‘The Bear’: Jon Bernthal loved filming that intense scene with Bob Odenkirk

has a character from Bear He continues to have a huge impact on the show, even if he only appears in flashback sequences or is casually mentioned in emotional moments. That’s Mikey Berzatto (Joe Bernthal), Kami’s (Jeremy Allen White) brother. The events of the series were actually sparked by Mickey’s suicide after battling depression for quite some time. While he doesn’t appear on the show in person, the relationships he develops with the main characters feel tangible, and his legacy is alive and well for everyone who knows him.

the second season gourd The original production has been pulling out all the stops when it comes to celebrities who have guest-starred in recent episodes.One of the stars turned out to be Bob Odenkirk, he is happy to play Uncle Li. A recently introduced family member, Lee had a heated discussion with Mike in a flashback from the show’s second season.in a recent interview typeBernthal talked about how he felt working with Odenkirk on that heartbreaking scene:

Collider video of the dayscroll to continue content

As for Bob, I’m a huge fan of his. I think it’s a perfect fit. He was so frustrated to attack me and vice versa! When you have an environment like this, everyone is willing to take a little risk because there’s so much trust. There is so much love here and everyone is so giving. The goal started out as, well, how can I shock this person? How can I scare this man? How can I do something they didn’t expect? How could I lose myself in it? When you create an atmosphere that’s incredibly creative and incredibly safe, danger isn’t hard to find. It’s really fun! It’s like great theater productions, and very rare.

current season Bear is taking the time to explore the characters in a very intimate way. After losing his restaurant in the final moments of last season, Kami is gearing up for recovery work for the titular business. If he doesn’t succeed in reopening, he could lose his hard-earned restaurant. In addition, Sydney (Ayo Edbiri) is adjusting to his new role as head chef after being introduced as an assistant last season. As expected, nothing is easy for this small family or chef, and drama always awaits around the corner.

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What’s next for Jon Bernthal?

after offering a haunting flashback BearBornhal will be returning to a role he knows very well, reprising his role as Frank Castle in the film. Daredevil: Rebirth.The character was introduced in the second season Netflixof Daredevil The adaptation, which has the masked vigilante himself questioning his methods of bringing criminals to justice. like Matt Murdoch (charlie coxWhen Frank is introduced into the MCU, he won’t be the Punisher he once was. While some of his origins will remain the same, some details may change in order to better fit him into the universe the Avengers inhabit.

You can check out Collider’s interview with Jon Bernthal below:

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