‘The Flash’ Continues to Disappoint Global Box Office

flashThe box office didn’t do as well as Warner Bros. Discovery had hoped. In its third week of release, the movie took in an estimated $11.4 million from 13,548 domestic and international screens. That brings the international total to $146.1 million, bringing the worldwide total to $245.3 million as of Sunday. flash The production budget was not approved until the second week.directed by Andy MuschiettiDC’s multiverse-spanning feature billed as one of major big-screen releases David Zaslav and cooperation, but now the omens are clear.

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The film was a major embarrassment for the studio not only commercially but also critically. The studio over-hyped the movie by showing it at CinemaCon months before it actually opened.It then tries to capitalize on celebrity publicity, such as Tom Cruise and stephen king, they watched the movie before its release and further hyped it up for fans. However, the box office performance proved that fans were disappointed with the film. Week one received mediocre reviews and an even less impressive box office, while week two delivered the worst second-weekend drop in the history of the superhero genre.

flash Join Warner Bros. Discovery’s growing list of losses

Despite the new management, the movies coming out of DC Studios are the remnants of the DCEU movies.despite such black adam, Shazam!wrath of the gods Unprecedented landing on the big screen. flash Suffered a devastating fate for several reasons. the lead actor of the film, Ezra Miller, was involved in several legal disputes last year. also, james gunnDC’s new plan monsters and gods Slate also caused fans to stop caring about the film, as the fate of its heroes in future films was uncertain.

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Despite a well-executed multiverse plot and the addition of past DC heroes for the nostalgia factor, the film failed to generate any excitement among fans or casual moviegoers. Much to the studio’s horror, the movie was also leaked on the internet last week, with some reports saying the studio should cancel the movie if it wants to make money. The fate of The Flash and Shazam is now determined, it will be interesting to see if Jason Momoaof Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Bring the audience to the theater.

flash Now in theaters.View Collider’s interview Sasha Kahlerwho plays superwoman in the play flashthe following:

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