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Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for The Flashben affleckis shown on flash Probably limited to five minutes or so, but as Affleck himself said, he did it. If you haven’t seen the movie or need a refresher, Batman is hunting down terrorists who stole a deadly virus during a false heist. Summon Barry (Ezra Miller) to Gotham via Alfred (jeremy irons), Batman pursues the criminal while Barry collects the debris they leave behind. As the film’s opening scene, it gives us a look at what the Justice League could be in the DCEU and reminds us just how intimidating Affleck was in The Caped Crusader. Batfleck makes history in his blue and gray batsuit, becoming an iconic color scheme at last Appeared in a live action show. It’s weird to see Batman fighting crime in broad daylight while the city’s folks are having brunch, but it’s very welcome. As it turns out, he’s as tough as ever, chasing down terrorists on his Batmobile and, when that fails, hunting them down with a hook and sheer will. It’s a great chase scene with great action and fulfills some of the elements of any Batman scene — including jumping over explosions.

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Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, who shares screen time with Batman, is just as good, if not better, than his Batman counterpart. In discussing trauma with a downcast Barry, Affleck perfectly encapsulates Bruce’s character as both a brooding loner and one who grieves and you just want to give him a big hug. When Barry tells Bruce that he’s learned how to go back in time—that he can save his mom, save Bruce’s parents—Affleck smiles wistfully, a subtle but emotionally powerful performance that only he The response to Barry’s proposal is what matters: “We have these scars that make us who we are. We’re not going to go back and fix them. Don’t let your tragedy define you.” If that’s not the epitome of Batman, then what is ? Affleck’s Bruce has come to terms with his tragic past. His scars are visible and painful, but he bears with it.

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Ben Affleck’s Batman Was Good Long Before The Flash

Ben Affleck in a Batman suit, no mask.
Image via Warner Bros.

Of all the actors who have played Batman over the years, no one has had a longer and more chaotic experience than Ben Affleck.Affleck, affectionately known to fans as “Bat Flake,” began his era as the caped crusader in 2016 (while the DCEU was still intact), when he and Henry CavillSuperman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Affleck briefly played the role in the 2016 film suicide squad and another disaster in 2017 Justice League movie, but that’s when things derailed.and zack snyder Set off Justice League Due to family tragedy, coupled with major studio disruptions that occurred during his absence, the film flopped and received poorly. Suddenly, DC’s plans suddenly failed, and the continuity and timeline of the DCEU will always be in question. Rumors of a highly anticipated solo Batman movie starring and directed by Ben Affleck died down in early 2019 after Ben Affleck announced his retirement.

But he hasn’t retired from the role just yet.Affleck came back for more shots to complete a vision that had been in the works for years until Snyder finally had the chance to finish it and release it. Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2021, and again for flash.

While Affleck may believe his best performance as Batman came in flash, he’s actually been great.although batman v superman Extremely controversial in the comic book movie world, Affleck’s performance as Batman needs no defense, as he’s the best of the bunch in this movie. From the film’s opening opening account of his trauma, to the iconic shot of him standing next to the Bat-signal in his armor suit, to the legendary warehouse fight, Affleck puts everything into his performance, becoming all Batman before him. The cruelest of all. . His massive size and gray voice work in his favor, but despite his menacing appearance, he’s also arguably the most empathetic Batman. He’s older and a bit wiser than most adaptors, but he’s come to realize that he needs to embrace hope, not throw it away.after the incident batman v superman As well as the death of Superman, fueled by the new sense of hope he felt after fulfilling Superman’s true purpose, we saw a brighter side to the scarred Batman. Despite Bruce’s tendency to be a loner, Bruce himself decided to form the Justice League, and he devoted a lot of time tracking down each member one by one.

Ben Affleck Won’t Return as Batman in ‘The Brave and the Bold’

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Image via Warner Bros.

For such a good performance, it’s bittersweet to think it’s his last. Although he had “not retired” before, flash It’s Affleck’s Finale, and a New DCU Era Begins james gunn and peter safran. But it feels pretty open for the final show, which means – like so many other aspects of the DCEU – it likely won’t end.So, let’s say it’s wishful thinking, but imagine what the future looks like if Bart Flack keeps at it, and what he’s doing in flash A fairly strong argument is made for why he should.

While the puzzle will never be complete, everything Affleck needs to continue playing Batman is in place.director flash, Andy Muschiettihas been officially confirmed to direct this brave and bold, One of James Gunn’s new films in Gods and Monsters, the first chapter of the DCU.gunn once said brave and bold will feature an older Batman (with robert pattinsonBatman, whose tenure is only two years), in addition, Bruce’s son Damian Wayne will play Robin. This raises a lot of questions about the DCU’s timeline compared to the fact that Batman already has a fourth Robin, but the other big question is of course who will play the Caped Crusader.Although the multiverse teases at the end flash make it look like George Clooney Maybe it’s a reprise of the cloak, but it’s likely just a silly Easter egg rather than a harbinger of things to come.Considering that Muschietti had the opportunity to meet Affleck and direct his Batman flashit would be remiss of me not to suggest that the two join forces again Brave and bold. But considering that Affleck has already retired from the role once, and the fact that the DCU has needed Batman for years, it’s clear that we’re going to find someone new to fill the role. The DCEU may have failed Ben Affleck’s Batman, but while it’s great to go back and fix it all, maybe we should heed Bruce’s warning to Barry and move on.

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