‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4 Notes: Things to Remember Before Season 5

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  • Dragon Prince Season 4 begins with a two-year time jump, showing Ezran as the guardian of Katolis and Callum as a noble. Rayla has been missing for a year, leaving Callum heartbroken.
  • Viren is revealed to be alive and seeks to free Aaravos with the help of Claudia and her Earthblood Elf boyfriend Terry. Meanwhile, Rayla returns, and the heroes embark on a journey to stop Claudia and face challenges along the way.
  • The heroes and their enemies cross paths at Rex Igneous’s lair, where Claudia, Terry, and Viren manage to steal a map to Aaravos Prison.

After the end of season 3, Dragon prince Rebranded for next chapter. is increasing The mystery of Aaravos In terms of themes, the series focuses on new stories about new threats. After the characters make peace with Xadia by sending the young dragon Zym to his mother and their greatest enemy Viren (Jason Simpson) agreed to end his life, the story seemed to have ended, but season 4 began again with a new mission for EzranSasha Rojen), Callum (Jack DeSena), Rela (Paula Burrows), Soren (Jesse Inocalla), and Zym. An ancient evil has awakened, and they must find it before the enemy.

The season introduces new characters and establishes the threat of Aaravos (.Erik Todd Dellums). Season 4 has no shortage of surprises that will only become important.

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Ezran’s peace is unstable in ‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4

Ezran (Sasha Rojen) addresses the ongoing problems between his people and the dragons in The Dragon Prince Season 4
Image via Neflix

Beginning with a controversial time jump, the season picks up two years after the last installment. Ezran is ruling the kingdom of Katolis after his father’s death, and Callum takes on the role of High Mage as he tries to make sense of Viren’s collection, including a mysterious mirror with inscriptions he can’t decipher. Meanwhile, Rayla is out hunting Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) and Viren, whom she wants to make sure is dead. After being gone for a year, she returns with no news of their enemy, but Callum is not ready to forgive her. Callum managed to translate the mirror but was unable to understand the clues. Ezran plans a visit from the Dragon Queen (Nicole Oliver) but most of his kingdom is still afraid of dragons. Hoping to heal old wounds and make peace, Ezran plans a celebration, which seems to be a success, until they discover that someone has destroyed Ezran’s gift for the Dragon Queen.

Ezran gave a heartfelt speech about the importance of forgiveness and moving forward, as war hurts everyone, and people listened. Despite the complicated events, the visit would have been successful if they had not been interrupted by a dire warning that sent the dragon lady home in a hurry. While the warning refers to a “falling star” like Callum’s mirror, he believes it is connected to a larger mystery. So Ezran, Callum, Rayla, and Soren go with her, expecting to find another one.

‘Dragon Prince’ season 4 revealed that Viren is alive

Claudia and Viren in The Dragon Prince Season 4
Image via Netflix

Viren wakes up after falling from the mountain to find that he has been dead for two years. His daughter, Claudia, revived him using dark magic and followed the instructions from Aaravos, but it was not permanent. With the help of the creatures in the chrysalis, they need to free Aaravos in thirty days, otherwise Viren will die again. Father and daughter set off with the help of Claudia’s blood boyfriend, Terry (Benjamin Collins), whom Viren doesn’t like very much. They went out to find the staff of Viren, which was carried by the Dragon Queen. Since she was not at home, they decided to break in. Viren is shocked as they climb the mountain, his death opened his eyes to how fragile life is, and considers living his last thirty days in peace, but Claudia dismisses the idea. Claudia and Terry continue without him.

They find the staff in the dragon’s lair, but they are attacked by the sky, Ibis (Ian James Corlett). To save Claudia, Terry killed the mage, horrifying himself. Ibis manages to send a warning to the Dragon Queen with his last breath (this is the same one that interrupts the celebration). But Claudia and Terry escape with the staff. They met Viren, and the presence in the chrysalis arose to guide them. The spider-like creature, which Claudia names Sir Sparklepuff, uses drawings to communicate, leading them to the “dragon in the mountain.”

The heroes set out on their journey

Ezran (Sasha Rojen), Callum (Jack DeSena), Rayla (Paula Burrows), Soren (Jesse Inocalla) look into the prison of Aaravos
Image via Netflix

At the Dragon Queen’s bed, they find Ibis dead. As they mourn him, the Dragon Queen tells them the story of Aaravos, a Startouch Elf who secretly manipulates Xadia into control. The Dragon King had imprisoned him generations ago with the help of a suspicious young magician like Ezran. The mirror, which Callum brings, is a window into Aaravos’ prison, and through it, Aaravos possesses Callum, boasting of his impending escape.

When the mirror breaks, Callum controls himself. The group realizes that Claudia will have to pick up where Viren left off and try to free Aaravos, but not knowing where she is, their best chance is to stop her by getting to Aaravos first. However, even the Dragon Queen did not know where he was. She sends them to the only person who does, Rex Igneous (Ben Cotton), Archdragon of the world. They go to his mountain home, Umber Tor, but Zym is meant to stay behind. When the guards deny them entry, Ezran, Callum, Rayla, and Soren find their way to Rex Igneous. Rayla and Soren continue forward but run into the Drakeriders, who are chasing the young dragon. Soren decides to defend it, is captured and sent to the pit of despair for his efforts. There he befriended the dragon and escaped.

