‘The Bachelorette’ S20 time change could signal a problem

When you sit down to watch the season 20 premiere bachelorette On Monday, June 26, you might be in for a little surprise. That’s because the show will have a new start time. ABC usually schedules one of its flagship shows for the 8 p.m. slot, but not this time.when charity lawson She will lead the season in the 9pm slot. You might say, “Well, it’s only an hour’s difference.” And that’s true, but when something is put together, it can actually mean something more.

‘Bachelorette’ series receives lower ratings

Charity Lawson, The Bachelorette S20
Picture from ABC

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According to the program aired on June 21 Ben and Ashley | Almost Famous Podcast moderated by two members of Bachelor Nation ben higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, there is a theory about what the time change means for the reality dating series. One underlying reason, and perhaps the most obvious, is that ratings have been slipping.according to tv fanaticseason 19 premiere Rachel Regchia and Gaby Wendy It drew 2.7 million viewers, down from 3 million in the previous season. Compare, bachelorette Viewership ratings for each of its first eight premieres consistently exceeded 8 million.when season 9 comes Desiree HassockThat number dropped to 5.99 when it premiered.

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bachelorette Ratings dropped steadily from season 10 to season 15, then rose slightly Tecia Adams as the main character. The past three seasons have failed to reach 4 million or higher, including season 19, which was the lowest rating for an episode. Seeing how this has become a worrying trend, it’s no wonder ABC is considering all options, starting with changing the timing.

This could be the final straw for ABC

Charity Lawson and The Bachelorette S20 Suitor
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When the ABC announced the shift from 8pm to 9pm, it was also a sign that their radar was on. The aforementioned low ratings are something to be concerned about, and judging by fan feedback, an hour-long delay isn’t ideal for the target audience.as Ben and Ashley | Almost Famous Podcast As mentioned in the latest episode, as more and more people between the ages of 21-40 become more health-conscious, social habits have changed. Add an early bedtime to the viewing parties and gatherings typical of Bachelor Nation, and the late start time may indeed further dampen ratings, especially for fans who have lost interest.

ABC may go the streaming route

charity lawson
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Again, this is just speculation, but if the ratings don’t change (for the better) this season, will ABC really end it? Maybe not, but another last-ditch effort could happen: streaming.Here’s what ABC has tested dancing with the stars Season 31 airs on Disney+. The show will return to ABC for its 32nd season (and also on streaming). Point is, it’s something we’ve seen, and it’s honestly not the worst idea.

In fact, bachelorette If it moved to streaming, it might be more in line with the viewing habits of its target audience and counter the growing cord-cutter trend. Netflix’s dating show is already a success on this level Love is blind and too hot to handle. Again, this is all speculation, but will need to be monitored as the Charity Team season progresses.There have also been a lot of changes in the leadership of the show mike fries Go away, and with any change, there’s always the possibility that the status quo will look a little different.

bachelorette The new season airs Monday on ABC.

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