The 7 Best New Movies on Netflix for July 2023

It’s the start of another month and another wave of movies on Netflix. In July 2023, Netflix aims to stream three action comedies that will make us laugh, including the highly anticipated they cloned tyron.Horror demons looking for their next creepy experience will also be well served Barcelona Bird Boxa spin-off of the 2018 hit film bird box.Finally, we have some fantastic international releases and a brand new documentary on the music sensation of the 1980s boom! As always, with Netflix’s diverse monthly portfolio of original content, there’s something for every taste. So the next time you’re in the mood for something new to watch, check out our guide to the best original movies coming to Netflix in July 2023.

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Can be used as: July 5 | director: Chris Smith

Formed in London in the 1980s as Wham!, the duo quickly became the most influential voices in music.Now, Netflix’s boom! Documentary Promises Deep Dive george michael and Andrew Ridgeleycareer, revealing the challenges they faced on their way to stardom and how Wham!’s work resonated around the world.directed by Chris Smithdirected the documentary Fury, boom! It’s also expected to explore Michael’s struggles as a closeted gay man and how the musical duo rocked the world by becoming the first Western pop group to perform in China during the Cold War.Therefore, although boom! A must-see for any fan of the band, the upcoming documentary also offers a window into the 1980s, making it one of the best Netflix releases in July.

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gold brick

Can be used as: July 6 | director: Jeremy Rozan

to throw: Raphael Quinard, Igor Gottesman, Agathe Russell

Straight from France, gold brick (also known as cash) is a subversive heist movie that’s also a light-hearted exploration of class struggle. The movie tells the story of Daniel (Raphael Quinard), a guy who is tired of breaking his back every day just to make a millionaire richer. Daniel works in a perfume factory, and for minimum wage he helps pack a bottle of perfume that ends up selling for €30,000. This doesn’t seem fair, so Daniel decides to form a team to build a perfume-trafficking empire by smuggling bottles from factories. It’s an interesting take on the crime genre that became an instant hit due to its original concept.

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Can be used as: July 7 | director: Taylor Spindle

to throw: Ellen Barkin / Nina Dobrev / Pierce Brosnan / Richard Kind

And what could be worse than getting along with your in-laws? So what if your fiancée’s parents are dangerous criminals wanted in multiple countries?this is exactly the plot desperadoeswhich adds a funny twist to the anxiety-inducing events of meeting a loved one’s family for the first time. desperadoes is the latest comedy in the Netflix film partnership adam sandler. Sandler has remained behind the scenes on the project, serving only as a producer.Still, he brings the big guns about star power because desperadoes feature Ellen Barkin, Nina Dobrev, Pierce Brosnanand Richard Kind.

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Barcelona Bird Box

Can be used as: July 14 | director: David Pastor, Alex Pastor

to throw: Mario Casas, Alejandra Howard, Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva, Michelle Jenner

After 2018 bird box After becoming one of the biggest hits on streaming, Netflix decided to turn the post-apocalyptic horror film into a series. Barcelona Bird Box is the first spin-off of the series, set in the iconic Spanish city. As in the previous video, Barcelona Bird Box will follow a group of survivors as they try to escape the chaos unleashed by mysterious creatures that scramble the brains of anyone who looks directly at them, turning humans into vicious killing machines.

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they cloned tyron

Can be used as: July 21 | director: Jules Taylor

to throw: John Boyega / Teyonah Parris / Jamie Foxx / Kiefer Sutherland / J. Alphonse Nicholson

Combining science fiction with 70’s pulp fiction, they cloned tyron Tells the story of three unlikely protagonists who stumble upon a secret government experiment involving cloning.starring jamie foxx, John Boyegaand Teyonah Paris, they cloned tyron yes jules taylorThe directorial debut promises to explore structural racism with humor. they cloned tyronThe wacky concept, cast, and unique visuals are enough to make us notice. Fans of a cross-genre experience should definitely check out this Netflix original, coming out in July 2023.

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Can be used as: July 27 | director: Boris Kunz

to throwCast: Kostja Ullmann, Iris Belbon, Marlene Tenchik

Heaven is a new German film that proves that many great stories are told outside of Hollywood. Set in the near future, Heaven is a sci-fi thriller that explores the consequences of immortality. In the movie, scientists come up with a procedure that would allow people to transfer their lifespans to other people. As a result, a new market was born through which the poor sold their years to the rich. Of course, this only exacerbates social inequality, as the rich live longer to accumulate more wealth. It’s an interesting concept that will hopefully force viewers to reflect on the value of their lives, and the dangers of letting money rule every aspect of human existence.

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Miracle: Ladybug and the Black Cat, movie

Can be used as: July 28 | director: Jeremy Zager

to throw: Christina Valenzuela, Bryce Papenbrook, Keith Silverstein, Zeno Robinson, Cassandra Lee Morris

french superhero magic recently embarked on their first theatrical adventure in Europe Miracle: Ladybug and the Black Cat, movie. After its release in France, the film traveled across the ocean to become a Netflix exclusive, adding another highly anticipated entry to the streamer’s ever-growing roster of fan-favorite animated films.based on popularity magic The animated series tells the origin story of two teenagers, Ladybug and Black Cat, who become defenders of Paris after gaining superpowers.English voice cast Miracle: Ladybug and the Black Cat, movie include Christina Valenzuela as a ladybug, Bryce Pappenbrooke as a black cat, and Keith Silverstein As an evil hawkmoth.

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