The 10 Craziest Behind-the-Scenes Details About the Indiana Jones Movie

A reluctant hero who travels the world in search of lost and powerful artifacts and battles evil, Indiana Jones (harrison ford) makes the field of archaeology seem like one of the most exciting careers in the world. Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune This is the iconic adventurer’s fifth film entry, and while audiences have heard it a few times before, it will be the last we’ll see Indy in action.

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There are five films in the series, so it’s no surprise indiana jones The movie not only brings a lot of thrills on the screen, but also a lot of behind-the-scenes stories worth sharing. From bad epic fight scenes to unorthodox methods of overcoming on-set problems, the series is full of fascinating BTS facts all Indy fans should know.

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since Indiana Jones and Rhelper of the lost ark First published in 1982, indiana jones The movie has always been one of the most captivating and exciting franchises for moviegoers. For all the excitement audiences get to enjoy onscreen, there are plenty of equally crazy stories on set.From serious injuries and illnesses to embarrassing animal encounters, these crazy and wacky stories are worth knowing Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune Releases June 30.

10 Legless lizard helps fill well of souls

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Image via Paramount Pictures

Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” See Indy trek across the globe, racing the Nazis to find the Ark of the Covenant. One of the most famous scenes in the classic action-adventure film is Jones and Marion (Karen Allen) into the Well of Souls, where he utters the famous line: “Snake, why does it have to be swallowed by a snake?” highlighting the character’s phobia.

But in truth, there’s more than just snakes in the Well of Souls. According to the wonderful niche site Snakes in Movies, supporters of the reptilian tribe are dozens of legless lizards, which can be identified by a number of physical characteristics. Unfortunately, “legless lizards, why does it have to be legless lizards?” just don’t have the same ring.

9 Harrison Ford Still Performing His Stunts at 80

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune
Image via The Walt Disney Studios

It’s been more than 40 years since Ford first donned a fedora, and the actor finally said goodbye to Indy at the age of 80, but his willingness to tackle the film’s grueling stunts hasn’t changed a bit in that time. His hands-on approach saw him clash with stuntmen on set. Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune.

According to, the veteran actor gave the team some harsh feedback when they tried to help him dismount. In response to their outpouring, Ford told them: “Don’t bother me, I’m an old man off my horse, I want it to look like that!”

8 Indy’s fedora now in the Smithsonian

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Last Crusade'
Image via Lucasfilm

A character’s clothing is often its most defining element. Superheroes have their costumes, James Bond has his fancy suits, Darth Vader has his helmet and Indiana Jones has his brown leather jacket, his whip and of course his famous tweed Hats are famous all over the world.

The fedora was arguably the most important part of his look, and Indy went to great lengths to avoid parting with it. A prized jewel in Hollywood history, when Harrison Ford and Lucasfilm Ltd. presented the famous hat to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in 1988, it was acclaimed.

7 they have access to the grand canal

Harrison Ford and Alison Doody in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
Image via Paramount Pictures

While location shooting is the preference of many filmmakers, it does present a unique set of obstacles, from curious bystanders and busy streets to extremely tight time constraints. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade All of the above had to be dealt with when shooting one of the film’s signature action scenes, the boat chase on the Grand Canal.

Interestingly, the production team was able to shoot scenes on the actual canal that runs through Venice, one of the city’s main waterways for transportation. According to, the cast and crew had unfiltered access and full control of the canal during six hours of the day. It’s one of the best and most memorable chase sequences in the franchise.

6 The infamous refrigerator scene was originally from Back to the Future

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Harrison Ford
Image via Paramount Pictures

Not every scene makes it into the final cut. That’s why deleted scenes are so interesting to audiences, because they let us see what was originally in the script but was considered a one-off and removed from the finished film.Usually, once an idea is cut, it’s never seen again, but Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull See Spielberg recycling an unused scene from a certain ’80s classic like jon clair exist Twitter.

The idea was taken from an alternate ending back to the Future Marty McFly climbed into the refrigerator, survived the explosion, and powered DeLorian.although indiana jonesRe-imaginings of deleted scenes drew heavy criticism from fans, and it’s always interesting to see where these compelling ideas came from, especially considering Spielberg and his company Amblin Entertainment were involved in the production. back to the Future.

5 Kate Capshaw is really covered in bugs

Kate Capshaw in
Image via Paramount Pictures

indiana jones The movie doesn’t hesitate to use real animals in its scenes. While Indy’s phobia of snakes is well documented throughout the film series, he’s not the only character who has to deal with unpleasant animals.

Unforgettable creepy scene Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom See Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) is trapped in a temple with giant bugs crawling all over her. In an interview with the Empire Online film cast and crew, Capshaw revealed that the creepy crawlies are actually real, and claimed she had to be sedated to calm her nerves.

4 no ticket no pants

Indiana Jones and his father, Henry Jones Jr., sit in the dining room of the Zeppelin, drinking whiskey.
Image via Paramount Pictures

A movie set can be a wacky and whimsical place, full of unusual situations for cast and crew to overcome.One of the most bizarre cases in history indiana jones movie came in IIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade According to a making-of documentary on YouTube, Harrison Ford and Sean Connery Decided to take off my pants to cool off.

This scene takes place on the Zeppelin after Jones and his father (arguably) indiana jonesbest buddy) escaped Berlin and escaped the Nazis thanks to Indy’s masquerading as a no-nonsense bearer. Both actors remain seated throughout the scene, making the pants-off tactic a viable, if not terribly irregular, solution to the problem.

3 Dysentery makes us never duel

Indiana Jones - 1981
Image via Paramount Pictures

In a more popular story, from a indiana jones Movie, Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” It was originally intended to have more luxurious fighting scenes. According to Screen Crush, the script originally called for a three-and-a-half-page showdown between agile sword-wielding assassins on the streets of Indy and Cairo, but Harrison Ford himself took on a belligerent belly, and see until the scene is rewritten.

In another scene, Indy responds to a sword-slashing opponent by drawing a pistol and shooting him suddenly. Interestingly, the revised scene was much closer to the character and became one of the most beloved moments of the entire series.

2 Harrison Ford tore ACL in plane fight scene

Pat Roach to Play German Mechanic in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Image via Paramount Pictures

During Harrison Ford’s long and illustrious career as a movie star, he was injured multiple times. One of the most notable scenes was filming a scene in which Indy battles a tall German mechanic as a plane slowly circles them, its sharp propellers posing an ever-present threat.

While it was a horrific end to the race for the German, Ford was second behind the scenes. Harrison Ford himself said in response to a Reddit AMA that he was run over by the landing gear, tearing the ACL in one knee, but he couldn’t remember which knee.

1 that’s harrison ford in the truck scene

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark
Image via Paramount Pictures

from Tom Cruise arrive jackie chan, the action movie star performed his own stunts and was praised by the public for his commitment, grit and courage.inside indiana jones In the film, Harrison Ford actually performs a lot of his own stunts, including a surprisingly large number of famous truck shots. Movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

While the moment Indy gets stuck under a truck uses a stuntman, it’s Ford himself next, with the actor grabbing a rope as he’s being dragged to the back of the car.This scene was inspired by a similar scene stagecoach One of the characters is dragged behind the carriage while holding the horse’s reins.

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