‘The Bachelorette’: What to Remember From Charity’s ‘Bachelor’ Time

Grab your best glass of wine and sit in your favorite spot on the couch, ’cause bachelorette came back! As is customary with the series, we enter a new season with an idea of ​​what we can expect from a new protagonist. charity lawson will headline its 20th season when it appears bachelor and Zach Shelcross as the main character.Sharcross finally chose Katie Bigger Eventually, but along the way, Bachelor Nation was channeled into philanthropy. So what can we expect from her this season?While certainly not enough philanthropy bachelorBefore heading into the new season, fans should recall some big moments.

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Philanthropy shines on her ‘Bachelor’ show

Zach and Charity Talk Season 27 of The Bachelor
Picture from ABC

As with any season, a lot happened in Zach’s season Bachelor, This is why the first interaction is often lost in translation. When Charity stepped out of the limo on the first night, she was all smiles in a shimmering pink dress. The Georgia native told Zach she was nervous, even though she was hiding it well.Unlike some women who either do too much or don’t make much of an impression, Charity is able to be herself and delivers her best lines: “My name is Charity and it means Looking for love, I thought what better place to find love?” Than here bachelor building. “

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Charity wins two dating roses on ‘The Bachelor’

'The Bachelor' Philanthropy
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The then 26-year-old didn’t waste much time impressing Zack. She won Date Rose in week three and the eventual winner, Katieand Elle Jacobs. Bachelor fans will fondly remember the charity trophy as it comes after the ever-popular Bachelor Bowl football game.

Three weeks later, Charity was starting to prove that she might be heading into the finale night with her second rose. This is one-on-one dating in Estonia. The two rode through town in a horse-drawn carriage and took part in some local festivities before evening. Over dinner, Charity reveals a new side of herself, opening up a strong bond with her mother.

Charity’s time ends on ‘Bachelor’ eighth week

charity lawson
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Charity’s finale is coming, but Zach chooses to send her home in an emotional scene as he makes up Kaity’s top three, Gaby Ernickiand Ariel Frankel. The cut comes during Zack’s hometown week following a visit to Columbus, Georgia. Everything seemed to be going well and the night ended with a line dance party.

Charity was very sad to hear that she was not going any further. If ever there was a moment that convinced the show executives that this guy could play the leading role, it was this one. While she was clearly emotional, Charity showed a level of empathy and understanding, which bodes well for her. bachelorette.

While Zach is devastated at having to make this decision, Charity doesn’t want him to blame himself for it or call it a mistake. It was one of the more respectable exits in recent memory, especially late in the season. It showcases her character while also giving her the opportunity to express her calm, “I know this experience is going to be incredible.”

Charities are never in a situation of drama

Charity Lawson on The Bachelorette
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It’s never easy to avoid drama on a show like this, but Charity’s absence of much of it speaks volumes for her case.Zac’s season was on the lower side in terms of the chaos that occurred, but there were definitely moments that revolved around the women, like Christina Mandrell and Brianna Thorburn.There’s even a little bit about what happened after the show Greer Blitzer But despite this, Charity remained on the sidelines for most of the show. This tends to be the common denominator of all future leads. The drama is fun, but there has to be a certain level of respect, kindness, and humility as the protagonist. Charity Season 27 Shows It All bachelor.

bachelorette premieres Monday and continues Monday nights on ABC and Hulu.

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