The end of ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ explained: is there a cure?

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Bird Box Barcelona. It’s been five years since Netflix Bird box became one of the streamer’s biggest successes, launching a horror franchise set in the film’s fascinating post-apocalyptic world. now, Bird Box Barcelona Ask fans to keep their eyelids peeled as a new group of survivors join forces to escape the madness that could cause those who watch them to kill themselves.

Despite being located in the same universe as Sandra Bullockof, Bird Box Barcelona A whole different beast. Set in the streets of Barcelona, ​​one of the largest cities in Spain, the spinoff has made its most urban situations to induce paranoia. In addition, Bird Box Barcelona Show the world through the eyes of Sebastián (Mario Casas), a desperate father who will do everything for his daughter, Anna (Alejandra Howard), including helping the creatures kill the remaining human survivors. There’s a lot going on Bird Box Barcelona. So, now that the movie is out there, let’s break down its twists and explain what happens at the end.

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What is ‘Bird Box Barcelona’?

Bird Box Barcelona (2023)
Image via Netflix

In the world of Bird box, a mysterious creature appears out of thin air, causing an epidemic of suicide around the world. After a while, people realized that these creatures destroy the brains of anyone who looks at them, forcing their victims to die. Some, however, become “prophets” by the living, people immune to suicidal impulses, but those who are pushed beyond modesty. That is because, after seeing one of the creatures, these chosen ones become angry and their only goal is to force other humans to open their eyes. Prophets do not act out of hatred, because they truly believe that they are doing what is best for everyone.

As soon as the creatures start wreaking havoc on the world, Sebastián works as an engineer for an electrical company. When his wife calls him, Sebastián realizes how chaotic the situation is and rushes to take their daughter to school. On his way to the Catholic school Anna attends, Sebastián witnesses dozens of suicides and realizes that he You have a connection with people who see mysterious creatures. So, after he helps Anna, Sebastián instructs his daughter to close her eyes as they return home.

Before they leave the school, Sebastián and Anna are confronted by the priest of the institution, who interprets the social unrest as evidence of the end of time. The priest was happy to live to witness the apocalypse and believed that the Lord would save God’s chosen people. It was a bad meeting that was a foreshadowing of the tragedy to come. After crossing the city to their apartment, Sebastián watches as his wife is attacked by She just finished packing the family car so they could get away. After the tragic death of his wife, Sebastián moves into their apartment with Anna, doing what he can to keep her safe. A few weeks later, they found the priest turned prophet and received Convinced that creatures are angels. Now, the priest leads a group of followers to hunt down the survivors, drag them through the streets, and force them to Let people see animals.

What happened to Anna in ‘Bird Box Barcelona’?

Mario Casas as Sebastián in Bird Box Barcelona
Image via Netflix

Sebastián and Anna manage to stay hidden for a while longer. Unfortunately, on the girl’s 11th birthday, Sebastián cheers his daughter by looking for a cake with candles. The light of the candle warns the seers of their presence, and they become victims of the deceived priests. Anna saw the creature first, immediately jumping off the building. While trying to save his daughter, Sebastián also encounters creatures. However, instead of killing himself, Sebastián becomes a prophet himself. The creature appeared before Sebastián as an angel and gave him a vision of his dead daughter. After meeting this fate, Sebastián is convinced that creatures exist on earth to free human souls from pain and that anyone who reveals the truth will be freed. Moreover, Anna’s vision tells Sebastián that by forcing others to see the light, he can buy his way to paradise, where he can meet his wife and daughter again. therefore, Bird Box Barcelona It is a unique story of the franchise, as we follow the story of a villain blinded by religion that he kills innocent people.

Why did Sebastián have a change of heart?

