‘The Boys’ Season 4: Trailer, plot, release window, and everything we know so far

Amazon Prime Popular boys Many fan questions were answered in the season three finale, including the untold past of Soldier Boy and a glimpse into the powers wielded by Ryan Butcher, Son of Homelanders. boys A clever satire on mainstream superhero culture and the real world’s connection to the US military-industrial complex.Season three continues the shocking and memorable opening of previous seasons, with the first episode alluding to the NSFW Ant-Man and Thanos meme that dominates the internet Avengers: Endgame.Changes to source material allowed boys Keeping its reviews relevant, but probably making looking to the comics for answers futile. What can viewers expect from the new season?

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Editor’s note: This article was updated on June 26, 2023.

Homelanders and Queen Maeve in The Boys
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When does The Boys season 4 premiere?

Prime Video Originals Season 3 boys The show ended airing in the summer of 2022 and was renewed for a fourth season shortly thereafter. With leaked set photos, the cast has confirmed that season four will be filming in Toronto in August 2022.Filming for the highly anticipated season wraps up in April 2023, which means boys It could arrive as early as winter 2023.

Is there a trailer for The Boys Season 4?

Although no trailer has been released so far, boys Promotions are year round. The Vought International YouTube channel keeps us updated on what’s going on in the “Boys” universe. Most recently, they explained what happened to Homeland and Ryan after the events of the season three finale.

What new characters will join The Boys in Season 4?

The Boys Season 4 Valorie Curry
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Two previously unseen superhero costumes have been revealed. Firecracker is a redhead in a red, white, and blue dress with a gun hanging from her hip.because boysFormerly representing American nationalism, her color could suggest moral dubiousness and a possible alliance with the Homelanders. The power of the firecrackers is unclear, but her name suggests firepower Fantastic FourThe Human Torch even uses a flamethrower, like DC’s Firefly.Her red hair, bodysuit, and weapon also match the Scarlett JohanssonThe Black Widow of the MCU.super in boys So far, she’s rarely used a weapon other than “Soldier Boy” and “Gunpowder,” so the inclusion of her gun in a promotional photo raises many questions about “Firecracker”‘s role in Vought. Valorie Curry Can play firecrackers.Curry has previously appeared in Twilight Play Charlotte, a nomadic vampire transformed by the same vampire as Jasper Cullen, in Amazon’s live-action adaptation Ticks Play Dot Everest, sister of The Tick’s sidekick Arthur.

The second costume is for another character exclusive to the series, the Sisters of Sage. Sister Sage’s opulent outfit featured textured gold and brown fabrics, accentuated by blonde braids and sunglasses with brown lenses. Her fingers are painted with rings, which may help to speculate that she will be a magic user with powers similar to those shown in the film. Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.her name is compared marvel fugitive The character Nico Minoru, another magic user, is sometimes called the Grimm sisters.her textures and colors evoke images of snakes Marvel’s Luke Cageperhaps a hint of superpowers and a deeper commentary on race relations lurking beneath the surface boys. Despite Voight’s historical ties to Nazism and the growing nationalism brewing around them, boys Avoid making meaningful comments on this topic. susan hayward Has been chosen as a Sage Sister.hayward fans may recognize orange is the new blackstarring Tamika Ward in the follow-up season of the Netflix original series.

walking dead alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan Will also join the cast for season four in an undisclosed role.another newcomer will be Rosemary DeWitt (la la land) will join the cast as Huey’s mom. In the show, Hughie’s parents divorced, his father gained full custody, and he hasn’t heard from his mother since. Simon Pegg, He recurred as Hughie’s father in season one (and provided inspiration for Hughie’s designs in season two) Garth EnnisComics) will reprise his role in season 4, and after being absent in season 2 and blinking, you’ll miss a cameo (by phone) in season 3.

Rob Benedictsome will know for playing Chuck Shurley’s “divine” role in the movie supernatural, will also join the cast, playing an undisclosed role Elliot KnightPlay the role of Dove in two episodes of the HBO Max superhero series titan.

Which characters are returning for Season 4?

boy jesse arthur a train
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While we have had many characters exit the show, our core cast has largely remained unchanged.Returning this season are Karl Urban (Billy Butcher), anthony starr (hometown people), Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell), Erin Moriarty (Starlight), Jesse T. Arthur (A train), Chase Crawford (abyss), Karen Fukuhara (Prince Miyashiro), Tomer Capone (French), Colby Minifi (Ashley Barrett), and Cameron Crowetti (Ryan).

What is the fourth season of The Boys about?

boys susan hayward
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Showrunner Eric Kripke confirms season 4 will revolve around Butcher and Homesteader vying for Ryan, comparing their situation to a 1980s sitcom my two dads. In interviews, he said he thought The Butcher and The Homesteaders were similar, and stated that he thought their relationship was like Batman and the Joker or Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty. In addition to deep personal hatred, there is an intimate understanding of each other. As Ryan grows up, so do the stakes, and these two have a lot more in common than they care to admit. Kripke said the next season will also focus heavily on the rise of Victoria Newman. The moral gray super in the White House can kill anyone instantly, which could be a problem for both Walt and the boys.

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Where can I get more content from Boys Universe?

Devil Boy (1)

comic series boysWritten by Garth Ennis, originally published 2007-2012. The series covers seventy-two issues, divided into six volumes. There have been four spin-off miniseries, the first three of which were included in “The Definitive Edition.” The latest series, Dear Becky, was created in 2021 and follows Hughie and Anne’s relationship 12 years after the events. boys.

The Boys Presents: Demons is an animated spin-off series on Amazon Prime. The show has an all-star writing team including Garth Ennis, Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen, evan goldberg, justin rowland, Ilana Glazer, Awkwafinaand andy sandberg.Each episode is a glimpse on its own boys universe, each story features a different style of animation and writing. Another derivative series, Fifth Generation, which is expected to premiere in 2023.The show will pit superheroes against each other in a fierce competition Hungry Gamesstyle of fighting.

free online content boys This content was also produced for Twitter and YouTube. On Twitter, two short films starring Butcher were released in September 2020 and 2022. These short clips are set against major events in the show, providing more context for what Butcher did after those battles. During filming delays due to COVID-19, boys freed seven on seven. The web series, a cosmic news show owned by Vaughan International, hosts parody real-world commentator Tucker Carlson and Marvel Comics character J. event. another cosmic medium, getting deeperis an Audible podcast starring Abyss and his wife, Cassandra, who give interviews about their personal lives and events involving the Seven.

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