‘The Flash’ Budget Breakdown: How The Movie Became The Biggest Flop In Movie History

After numerous delays, disputes, recasting, recrewing, etc., DC Studios’ The Flash is finally hitting theaters, and is expected to hit big box office figures almost as quickly as Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) can run. Following the film’s premiere at Cinemacon 2023, things got off to a good start with what has been called the DCEU’s swan song (although we still have Aquaman and the Lost Empire coming at the end of this year). Reviews for the film are skewing positive but generally fairly mixed, with a consensus. The Flash Fun but lacks an interesting travelogue. Early buzz seemed to get the ball rolling on solid early estimates, but that seemed to fizzle out after a disappointing opening weekend and mounting negative reviews.

The Flash is in an interesting and unique position in terms of the industry. It was released amid protests by historians, being touted by those close to DC Studios as both the conclusion of the DCEU and the starting point for James Gunn And Peter SafranDCU’s, and may very well decide the future of the controversial star Ezra Miller in the shoes of The Flash. These factors and other things made the budget more for the film. To learn more about budgeting, office drawbacks, and more, here’s a complete budget breakdown for The Flash.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on July 17, 2023, with new information in the mailbox.

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Keep in mind that full budget details for projects of this caliber are not shared publicly, and much of the following is based on reported data, net worth, etc.

Budget for Flash by department


Batman (Michael Keaton), Supergirl (Sasha Calle) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) stand tall in 'The Flash'
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

It is impossible to deny that one of the most controversial elements The Flash is the lead actor, Ezra Miller. Miller has become the subject of an absolute PR nightmare following allegations that suggest some inappropriate behavior. Despite the ongoing controversy, Miller did reshoots even though Warner Brothers and DC Studios toyed with the idea that the actor would return for future projects. It is reported that they made a total of 3 million dollars for their performance in The Flash. One might expect Michael Keaton to be paid more than the star of the movie despite his sidekick appearance due to his unprecedented return to the role of Batman.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as Keaton reportedly earned $2 million for his role The Flash. That’s in stark contrast to Keaton’s payday for playing the evil Vulture Spider-Man: Homecoming, which Keaton made six times with $12 million. For the rest of the cast, relative newcomer Sasha Calle was reported to make $500,000 for bringing Supergirl to the big screen, and Michael Shannon Make a cool million for his return as Zod. Extra money may also be allocated to more cameos of the film to get a specific character.


The Flash Michael Shannon Zod
Image via Warner Bros.

DC Studios teams up with Scanline VFX once again to bring the epic hero of The Flash with life. The VFX house has worked with DC before on almost every project in the DCEU and will do so again later this year Aquaman and the Lost Empire. The average budget for a big budget superhero movie eg The Flash is about 65 million US dollars. However, due to the film’s emphasis on CGI, even down to Barry’s suit, the figure could be higher.

Filming location

The Flash Michael Keaton Batman
Image via Warner Bros.

The Flash It reportedly conducted all of its principal photography in the United Kingdom from February 2019 to May 2019, namely in Glasgow, Scotland, and London, England. We know that at least one round of reshoots began in 2022 at the height of Miller’s embattlement, although the details of these reshoots are largely unknown. For London, in particular, the film was shot in at least four locations. Factoring in application fees, parking fees, scaffolding costs, etc., we are looking at about £5 thousand per day or about $6.3 thousand per day. In addition to the four months the film was shot, that is about 600 thousand pounds in total or About $750,000.

Publicity and publicity for a film is often considered separate from the project’s production budget, and it’s even harder to find online. On average, the advertising budget for a project of this size typically ranges from $65 million to $200 million (although this film may be closer to $150 million). The first glimpse The Flash It comes in the form of DC’s Fandome event – a virtual convention used by DC to promote their projects digitally during the pandemic. That made advertising cheap since it was an event organized by DC, but the marketing didn’t really start The Flash Until the trailer drops for the movie in 2023 Super Bowl. The cost of a Super Bowl ad starts at about $7 million, so there are other costs to add to that The FlashInvoice.

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How much does Flash need to make at the box office?

With a production budget of $200 million and an advertising budget of at least $65 million The Flash It will need to earn about $265 million to $400 million at the worldwide box office to break even. We tend to believe it’s closer to $400 million, but that has yet to be confirmed.

How is The Flash doing at the box office so far?

Image via Warner Bros.

According to preliminary estimates, The Flash received a strong evaluation in the return, with the film will generate income of 70 million dollars domestically and 155 million US dollars worldwide. Those numbers may be a bit exaggerated now that the movie is officially out.

In an amazing turn of events, The Flash Harsh practices at home and abroad. The opening of 70 million dollars in the United States fizzled to 55 million dollars, and opened worldwide from $ 155 million to $ 139 million. While that may not sound like too much of a downside, opening weekend predictions rarely end differently. In most cases, the opening weekend of blockbuster movies is the most profitable, so it makes The Flash In danger of being an office bomb, although it is a little early to say for sure. Why did this happen? It’s hard to say for sure, but it seems to be a combination of controversy with Ezra Miller, negative reviews and mixed reviews, and a lack of publicity due to the ongoing writer’s strike. You also factor in the number of movies released in June. The Flash went up against Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Transformation: Rise of the BeastAnd elements. While The Flash Coming in first place at the office, fans have many options that may play a role in its soft opening.

The Flash Can’t recover from opening his bad mouth and his lack of speech. In its second weekend, the film has a new competition with Jennifer Lawrence Funny No hard feelings And Wes Anderson‘s The city is star-shaped. On top of the new release, Spider-Verse And The Little Mermaid has found continuous success domestically and internationally good mood’Great word of mouth gives the movie a new life. The Flash It is currently at $263.6 million worldwide and may end up running at around $280 million. The film may have lost the studio more than 200 million dollars because the revenue is split between the studio and the cinema. What has been hailed as one of the best DC movies ever Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Trilogy Would save the studio a lot of money if it just never released.

How do the budget and box office estimates compare to other DCEU movies?

DCEU movies Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder's Justice League, and The Suicide Squad

budget, The Flash is on the more expensive end compared to other DCEU projects. Both Adam Black And Wonder Woman 1984 There is a budget of 200 million dollars. however, The Flash was set to be the biggest box office hit among all superhero movies and would go down as one of the biggest financial failures in movie history. For comparison, Adam BlackThe film, which lost the studio money and was considered a major financial failure, ended its run with $393.3 million worldwide. The Flash would make more than $100 million less Adam BlackLosing the studio nearly $200 million, and is the final nail in the DCEU’s coffin as we head into yet another reboot.

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