‘The Flash’ loses its introduction to Supergirl

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  • The Flash completely ruined the opportunity to introduce Supergirl into the DC Extended Universe, leaving her character underdeveloped and overshadowed by other heroes.
  • Supergirl’s limited screen time and lack of character development undermine her introduction, making her a glorified cameo rather than an integral part of the film.
  • The Flash’s portrayal of Supergirl as a female version of Superman ignores the unique characteristics and backstories of both characters, damaging Supergirl’s history and potential impact.

Editor’s Note: The following contains Flash spoilers.The Flash Takes on stories of time travel, alternate universes, and personal trauma, making it one of DC’s more ambitious films. By the way, it introduces Supergirl (Sasha Calle) into the DC Extended Universe but ruined the opportunity by not making her everything. It’s not like they completely ruined the character, but they didn’t give her the introduction to the universe that she deserved. Since Supergirl is not as popular as DC’s heroes, she may not be known to the general audience, and. The Flash Didn’t do much to change it.

The problem is in the story that Supergirl has entered The Flash, not an actress. Calle’s performance is good for what she has to work with. But the truth is, Supergirl isn’t as big as fans are led to believe. With the film’s time travel shenanigans, and this is the only time the character appears in this particular version, it left something to be desired. The film depicted her as a female version of Superman, borrowing his plans and ignoring what made them different. While it’s always more exciting to see a new hero on screen than the debut of a familiar character, this isn’t a perfect introduction for Supergirl.

‘The Flash’ is not about Supergirl

Sasha Calle as Supergirl in The Flash (2023)
Image via Warner Bros.

While it may be obvious that Supergirl isn’t a main character, she isn’t in much of the movie, aside from the climactic battle. With many heroes appearing in The Flash, Some get more time than others, but in the case of Supergirl, the ads are misleading. From all the examples, she seems to be an important part, while, in the film, she has few stellar action sequences and brief appearances. She wasn’t introduced until well into the story after Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) was trapped in the past, which he changed, and discovered that it was very different from his universe. Barry regains his former powers and seeks out Batman (Michael Keaton) before they go to Supergirl.

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When she is saved, Supergirl shows off her incredible powers but quickly leaves, not caring that humans will be destroyed as they have never been kind to her. Of course, her imprisonment caused trauma, not to mention the destruction of her world and the death of her entire family. But nothing is fixed, and she has a quick change of heart, making her ready to become a hero for the people of the world. She flies Barry into the storm to get his powers back before they face Zod (Michael Shannon). Her fight with the Kryptonian villain is her most impressive scene, but in the end, it is destroyed, and Kara Zor-El dies along with Batman. Supergirl gets very little focus because of Barry’s emotional pace. This is understandable as he is the leader, but it is still reduced to The Flash It’s the first Supergirl movie in nearly 40 years. While she may be important to the final battle, the character gets little development and not much, which makes her introduction.

This Supergirl doesn’t seem to be coming back

The Flash Sasha Calle Supergirl
Image via Warner Bros.

The lack of focus on Supergirl could be excused if her brief appearance set up something bigger for the character, but that’s not the case. As the franchise is gearing up for a reboot, this is her only chance to appear in this iteration. with James Gunn And Peter Safran Controlling, DC is getting a new movie series called DCU. This franchise will have Supergirl, but not this version The Flash Deal with the options where Zod wins. It is not known that Calle will return, but whoever plays her role will be a different Kara, making the character in The Flash A person who is used significantly less.

Supergirl’s part in the story is small as it is her only appearance. The Flash Allow for the reappearance of Keaton’s Batman, bringing the end of the long-running character, but this Supergirl has no history outside of the movies. While the character’s appearance is notable in itself, since Supergirl isn’t in much of the movie, she’s a glorified cameo that doesn’t come from other content. Without hoping to expand the drama, the inclusion of Supergirl left something to be desired.

Why doesn’t Supergirl work on ‘The Flash’?

Sasha Calle as Supergirl in 'The Flash'
Image via Warner Bros.

Perhaps the worst part The FlashThe introduction of Supergirl is that she is not really Supergirl. The film deals with an alternate timeline where Kal-El is killed before becoming Superman. Barry’s search for an alternate version of his friend leads him to Kara. The main plot replaces Man of steelSupergirl’s Superman instead of giving the character a traditional Supergirl story. And it doesn’t stop there. Not only Supergirl is placed in an alternate version of Man of steel The fight, but her whole story is adapted from a few of Superman, in particular Superman: Red SonWhere Superman’s pod falls in Russia, and Flash point, which showed that he was detained in a government facility.

The Flash Make Supergirl her cousin, where their comic versions are distinctly different. Part of what separates them is that Supergirl remembers Krypton, while her cousin doesn’t. The movie never mentions this. While Supergirl still seems to be older than her siblings, as she was sent to Earth to take care of him, she seems to have little memory. Superman has been seen in several movies since Supergirl’s last appearance, making this the perfect opportunity to highlight their differences. But, despite the widespread familiarity with the story of Superman, The Flash Not much to differentiate the two Kryptonian heroes. Supergirl is almost as unrecognizable as her cousin, and introducing her as a female version of Superman would do a disservice to her character and history. This dark version is interesting, but with a hero who is not known to the general public, it is also a strange introduction to the character. The Flash Understand what could be Supergirl’s major launch to a wider audience.

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