The 6 Best New Horror Movies to Watch in July 2023

Genres such as horror, thriller and thriller are enjoying a rise in interest from audiences around the world. One study found that watching scary movies “activates threat-response brain regions” that may turn people on. Another psychological observation suggests that we seek out horror “for the novelty of the experience.”

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Whether due to heightened emotional responses or simple interest in character and plot development, people’s fascination with horror movies continues to grow. So it’s only natural to share a roundup of the best horror movies coming to theaters and streaming platforms this July. Keep in mind that some items on this list are more obvious than others. From Spanish spinoffs to directorial debuts, these titles are sure to satisfy any craving for entertainment dreads in the form of movie-watching.

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Insidious: Red Door

sinister red door

release date: July 7, 2023, in theaters

director: Patrick Wilson

to throwActors: Ty Simpkins, Patrick Wilson, Hiam Abbas, Sinclair Daniel, Andrew Astor, Rose Byrne

this insidious With the release of the fifth and apparently final film in the series, Insidious: the red door, this summer.ten years after the event Insidious: Chapter 2Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) with his son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) began college life at a university in the east. When the demons return to haunt them, their plans are foiled and they must travel farther afield to defeat them once and for all.

with exciting returns Rose ByrnePatrick Wilson and Ty Simpkins After their absence for the third and fourth installments, Wilson made his directorial debut with a screenplay by the rising screenwriter scott tims (lighter), We Can Expect a Refreshingly Horror Presentation insidious franchise.

Barcelona Bird Box

Gonzalo De Castro, Naira Schubert, Mario Casas and Georgina Campbell Blindfolded in Barcelona Bird Box
Image via Netflix

release date: July 14, 2023 on Netflix

director: Alex Pastor and David Pastor

to throwCast: Mario Casas, Alejandra Howard, Georgina Campbell, Naira Schubert, Diego Calva, Leonardo Sbaraglia

Barcelona Bird Box is a spin-off of Netflix’s 2018 hit bird boxsharing the same invisible monsters, kill any victim who makes eye contact with them. Set in the near post-apocalyptic future, the film is directed by Sebastian (Mario Casas) and his daughter Sophia (Naira Schubert) trying to survive the impossible.

Written and Directed by Brothers Alex and David Pastorthe adaptation promises to reveal more about the monster that terrified fans in the original book bird box. The Priest Brothers are no strangers to the horror genre, having teamed up in 2009 to make this American film operator, The promise is about to become an international sensation.

cobweb'Spider' Web poster features Woody Norman sleeping in the arms of a creepy woman

release date: In theaters July 21, 2023

director: Samuel Bodin

to throwStarring: Lizzy Caplan, Woody Norman, Cleopatra Coleman, Anthony Starr

In another directorial debut, Samuel BodinKnown for directing several miniseries, including marianne and tankwhich brings us cobweb. Set in small-town America, this horror film introduces a young boy, Peter (woody norman), who is bothered by the constant knocking sound on the walls of the house. His parents Carol (Liz Kaplan) and Mark (anthony starr), casually dismissing what happened as a figment of Peter’s imagination, but an intuitive teacher, Miss Devine (Cleopatra Coleman), something more sinister is detected.

Depend on. . .Production Seth RogenProduced by Point Gray Pictures, the film was inspired by the famous Edgar Allan Poe story, sentimental heart. Likewise, in that story, a man driven mad by the sound of his heart beating beneath the floorboards is also neglected by family and friends despite his deteriorating mental health. The film will have a limited release in theaters, so fans will need to keep an eye out to see if it makes it to the big screen in their area.

talk to me

Embalmed hands on 'Talk to Me' poster
Image via A24

release date: In theaters July 28, 2023

director: Danny Phillips, Michael Phillips

to throwActors: Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Byrd, Otis Dange, Miranda Otto, Zoe Trax, Chris Alocio, Ma Cus Johnson / Alexander Stephenson

YouTuber Siblings Directs This Highly Anticipated Horror Thriller Danny Phillips and michael phillipsalso known as RackaRacka. The film has made its debut at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and the 2022 Adelaide Film Festival, garnering critical attention and positive reactions. It is set to open in its native Australia on July 27 and in the United States a day later.

sophie wilde Starring Mia, along with a group of her friends, discovers the power to awaken the soul through embalming hands. Supernatural forces quickly overwhelm them when what starts as a stunt turns into a seriously deadly obsession. Although the film began production in Australia, A24’s U.S. release caught the attention of fans and critics alike.

haunted houseHaunted house poster social features

release date: In theaters July 28, 2023

director: Justin Simeon

to throwActors: Lakeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, Chase W. Dillon, Dan Levy, Jamie Lee Curtis / Jared Leto

After years of development, Disney’s haunted houseis finally here. Justin Simeon (dear white people) directed the project and provided a more faithful version of the popular ride than the 2003 film. As a former Disneyland employee, Simeon has a unique connection to the company and the rides on which his films are based that most other directors can only dream of. Not to mention a strong star cast, including: Lakeis Stanfield (Out of the knife) as Ben, paranormal tour guide; tiffany haddish (girls travel) as Harriet, the psychic; Owen Wilson (Rocky) as Ken, the priest; danny devito (It’s always sunny in Philadelphia) as historian Bruce; Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka) as Gabby; and many more.

Nearly two decades after the unfortunate event Eddie Murphy Movie, This adaptation is the second take on the story behind Disneyland’s beloved haunted house. In this version, Gabby and Travis (Chase Dillon) with the help of a team of highly skilled paranormal experts, set out to rid the mansion of an evil spirit. While that sounds like the tone of a family comedy, expect plenty of exciting jumps and scares.

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sympathy for the devilSympathy for the Devil Nick Cage Joel Kinnaman

release date: In theaters July 28, 2023

director: Yuval Adler

to throwNicolas Cage / Joel Kinnaman / Kawi Lyman / Cameron Lee Price / Burns Byrne

Finally, get ready for a psychological thriller sympathy for the devil, the only starring role Nicolas Cagefamous for winning an oscar in the movie leave las vegas and its most recent meme-worthy protagonist Massive talent is unbearable. with Cage, Joel Kinnaman (suicide squad) put in some really good performances, don’t be mistaken for a pair of The Rolling Stones.

As anticipation builds for its release, the film’s mysterious plot itself feels psychologically terrifying. The only information about the plot is that a passenger (Cage) points a gun at another man, the driver (Kinnaman), forcing the driver to (you guessed it) drive the passenger around. However, viewers may encounter unexpected twists and turns as the story continues. Keep an eye out for updates on the film when it premieres at the Fantasia International Film Festival; we’re hoping the glowing reviews will further heighten our suspense.

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