The 10 Best Uses of Color in Movies According to Reddit

The importance of color as well as lighting in film is certainly huge as they help to set the tone, create symbolism and emotion, and also contribute to the aesthetics of the film, and certainly help to tell the story effectively, thus keeping the audience input.

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Over the years, countless talented directors have successfully crafted brilliant, visually stunning films by employing certain color palettes as a means of enhancing the emotion of their films.from drive arrive heroAccording to Reddit, these are some of the best uses of color in film.

10 “Drive” (2011)

The driver who drove away at night in
Picture from Movie Zone

starring Barbie Star ryan gosling, Nicolas Winding RefnThis angst-ridden action flick is sure to keep viewers on edge. The show follows the actor’s enigmatic role as an action movie stuntman who multi-jobs and ends up trying to help a neighbor’s husband rob a pawn shop.

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In addition to the excellent soundtrack, drive Also features stunning cinematography NewtonThomas Siegel, showcasing an unforgettable use of color. Bouvian said the film is “the best use of the blue-orange dynamic” they’ve ever seen.not only drive It looks very sleek and atmospheric, but its “ubiquitousness” carries a great deal of symbolism, as tomediaarch agrees.

9 “Her” (2013)

Joaquin Phoenix in
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

this joaquin phoenixThe leading sci-fi drama is simply unbelievable, mostly because of its questioning of highly advanced technology in the near future and its unconventional romantic storyline. she Centered on a lone writer who develops a strong bond with the operating system.

Spike JonesThe futuristic features of the Hoyt Van HoytemaNot only thought-provoking, but also pleasing to the eye. “Watching the movie ‘Her’ made me wish I knew more about cinematography,” admits jdg2w in a comment on the platform. “The color scheme for each shot was well thought out; everything from the background sets to Phoenix’s clothing choices seemed to set the tone for the entire film.”

8 Amélie (2001)

Angel Amelie Audrey Tautou
Image via Miramax

This quirky, light-hearted French feature-length magical realism was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and was shot Bruno Delbonnell tells the story of a shy waitress (audrey Tatu) She is often immersed in her own imaginary world and in her never-ending quest to help others find happiness.

Featuring delicious reds, yellows and greens, AmelieThere is a lot of symbolism behind the color it uses, namely green, which obviously represents hope. “Emily has never been so bright, so reflective of the setting,” CinemaLights commented. “A gorgeous film.”

7 The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)

Geneviève in front of her umbrella boutique in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.
Image via 20th Century Studio

It’s not for nothing that films by French New Wave directors are so popular Jacques Demy Even today, it still inspires many people.in the colorful Umbrellas in CherbourgOne of the filmmaker’s most influential and famous films, audiences follow a woman (Catherine Deneuve) when her lover was drafted to fight in the Algerian War, she separated from him.

When bellsofwar3 mentioned this iconic feature in a Reddit discussion of movies with the best use of color, spacednlost couldn’t help but comment: “My first thought. Highly recommend this movie.” The movie is vivid The color palette may not be all Umbrellas in Cherbourgbut this is certainly one of its most striking aspects.

6 The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The Wizard of Oz - 1939
Image via MGM

In this timeless tale, young Dorothy Gale (judy wreath) and her dog Toto were taken from their Kansas ranch by a violent storm. As they embark on a trip to the fantastical Wizard of Oz, the two quickly set out to find the wizard who will take them home.

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Given its brilliant use of color technology, this is hardly news Victor Flemingof wizard of ozis one of the most groundbreaking films of all time. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw it when I was four years old,” wrote CMelody. “When Dorothy showed up in Oz, I knew right away that she was in a magical place and I didn’t need anyone to explain it to me.” The film was shot by HaroldRosen.

5 Schindler’s List (1993)

schindler's list still
Image via Universal Pictures

Set against the backdrop of the German occupation of Poland during World War II, steven spielbergof(Janusz Kaminski-shot) Unique war drama centered on real-life German industrialists, Oskar Schindler (played by Liam Neeson), who grew increasingly concerned about his Jewish employees as he witnessed Nazi persecution.

Color – or rather lack of color – is clearly Schindler’s List, because it helps to evoke a tragic era, thereby deepening the emotional impact of its narrative. The little girl in the red coat is the only color in the whole movie, which symbolizes innocence and hope. “Schindler’s List is very powerful,” said gordo31. “Schindler’s List seems to be the film of choice for most people, for the excellent use of color,” commented parallelpolygon in another thread.

4 “Autumn” (2006)

Fall - 2006
Picture from Roadside Attractions

directed by Tassen singh, autumn The story of five mythical heroes told by an injured stuntman in the hospital to a young girl with a broken arm. As the story progresses, the lines between fiction and reality become increasingly blurred by his broken mental state and her creative imagination.

great shot colinWatkinson, according to Key-Bug8085, the visually arresting picture is a “truly brilliant movie.” While the film itself may not be to everyone’s liking, there’s no denying how aesthetically pleasing it is. “We put a lot of thought into making beautiful sets with bright colors,” Bouvian said.

3 In the Mood for Love (2000)

Golden years
Image via Universal Pictures

exist Wong Kar WaiFascinating masterpiece, two friendly neighbors (Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung) who suspect their spouse of an affair finds themselves deeply attracted to the other person but reluctantly agrees to remain in a platonic connection.

Golden years is a beautifully crafted, intense love story that explores tender lust and desire through a riveting storyline. more importantly?photographer Christopher Doyle,Mark Li Pingbingand Guan Benliangthis2000The film is full of rich colors and powerful symbolism. “You can take any screenshot from it and hang it on the wall,” one user noted.

2 The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Grand Budapest Hotel Set Design
Image via Searchlight Photos

It is a crime not to mention the work wes anderson Reddit users seemed to agree as well when discussing the clever use of color in the film. The Grand Budapest HotelOne of the most watched videos on the platform, about the adventures of a legendary concierge at a famous hotel in Europe (ralph fiennes) and his right-hand man (Tony Revolori).

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“Most Wes Anderson movies use color well,” a now-deleted account said of a user referring to the film. Another deleted user commented on another thread: “Anything by Wes Anderson, especially Grand Budapest”.Indeed, it’s hard to remain indifferent to Anderson’s colorful, quirky, and brilliantly designed films, thanks also to the director of photography Robert YeomanYes, a constant collaborator, amazing work.

1 “Heroes” (2002)

Image via Miramax

in this amazing film Zhang Yimou, Unknown Soldier (injection plum) are rewarded for killing three of the King’s most fearsome opponents. Set in China, the film tells of battles won by the Nameless while the king interjects his shots.

On Reddit, Ecole_Buissonniere couldn’t help but rave about this amazing film. “hero This is by far my favorite use of color. they wrote. “Every fight has a different tone,” BrainzRummy commented on another post, to which a since-deleted user replied: “It’s not just fights! These colors also represent different versions of the same plot from different angles. “The film by Christopher Doyle uses five colors as the main narrative elements.

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