Mario Casas as Sebastian closes his eyes
Image via Netflix

For the most part Bird Box BarcelonaRunning time, Sebastián infiltrates a group of survivors, trying to find the perfect moment to make them see the angel. Sebastián manages to become part of the group thanks to Sofia (Naila Schuberth), a German girl who does not speak English or Spanish. Since Sebastián uses German as a tool to work before the apocalypse, he is able to translate the girl’s words, revealing to the whole group that the soldiers use Barcelona’s famous Montjuïc Castle as a shelter. The castle is on a hill, protected by a wall, and accessible only by gondola. Because of that, the army can keep it organic. Sofia went to the castle with her mother before they were separated from the chaos. With the promise of a place to live where they don’t have to be afraid, the survivors begin their journey to Montjuïc.

During their dangerous journey, the survivors encounter animals and prophets. The chances of their survival are small in the beginning, but since Sebastián is constantly attacking their tools and bringing them into danger, the survivors are killed once. At the end of the movie, Sebastián only has Sofia and Chloe (Georgina Campbell), the English woman who took care of her. At that time, Sebastián has a change of heart, putting himself in dangerous ways to protect Sofia from other prophets. As he spends time with the survivors, Sebastián realizes that the creatures have the power to appear and sound like others. Creatures often exploit each other’s injuries, claiming to be their loved ones. It forces Sebastián to question his vision until he realizes that Anna’s impression is just another trick the creatures are playing to get him to do their dirty deeds. Moreover, since Sofia is a helpless child who reminds Sebastián of Anna, he finally realizes that he should save life instead of following the empty promise of eternal life. Sebastián still believes in God at the end of Bird Box BarcelonaBut finally he accepts that there is evil and that the Lord will not want him to cause others to suffer.

What will happen at the end of ‘Bird Box Barcelona’?

Gonzalo de Castro, Naila Schuberth, Mario Casas, and Georgina Campbell are blindfolded in Bird Box Barcelona
Image via Netflix

When they reach the gondola that leads to the castle, Sebastián stays behind to catch the priest and his soothsayer. Meanwhile, Chloe climbs the gondola tower with Sofia. The final test of Sebastián’s faith comes when the creature impersonates the priest as Anna. Sebastián saw through the deception of the creatures and killed the priest. Sebastián also dies during the confrontation, at least knowing that his last breath was given to save lives instead of taking them. At the gondola, Chloe is forced to remove her veil to guide Sofia through the decaying stairs. At the top of the gondola tower, Chloe realizes that their trip may not be successful since the device levers don’t seem to work anymore. To make matters worse, the creature followed Chloe up the tower. Chloe used the bell to call for help, hoping the people in the castle would hear the noise. Finally someone in the castle turned the gondola, giving Chloe and Sofia a way to escape. It may be a happy ending, but the castle may not be as safe as they imagine.

Will there be a sequel to ‘Bird Box Barcelona’?

Georgina Campbell in Bird Box Barcelona
Image via Netflix

After they arrive at the castle, Chloe and Sofia learn that the castle is used to grow food and keep the people safe. Sofia also reunites with her mother, who survived after all. Chloe was taken to an interrogation room, as the castle officials wanted to make sure she wasn’t a prophet. It was a reasonable measure, but when the doctor came to draw Chloe’s blood, she knew something. Something will happen. As it turned out, the castle was used to conduct experiments and study mysterious diseases. As the doctor tells Chloe, the cure may be hidden in the prophet’s blood, as it seems that all prophets have their DNA altered by trauma or grief. Therefore, since these people are immune to the lethal effects of animal encounters, the people in the castle tried to develop a vaccine.

While it seems that humans have hope for the future, scientific studies in the castle are only possible because they have captured animals. Before the movie ends, the scientist sent a cage with a mouse into a dark room, where the monster was kept. Meanwhile, a fortune teller tied to the bed and asked to see the animal while People take their blood as an example. Keeping an animal close to the last human settlement on earth is dangerous. And soon, that choice may lead to a tragic, hopefully terrifying sequel that continues to explore the mythology of the creatures.

Bird Box Barcelona Currently available on Netflix.

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