The 10 Worst Movies of 2000 Ranked

While the Y2K bug didn’t bring the doomsday that some had feared, 2000 ended up bringing something much worse to the public: a bunch of bad movies. Of course, like any year, 2000 produced some real winners. A movie that has stood the test of time. Films of this type have finally withstood today, while fewer films of that year are either forgotten or are currently in disrepute.

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The films below fall into the latter category, and are overall some of the worst movies to hit theaters in the first year of the 21st century. Perhaps their age will make some of them nostalgic for at least some viewers, but others may want to steer clear of the following movies, which are listed below in order from smelliest to smelliest.

10 “Catch Carter”

Get Carter-2000
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

1971 version get carter is a classic and one of the greatest films Michael Caine has ever starred in. It’s a downbeat crime/revenge movie about a man who learns the truth about his brother’s accidental death and embarks on a one-man quest to avenge those responsible for killing him.

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2000 version get carter Sadly, it’s not a classic at all.it has the same premise, this time around the stars Stallone In lead roles, he’s a great actor in some roles, but not this one. get carter (2000) is sloppy and uninspired, and considering the 2000s original is still around, viewers might as well watch it carter instead.

9 ‘PhD. How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Seuss

Grinch looked confused.
Image via Universal Pictures

A nightmarish fever dream of a movie that many millennials will inexplicably miss, How The Grinch Stole Christmas One of the most disgusting and unpleasant “family friendly” movies of the past few decades.This is a live-action adaptation Dr Seuss The eponymous tale of a Christmas-hating creature terrorizing a Christmas-loving town before it changes its mind seems to be in the tradition of protagonists in Christmas-centric films.

If there’s one thing to praise, it’s that Jim Carrey Committed to playing the role of the Grinch, he is the most memorable part of the film.But otherwise, it’s visually ugly and uncanny in all its worst respects, making a strong case (with 2003’s cat in the hat) because it was argued that Dr. Seuss’ unique style wouldn’t work in a live-action movie.

8 “Man, where’s my car?”

Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott in

When a dramatic movie doesn’t work the way it should, there’s a chance that a bad but good movie will emerge from a dumpster fire, like a stinky phoenix from the ashes. Unfortunately, when a comedy movie doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, the same rarely happens.You usually end up with something like this instead of unintentional genius Dude, where’s my car?

It’s a stoner comedy, with Kiki and Chong compare less vanish into nothingness and more in one of its sequels. A pair of drunk youngsters need to find their car after forgetting where they parked it. Cue hapless adventures, all without much real laughs and comedy, and can be described as brain dead at best (emphasis on “dead”).

7 2001: Tragedy in Space

2001_ Space Taunt - 2000
Image via Helkon Media

1968 2001: A Space Odyssey It’s an iconic sci-fi movie that many have seen, and judging by the IMDb watch list, many still want to.It’s unlikely that many people will be interested in seeing a film that fails to imitate classic sci-fi, which means 2001: Tragedy in Space Perhaps rightfully so into obscurity.

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Leslie Nielsen is a talented actor, known for roles such as airplane and naked gunbut even he couldn’t save 2001: Tragedy in Space. It’s definitely not a good idea to include words like “Travesty” in a film’s title if it has the potential to be less amazing, as it ensures that the negative reviews will almost write themselves.

6 “depends on you”

belongs to you

As far as romantic comedies in the early 2000s go, belongs to you Quite possibly the weirdest of them all, and not exactly in a good way. Things start off simple, with two attractive young men suddenly falling in love, but things get weird when the film realizes that obstacles need to be placed in their path for the sake of conflict, leading to tonal confusion and an overall eerie ambiguity. viewing experience.

Star Freddie Prince Jr. and Julia Stiles Both starred in the acclaimed 1999 romantic comedy (that’s how she is and 10 Things I Hate About You respectively), but their pairing here didn’t lead to a successful movie. This may well be a semi-veiled curiosity for some, but those with an inconsistent preference for the rom-com genre should probably tread with caution (or not proceed at all).

5 “Dungeons and Dragons”

Dungeons and Dragons - 2000
Picture from New Line Cinema

Not to be confused with the underrated (and surprisingly good) 2023 version Dungeons & Dragons: A Rogue’s Glory2000s dungeons and dragons is a notorious and generally unpopular fantasy film. It is set in the Izmail Empire and depicts the large-scale conflict between the different classes that made it home.

It has a surprisingly low Metacritic score of 14/100 for a mainstream release.When it comes to compliments, the best thing that can be said is jeremy irons Lots of scenery to chew on and it’s fun to watch. Otherwise, everyone else will feel like they picked the wrong part, and that it simply isn’t a satisfying, exciting, or enjoyable fantasy/adventure movie.

4 ‘Baise Me’

Baise Moi - 2000
Image via Pan-Européenne Distribution

Bose Moi It’s a film that seeks to provoke, shock and offend, featuring graphic violence and horror scenes that could well rival actual horror films. Its premise centers on two women who go on a revenge-filled rampage against those who abused them, Bose Moi in a darker, more violent way Thelma and Louiseto some extent.

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This sort of thing could have been successful if it had been executed better, but the filmmaking is very sloppy and careless, and the whole film gives the impression that it just wants to shock, and be shocking. Perhaps some will find insight in what it’s trying to say, but the type of story it presents should probably be handled more subtly, as it’s possible to succeed in making a film that’s shocking but not shockingly bad Shock.

3 “Among the Crowd”

Crowd - 2000

A messy thriller, an almost forgotten movie, in the crowd This is a great example of how not to deal with sensitive subjects. The show follows a young woman who gets a job at a country club after being released from a mental institution and the drama that ensues as she tries to fit in with a group of popular, wealthy college students.

Of the 60 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, only one is positive, giving the site an average rating of 2%. It may have value for those looking for fun in bad movies, but anyone looking for a really good and well-paced thriller should avoid it.

2 “Titanic: The Saga Continues…”

Titanic_The saga continues... - 2000

Released in 1997 james cameron’s Titanic, which ranks among the most popular and successful films of all time. The weird thing is, Titanic Fever seems to have inspired not one, not two, but three animated family films: two in 1999 and 2004, and an unrelated film called Titanic: The Saga Continues…released in 2000.

Essentially Titanic, but now it’s animated (poorly), is less than half as long, is oddly kid-friendly, and features talking animals (including the infamous rap dog). It’s not a great movie by any means, but it’s so weird, and in its own weird way, so compelling.

1 “Earth Battlefield”

two aliens talking
Image via Warner Bros.

It’s Not the Only Notoriously Bad Movie john travolta anyway, but battleground earth Probably the most notorious. This explosive sci-fi film, set in the year 3000, shows humanity’s remaining power against the Cyheros – an alien race that enslaves humanity and plunders Earth’s resources.

in every conceivable way, battleground earth This is definitely a train wreck of a movie, with a poorly told story, lackluster action scenes, ridiculous dialogue, silly dialogue going hand in hand with some really bad acting.It is indeed a “bad but good” movie, but it needs to be emphasized that battleground earth Certainly fits the “too bad” part of the word, and there are some.

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