But, at that time, Rayla, Callum, and Ezran were busy. They discover Zym following them to Drakewood. While they search for Soren, the Drakeriders try to capture Zym. Others help him to escape, met with a young Efan, N’than (Dylan Schombing), in the process. N’than offered to lead them to the back entrance, which was in the pit. In order to pass, they have to face many challenges. During their journey, Callum asks Rayla to kill him if Aaravos captures him again. Rayla dismisses the idea, but Callum fears being used to hurt his friend.

The Sunfire Elves face chaos throughout ‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4

Janai, voiced by Rena Anakwe, in The Dragon Prince
Image via Netflix

Queen of the Sunfire Elves, Janai (Rena Anakwe), returned to the camp of her people after their house was destroyed. With the help of humans, the elves are rebuilding, but it is a slow process. It was there that Janai proposed to Amaya, the human and aunt of Callum and Ezran. Janai’s brother, Karim (Luc Roderique), warned of unrest, tried to talk her out of marriage, but Janai would not budge. The issue became more volatile when fighting broke out between the camp’s citizens. A grieving Sunfire Elf lit a traditional candle for his mother, but the human architect, Lucia (Anasan), ordered him to remove it, lest it cause a fire. The elf pleaded, but Lucia did not listen, took out the candle herself, breaking the tradition.

Although the elf burned her hand, Lucia was put on trial for her actions and found guilty. Although the punishment was death, Janai showed mercy, ordering her to build a place where the Sunfire Elves could safely practice their customs. Karim is angry at the mercy and challenges his sister to the ancient tradition of blood and ashes, demanding that she give him the crown or battle. Janai refused to step aside, saying that the tradition had been abolished. Karim insists, and Janai wins but does not kill her brother. Instead, he was caught when he would not accept his defeat.

Claudia and Soren Reunite

Soren (Jesse Inocalla) tries to reason with Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) in The Dragon Prince Season 4
Image via Netflix

As Soren searches for his friend, who believes him to be dead, he runs into Claudia. At first he held her and tried to persuade her to get out of her father’s way like him. But Claudia is still not convinced. Terry and Viren waited for Claudia, becoming increasingly anxious as she did not return. Terry tries to bond with Viren, admitting that killing Ibis shook him and that Viren’s advice to pull himself together was fair, but Terry refuses to stop feeling. Terry also came out to Viren as transgender. Although Viren did nothing to repay Terry’s trust, he seemed to be less annoyed and supportive of his transformation. Terry, Viren, and Sir Sparklepuff save Claudia and recapture Soren. So, much to his horror, Soren discovers that his father is alive.

The Heroes meet Rex Igneous in ‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 4 Finale

The hero meets Rex Igneous (Ben Cotton) in the finale of The Dragon Prince Season 4
Image via Netflix

Before they entered Rex Igneous’ lair, Ezran understood why Zym was acting so strange. He should stay behind because Rex Igneous is his father’s rival. They fear Zym’s presence will anger Rex Igneous, so they disguise him as a wolf. However, their meeting with the Archdragon did not go well. They didn’t know they needed a gift to impress him, so each made a personal sacrifice, which Rex didn’t appreciate, but he was interested in Ezran’s offer of snacks, which left them with a question. They wasted no time in bringing up Aaravos. Rex refuses to answer the dangerous question, and it turns into an insult to the Dragon King, causing Zym to reveal himself. Unaware of the Dragon King’s death, Rex collapses. He admits that he doesn’t actually know the location of Aaravos, but he has it. Callum solved the riddle, realizing it was a map.

Before Rex can give them the map, Claudia, Viren, and Terry appear, with Soren as their prisoner. Claudia casts a spell that puts all the heroes to sleep as they search for the map, finding it stuck in Rex’s teeth. Soren tries to wake up his friends with the help of Zym, who escaped the spell. While Claudia and Terry make a dental impression, Soren wakes up Rayla. And despite Rayla’s interruption to wake up Rex, Claudia and Terry get the map and escape. Believing his visitors to be working with the intruders, Rex chases the heroes away, but Rayla follows Viren, separated from her friends.

Catching up to the group, Rayla takes Terry hostage. But Claudia reveals that she has Rayla’s lover, Runaan (Jonathan Holmes), lens (Tyrone Savage), and Tiadrin (Ely Jackson), trapped in soul coins and threatens to destroy them unless Rayla releases Terry. Rayla follows, but Claudia tricks her, keeping the coin for herself. Terry points out the cruelty, prompting Claudia to give Rayla the medal. The villain escaped, and it was revealed that Viren once again used dark magic. Meanwhile, the hero is trapped by the dragon-sized door. They have to work together to open it, even Bait is needed to open the door. When they thought they were done, Rex burst through after them, preventing their escape. But the Dragon Queen comes to save Zym, and she protects them from Rex. Rayla seems to be lost in the wreckage, to the grief of her friends, but she pulls herself out, meets her friends, before they leave to find a new group and find a way to defeat Viren and Claudia again.

Dragon prince Season 5 drops on Netflix on July 27.

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