the project’s worldwide box-office gross, Fernando noted that Warner Bros. “would lose less money on release (flash) or not show at all. ’ In addition to its $190 production cost, the film also had a massive marketing budget of $150 million. Combined with its dismal box office totals, that meant flash Even if it meets box office projections, it may not end up recouping most of its marketing costs.

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fernando also famous The film’s slide at the U.S. box office has been particularly rapid, and it is struggling to maintain its domestic presence. On its second Monday, the film grossed just $1.7 million at the US box office, a sharp drop of 73% from the previous week. That brings the project’s domestic total to $89.2, with Fernando noting that the film’s U.S. release is likely to be around $110-$120 million.

Ezra Miller as The Flash in The Flash.
Image via Warner Bros.

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Flash’s Financial woes could spell trouble for Warner Bros.

Both Warner Bros. and DC are apparently going full steam ahead flash Success – a large marketing budget clearly shows this.Once the film was released, it caused a sensation, many stars such as Tom Cruise and head of DC Studios james gunn Call it one of the best superhero movies they’ve ever seen. However, the film has been plagued by multiple production delays, and a series of reshoots may have pushed the film’s production budget beyond its reported $190 million production budget.Combine problematic history flash Star Ezra Miller, It seems audiences are getting bored of the movie pretty quickly. The entire movie was even leaked on Twitter at one point, making the disaster even more embarrassing.

The potential $200 million loss is a pretty big blow to Warner Bros., which is looking to restructure its superhero brand into the new DC universe.even severely criticized Justice League In 2017, Warner Bros. lost only about $60 million, less than half of what it could have lost flash. As such, the studio is likely seeing its upcoming release as a way to try and rekindle fans’ enthusiasm for the DC character. The next version of the studio, blue beetle, Scheduled for release on August 18, 2023. The eponymous Blue Beetle will be the first character in the new DCU, and if the movie does well, it might give the studio a chance to readjust after things went wrong. flash.

flash Now in theaters. Interview with Director Collider Andy Muschietti and producer barbara muscetti As follows:

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