The Flash Review: DC Movie Fans Have Been Itching To See

Ezra Miller saves the Snyderverse in an amazing superhero The Flash Review adaptation that gloriously lives up to the hype. The flash is the DC movie that fans have been wanting to see. It incorporates stories from the Flash point Comedy series, Iron Manand League of Justice in a fantastic multiverse thriller with epic revelations. Barry Allen’s (Miller) time-altering abilities lead to a drastic decision with disastrous consequences. He finds unexpected allies and powerful enemies in a desperate effort to right his catastrophic mistake.

Barry Allen, the world’s fastest man, is late for work. But he’s dangerously low in calories and needs sustenance. A quick stop at the local coffee shop suffers a serious interruption. Flash is needed immediately to help in a crisis situation in Gotham City. He will have to stop arguing with the annoying cashier and run to the scene. A yellow beam engulfs him while time stands still for everyone else. He crosses hundreds of miles in seconds for a spectacular rescue.


Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

The Flash Ezra Miller
Warner Bros.

Barry is predictably chastised for his continued tardiness. He should have been promoted a long time ago in the Central City Police Forensics Lab. Why was he the only member of the Justice League available? A surly Barry receives a surprising visitor. He hasn’t seen Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) since college. She has a promising career as a journalist, but she came as a concerned friend.

Iris wonders how Barry will handle his father’s parole hearing tomorrow. Henry Allen (Ron Livingston) was wrongfully convicted of murdering Barry’s (Maribel Verdú) beloved mother. Barry stands outside his childhood home in abject grief. He remembers the horrible events of that day. His mother deserved to live. Manipulating the Speed ​​Force to change the past was strictly prohibited. Barry’s pain overcomes reason. How much damage could he really do?

The flash relies on constant CGI effects to drive the narrative forward. Barry interacting with his younger self in the alternate timeline looks pretty cool. The flash turning back time in a Speed ​​Force bubble isn’t all that genuine. Barry’s perception requires a unique visualization intrinsic to his powers. Realism varies greatly depending on the scene. Audiences won’t care, though, as spectacular action abounds throughout the film. Willing suspension of disbelief works mightily in the film’s favor.

batman returns

Michael Keaton in Flash
Warner Bros.

Michael Keaton’s return as Batman will kick your ass and break your foot doing it. The Caped Crusader flying around in his 1989 suit and vehicles to Danny Elfman’s classic theme is incredibly impressive. Keaton plays the character as older and wiser but just as formidable. The Justice League depends on Batman for his leadership, cunning, and sheer bravery. But he’s also a friend and mentor who brings out the best in Barry.

Director Andy Muschietti (mom, that) gets top marks for casting Sasha Calle as Supergirl. She is radically different from previous depictions. Calle is tough as nails with a dark vision of the human race. Barry must earn his trust as his heavy hitter. Calle holds his own against Michael Shannon’s fearsome General Zod redux in a gritty feature film debut.

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Ezra Miller has received a lot of bad press for his erratic behavior. His personal life certainly did not affect a remarkable performance. He Flash stands magnificently on his shoulders. Barry Allen is a complex character on two fronts. The death of his mother when he was a child left him socially awkward and withdrawn. The alternate Barry grew up with both parents and flourished. He is fun and outgoing, but has no idea of ​​heroism or sacrifice. Miller is both teacher and student on a harrowing journey.

A dynamite ending

The flash has a dynamite ending. The internet is littered with spoilers, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by reading them. enter virgin, The flashThe ending of is just amazing. Mind-blowing is an understatement. Stay after the credits.

The flash is a production of DC Studios, Double Dream and The Disco Factory. It will have a theatrical release on June 16 from Warner Bros.

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