‘The Afterparty’ Season 2: Our Most Suspects, Ranked

Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for The Afterparty Season 2.

Apple TV+’s The Afterparty has returned for season 2 with new murders and a list of suspects. The morning after his wedding, Edgar eccentric and filthy (Zach Woods) was found dead, as well as his pet lizard. The two dying together after sharing food and drinks all night is enough to show the lies, but with the previous days full of drama, many candidates can be blamed. Widowed brides, jealous exes, disgruntled mothers, and many others all have motivations, but only one person is responsible.

Former Detective Danner (Tiffany Haddish) takes on the task of figuring out who did it because she patiently listens to everyone’s story. These wildly different stories fit together like puzzle pieces, filling out everyone’s night until someone is lied to. Each episode adds twists and turns, making different characters seem more or less guilty, but someone must be responsible for this murder, so who is the most likely suspect?

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10. Anik

Sam Richardson and Zoe Chao in The Afterparty S2 Ep1
Image via Apple TV+

Aniq (Sam Richardson) attends a wedding with his girlfriend, Zoe (Zoë Chao), trying and not impressing her family. Meanwhile, Edgar is marrying Zoe’s sister, Grace (Poppy), and seems to be loved by his new in-laws. This difference can cause jealousy. But Aniq is one of the few that the audience knows, and his awkward and anxious personality seems impossible to kill. In addition, Aniq was the first to suggest the murder when most were ready to accept the incident as an unfortunate accident, and he called Danner, which method he was familiar with from the unfortunate high school reunion of season 1. Aniq was removed from the situation more than the other suspects and helped Danner in the investigation, making him an unpleasant candidate.

9. Straw

Paul Walter Hauser, Ken Jeong, and Poppy Liu are looking at dead bodies in The Afterparty Season 2
Image via Apple TV+

Grace’s father, Feng (Ken Jeong), is full of opinions. As an entrepreneur, Edgar’s success may be a pain point for him. But his scariest moment so far was a passionate discussion with his wife and brother about stopping someone from destroying their family. While it seems doubtful, it is important to remember that Feng spent more time disapproving of Aniq than Edgar. Of course, if he was protecting his only daughter, it might mean that he was secretly angry with Edgar. With his unspoken point of view, he could still be guilty, but it seems unlikely.

8. So

Aniq (Sam Richardson) and Zoe (Zoe Chao) at the wedding
Image via Apple TV+

Another familiar face on the suspect list is Zoe. She is not sure that Edgar makes Grace happy and makes her thoughts known. The whirlwind relationship and the fact that Edgar’s work left Grace alone at the time worried her. Zoe gets into Grace’s business, but that’s no surprise to the big sister. Comparing Grace’s reluctance to her own doubts before her first marriage, Zoe projects on her sister. But finally wanted to clear Grace’s name, and maybe that was the most wrong thing about her. Unable to let it rest, Zoe begins her own investigation, intervenes in the unceremonious crime scene and tries to listen to the interview of the killer of season 1. But the audience is familiar with Zoe, and this does not seem like what she would do.

7. Grace

Poppy Liu and Zach Woods in The Afterparty S2 Ep 2
Image via Apple TV+

Grace has many things against her. For one thing, she married a rich man she had little after knowing him for only six months. And to make it worse, she delayed signing the prenup. Grace was the last person to see him, sleeping next to Edgar before discovering his death in the morning. There are problems in the wedding, such as not getting the first dance with her husband and he wants to do it quickly. She has a chance to poison Edgar and Aniq, and she may. But Grace claims to put Adderall in his drink to keep her new husband awake. Aside from the minor conflict, it seems that Grace really loves Edgar, so why did she kill him? In the end, the bride may be a suspect in this mystery too, but maybe they want you to think.

6. Ulysses

John Cho in The Afterparty Season 2
Image via Apple TV+

Ulysses (John Cho) is Grace’s uncle, whom she hasn’t seen in a while, but Edgar takes him as a surprise. This suggests that he should be grateful to Edgar, but as a party attendee, Ulysses is a suspect. He tries to give Edgar camel milk, which Edgar won’t eat because there is something strange about it. But both Grace and Aniq drink it without side effects. Ulysses could have poisoned Edgar’s drink later, but, so far, there was no reason for him to do so. Of course, the story of Ulysses may always surprise.

5. Hannah

Anna Konkle in The Afterparty Season 2
Image via Apple TV+

Edgar’s family seems unique. His sister Hannah (Anna Konkle) is an example. In introducing each, she made a point to emphasize that she was adopted, perhaps referring to a long-standing resentment towards her parents’ son. Of course, there is some family drama to be explored. Although Grace believes Hannah is a friend, Travis reveals that she is interested in ending the marriage. More notably, she brought a poisonous plant that caused a surprise if consumed in the center and her missing typewriter keys were in Edgar’s pocket. Although her motives may not be clear, many evidence points to her.

4. Vivi

Vivian (Vivian Wu) in 'The Afterparty'
Image via Apple TV+

Grace and Zoe’s mother, Vivian (Vivian Wu), has not been done many times, which is more incriminating than the center of attention. Although always present, she disappears into the background, which means that Edgar’s murder will be a great twist. Until her story details exactly what she got up to, Vivian can not be crossed the list of suspects.

3. Sebastian

Sebastian (Jack Whitehall) gives bread
Image via Apple TV+

Sebastian (Jack Whitehall), Edgar’s best man and business partner, may seem friendly, but according to Grace, he stirs up trouble for the couple. In fact, he was never a fan of their relationship. It was Sebastian’s idea to stop talking to the authorities, which was a point against him. Sebastian exudes effortless charm, but Edgar gets more credit for their efforts. Despite not knowing much about Sebastian, his friendship with Edgar can hide the rivalry that gave rise to the motive for the murder.

2. Isabel

Isabel (Elizabeth Perkins) after finding her son dead
Image via Apple TV+

Edgar’s mother grieved when she saw her son, but at the same time made a disturbing comment about the sudden death of her husband. Isabel (Elizabeth Perkins) quickly jumps to accuse Grace, whom she has never liked, and suggests calling the sheriff who is a personal friend. Why Isabel would kill her own son is still a mystery, but it is not out of the question.

1. Travis

Travis (Paul Walter Hauser) attends the wedding
Image via Apple TV+

Travis (Paul Walter Hauser) has a very clear grudge against Edgar as Grace’s ex-boyfriend. He still had very little reason to be there in the first place, but he was always there and even admitted to sneaking throughout the event. He firmly believed that he wanted to help Grace, and even though he claimed to have moved on, there was no proof. Travis still considers himself a detective and is conducting his own investigation, which may be an attempt to cover up his involvement. In his story, he did not point the finger at anyone. Although many of his clues are clues, he doesn’t uncover some shady business practices from Edgar and has a personal grudge against tech scammers. Although his story fits his character, Travis and his constant dislike of Edgar make him a difficult suspect to rule out.

The new episode of The Afterparty Season 2 premieres every Wednesday on Apple TV+.

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