The 10 Most Controversial South Park Episodes of All Time Ranked

inside South ParkDNA is controversial. That’s part of its genius. South ParkThe most offensive episodes shoot at everyone: celebrities, politicians, religious figures. No one is actress trey parker and Matt Stone Take a mischievous joy in ruffling feathers and breaking taboos. From the first episode, South Park Delivering profanity, violence, and outrageous storylines that are sure not for the faint of heart – but are also entertaining.

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The show has been broadcast since 1997 and has produced more than 320 episodes. During this time, there was no shortage of stories that pissed off certain crowds or left stars satirized. Many events created a stir, but those that resulted in threats of legal action or outright bans were the cream of the crop.

Updated by Hannah Saab on July 4, 2023:

The 26th season of the feature-length animated sitcom offers even more hilarious and controversial episodes, some of which are easily among the most offensive South Park episodes that have been produced.

10 “Global Privacy Journey”

Season 26, Episode 2 (2023)

Global Privacy Tour 0

The most recent episode to annoy its target was the second episode of the latest season, which teased the prince harry and meghan markle.Although it didn’t call out The name is The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and it features a Canadian prince and his wife, who look alike. The couple moved to South Park, where they banged their drums and loudly repeated their demands for privacy.

It’s a classic biting satire South Park, and one of the funniest episodes of season 26. However, the royals were clearly not too happy.according to bystander, Markle was “frustrated and overwhelmed” by the incident for several days. There were even rumors that Harry and Meghan were planning some kind of legal action, but their spokesperson later denied this (via People).

9 “Using Condoms Properly”

Season 5 Episode 7 (2001)

Use condoms correctly0

This episode discusses the undisputed topic of sex education in schools. Parents are too squeamish to talk to their kids about sex, so they leave that task to teachers — and teachers are terrible at it. The characters end up more confused than they started, which escalates into an all-out war between boys and girls.

In one particularly graphic scene, Mr. Garrison demonstrates how to place a condom with his mouth. This led to UK channel Sky One banning the episode for its sexual and violent content. Even Comedy Central forced Parker and Stone to cut parts to air.However, behind all the obscenity, is the irreverence South Park This episode brings up a related point about how difficult it is for kids to get quality information on such topics.

8 “All About Mormons”

Season 7, Episode 12 (2003)

Everything About Mormons 0

“Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot.” “All About Mormons” focuses on Gary, a Mormon boy who moves to South Park and befriends the show’s main characters. Gary shares the Mormon Church’s founding story, leading to a series of hilarious misunderstandings and misadventures.

The series is known for its humorous treatment of the Mormon faith, and is often cited as an example of the show’s ability to handle complex and sensitive topics in an entertaining manner.Parker and Stone will delve deeper into similar themes in the hit 2011 Broadway musical book of mormon. Not everyone liked it, though: The Mormon Church called the episode “disgusting” in a statement.

7 “Woodland Critters Christmas”

Season 8, Episode 14 (2004)

Woodland Critters Christmas 0

Woodland Critters Christmas takes a darkly comedic take on a traditional sitcom Christmas special. Stan stumbles upon a group of seemingly innocent forest creatures preparing for the coming of the Savior, the prophesied “perfect” birth. However, it soon turns out that these adorable animals are actually Satanists awaiting the return of the Antichrist.

From there, the story takes a notable twist, culminating in a bloody climax involving murder, ritual rituals, and a bloody orgy. It’s a testament to the show’s ability to blend gritty humor with scathing commentary on religion and pop culture, and plenty of animated blood.

6 “Band in China”

Season 23, Episode 2 (2019)

Chinese band 0

The episode parodied Hollywood’s tendency to pander to Chinese censors in order to maintain access to the lucrative Chinese market. Cartman and the gang try to form a rock band, only to be repeatedly censored and manipulated by Chinese officials.

“The Chinese Band” is particularly notable for its sharp criticism of companies such as Disney that have been accused of compromising their own values ​​in order to maintain business relationships with China.In response, the Chinese government banned South Park completely. Parker and Stone tweeted a sarcastic apology, saying, “Long live the great Chinese Communist Party! Good luck with the sorghum harvest this fall! How are we now in China?”

5 “Trapped in the Closet”

Season 9 Episode 12 (2005)

trapped in the closet0

In this stan-centric South Park In this episode, he is revealed to have a high level of theology, making him a potential leader of the Church of Scientology. As the story unfolds, the episode takes aim at Scientology, mocking their beliefs and practices in a way that some find offensive. Ingeniously, though, some of the funniest scenes are the parts of the episode that briefly describe the actual teachings of Scientology.

The episode was also notable for its depiction of high-profile Scientologists, including Tom Cruise and john travolta. isaac hayesThe actors who voiced the chef and the Scientologist left the show because of this episode.

4 “China Problem”

Season 12 Episode 8 (2008)

The China Problem, South Park

After watching the Beijing Olympics on TV, Cartman becomes convinced that China is planning to invade the United States. He forms a group called the “American Liberation Front” to counter the threat, and recruits Butters to join him.Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle and Kenny watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull And feel like the filmmakers ruined this iconic character.

children imagine some graphic scene steven spielberg and george lucas Hitting Indiana. The plot escalates from there: the boys try to arrest Spielberg and Lucas, Cartman sneaks into a local Chinese restaurant in typical Chinese clothing, and Butters shoots a man in the genitals.

3 “Apologize to Jesse Jackson”

Season 11, Episode 1 (2007)

Apologies to Jesse Jackson 0

Apologizing to Jesse Jackson satirizes the nature of racism and the role of apology in American society. The episode revolved around Randy Marsh, who sparked national controversy by inadvertently using a racial epithet on a live TV game show. Parker and Stone make fun of how often individuals and institutions try to apologize for offensive behavior without really understanding or addressing the underlying issues.

rewatchable South Park The episode pushes the envelope on every front: Jesse Jackson declares himself the “Black Emperor”, Cartman mocks his sensitivity training, and a racial slur is said a full 43 times. The Parents Television Council criticized the episode, but most reviewers actually praised its handling of the subject matter.

2 “200” and “201”

Season 14, Episodes 5 and 6 (2010)

year 2010

The “200” and “201” episodes were among the most heavily censored in the series’ history. Both shows feature Tom Cruise and the return of the Church of Scientology looking to meet the “Muhammad” character introduced in the last episode. This episode explores the controversy surrounding depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, which are forbidden in Islam.

This incident led to the South Park online.It’s so risqué even for Comedy Central that they cover parts of the show with beeps South Park events and remove other events entirely. The episodes were never aired again, nor made available for streaming online. Thirteen years later, the only way to watch them is to buy the Blu-ray or DVD releases.

1 Cartoon Wars

Season 10, Episodes 3 and 4 (2006)

Cartoon Wars 0

In the TV series “Cartoon Wars” Family Guy The plan is to show Muhammad in one of the episodes. The extremists threatened violence if the episode aired, but the people of South Park decided to bury their heads in the sand rather than acknowledge the danger. The second part of the episode also reveals a hilarious fact: Family Guy The writing staff is a herd of manatees.

comedy central cut Family Guy The scene, which was replaced by a black screen and a title card that read: “In this shot, Muhammad hands a football helmet to the Family Guy. Comedy Central refused to run an image of Muhammad on their network. The episode itself thus becomes an example of the very kind of censorship it satirizes. Beneath the absurd and crude jokes, South Park Often have a clear understanding of the problems facing society.

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