‘The Blackening’ Sets Digital, 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD Release Date

Lionsgate has confirmed a digital and physical release date turn blacka cross-genre meta-horror film by Tim Storey (join in the fun). An eerie parody of popular horror tropes, turn black Cleverly being a horror-comedy spoof that rises above mediocrity. Following the box office and critical success, Lionsgate announced that the film will be available for digital streaming and on-demand viewing on August 15, with 4K Ultra HD, DVD and Blu-ray releases later this summer. August 22.

turn black The story of seven close friends who reunite over the Juneteenth holiday and head to the woods for a fun retreat. Unfortunately, they face a dire ordeal when they are trapped in an isolated cabin with a masked killer. The opponent forces them to participate in a twisted board game governed by his racist rules, and his pawns must determine which of them is the blackest – trying to determine who dies first, following the usual horror cliché. However, turn black Fearlessly challenging tropes of this genre and others with clever subversion while maintaining humor.

turn black The film premiered at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival to mostly positive reviews, especially for its satirical elements.Collider’s Chase Hutchinson In his review, he praised the film for resurrecting the spoof subgenre. Hutchinson praised the film’s strong cast and brilliant references to several critically acclaimed horror films.Hutchinson concludes in his B-level review: “While there are many references throughout the text, the turn black, including the outstanding work around O’Reilly’s auto parts, the humor itself works largely because it works independently of shaping dynamic characters that transcend tropes. “

Antoinette Robertson and Dwayne Perkins in 'Going Black'
Image via Lionsgate

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who is behind turn black?

Based on Comedy Central’s sketch of the same name Dwayne Perkins, turn black Written by Perkins (who also stars), Tracy Oliver (girls travel).For the cast, the film brings together some notable names including Grace Byers (empire), jermaine fuller (Coming Soon 2 America), Melvin Gregg (family gathering), X Mayo (american cars), Antoinette Robertson (dear white people), Sinqua Wall (white people can’t dance), Jay Pharaoh (saturday night live) and Yvonne Augie (Insecurity).

turn black Digital and on-demand will be available August 15th, while 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (+Blu-ray and Digital), Blu-ray (+DVD and Digital) and DVD will be available starting August 22nd. Includes special bonus features including audio commentary from directors – story and screenwriters – Oliver and Perkins. Other bonus features will be listed under the title;” “Who’s the Blackest? Game Show,” “Write Something,” and “The Cabin in the Woods,” to name a few. Check out the trailer below:

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