The 10 best TV series of the 2000s, ranked by IMDb

Remember the year 2000 when episodes aired every week and were instantly rewatchable in the form of flashbacks? The finale of the season and series is full of excitement before the day of the live broadcast. Networks compete for viewers’ attention 7 nights a week for 15 to 22 weeks a year. The game has changed since then, but what hasn’t changed is how viewers feel about their favorite 2000s series they’re watching live.

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From documentaries to drama series and everything in between, IMDb reviewers cast their votes for the best from the first decade of the 21st century. These series are Emmy winners, boundary-breakers, and heartwarmers that have maintained their legacy as the top TV series of their time.

10 ‘Flame’ (2002-2003)

Wash, Hal, and Zoe worry about the show 'Firefly'
Image via 20th Century Fox Television

IMDb Rank and Rating: #30 — 9.0/10 stars

Created by Joss Whedon, Firefly Seen by many viewers as the “Too Fast” series. With only 14 episodes left and originally aired on Fox, the show is set 500 years in the future, where a rag-tag crew on a small spaceship faces the challenges of a new frontier and does any job in the galaxy to survive.

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Firefly attached to the star Nathan Fillion, Gina TorresAnd Alan TudykNameA few of the main characters. Fox pulled the series citing low ratings, but the series amassed a huge fan base that remains a champion of the series two decades later. Despite the cancellation, the series won one Primetime Emmy for visual effects.

9 ‘Blue Sky’ (2001)

Image via BBC Earth

IMDb Rank and Rating: #28 — 9.0/10 stars

Voters for IMDb will agree that there is nothing more satisfying than a nature documentary narrated by the greats. David Attenborough And Pierce Brosnan (US version). Blue star, from BBC Earth, takes viewers above and below the magnificent depths of the ocean. The series took five years to film, earning it two Emmy wins and ranking among the top 10 best TV shows of the 2000s.

Viewers experience the beauty of the ocean and the wildlife beneath the surface throughout the 8 episodes. Audiences of all ages can enjoy, Blue star is just one of the many nature documentaries IMDb has ranked within its top 250.

8 ‘The Office’ (2005-2013)

Michael, Ryan, and Kevin are sitting in the conference room.

IMDb Rank and Rating: #27 — 9.0/10 stars

A series that’s never too late to start binge-watching, Office Noted in the 2000s for its innovative and comedic style of television film production. Led by the overbearing personality of regional manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell), employees of Dunder Mifflin – a medium-sized paper company in Scranton, PA – try their best to get their work done despite constant slacking and shenanigans.

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For nine seasons, the show’s recurring cast of characters and some famous guest stars entertained viewers with a quirky look at office life. The series received 42 Primetime Emmy nominations and 5 wins throughout its run. It is a series that dominates the 2000s.

7 ‘Life’ (2009)

Image via BBC One

IMDb Rank and Rating: #19 — 9.1/10 stars

In an immersive filmmaking journey, the BBC takes audiences around the world to experience the ups and downs of of wild animals that live in the destination. Directed by David Attenborough and Oprah Winfrey (Broadcast USA), Life Featuring animals from all over the world who thrive and struggle with the evolutionary changes in their lives.

This Emmy-winning series runs over 11 episodes, focusing on a variety of topics including taxonomy (mammals, birds, reptiles, etc.) as well as plants and predators and prey. A much-needed break from the fiction and episodic structure of mainstream television, Life is a breath of fresh air.

fullmetal alchemist brothers

IMDb Rank and Rating: #17 — 9.1/10 stars

While anime isn’t for everyone, IMDb voters certainly recognize its beautiful cinematic storytelling style that works across the mediums of television and film. Full Metal Alchemist: RelativesFocuses on two brothers’ attempts to restore their bodies with the Philosopher’s Stone after using alchemy to try and revive their dead mother.

In typical anime style, the world-building in this series is top-notch, paired with masterful attention to detail in all aspects, including themes, humor, and character evolution. With over 60 episodes throughout the full season (and some more), Full Metal Alchemist: Relatives Worth the time investment, according to IMDb voters.

5 ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ (2005-2008)

Tim Ang smiles for the camera in 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

IMDb Rank and Rating: #7 — 9.3/10 stars

Announced as the best animated series of all time by IMDb voters, Avatar: The Last Airbender Capture the hearts of viewers from many generations, not only young viewers. In this anime-influenced Nickelodeon series, a boy named Aang (voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen) is on a quest to master the four elements to bring peace back to his war-torn world.

It’s a series that audiences of all ages watch over and over again, making it an instant classic. With three seasons, the show has captivated viewers with fantastic narratives and rewarded viewers with a satisfying conclusion to its well-placed cast.

4 ‘The Wire’ (2002-2008)

Michael K. Williams as Omar Little in The Wire
Image via HBO

IMDb Rank and Rating: #6 — 9.3/10 stars

Told through multiple perspectives of the Baltimore drug scene, Wire It has been praised by critics and audiences alike for its attention to detail in developing tough characters against an unforgiving backdrop. The series weaves together the diverse perspectives of law enforcement agencies, political entities, drug dealers and users, and property damage characters on Baltimore Street.

This series is the starting point for A-list actors Michael B. Jordan And Idris Elba. Despite only two Emmy nominations (no wins), Wire Received critical acclaim for its dedication to bear the harsh truths of many social problems. It ranks outside the top five for the greatest TV shows of all time, according to IMDb voters.

3 ‘Band of Brothers’ (2001)

A band of soldiers filmed in the HBO miniseries Band Of Brothers.

IMDb Rank and Rating: #4 — 9.4/10 stars

Management-produced by the likes of Tom Hanks And Steven SpielbergThis HBO miniseries has quite the star-studded cast. Brother band is the story of Easy Company of the US Army, 506th Squadron of the 101st Air Force during World War II between Operation Overlord and VJ Day. Told over 10 episodes, the series is based on the book (of the same name) written by Stephen AmbroseChronicling the experiences of survivors based on their interviews, letters, and journals.

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6-time Emmy series winner, Brother band Yet another war genre that succeeds in raw storytelling and objective war brutality sequences. Stunning performances with stunning performances, this limited series sets the bar high for the television storytelling genre.

2 ‘Planet Earth’ (2006)

Image via BBC Earth

IMDb Rankings and Ratings: Rank #3 — 9.4/10 stars

Ranked 3rd in the Top 250 and 2nd overall for the 2000s, the BBC continued its successful series of documentaries. Blue star in 2001 with a follow-up in 2006. With delightful narration from David Attenborough and Sigourney Weaver (US version), viewers go to the lively and sometimes unforgiving corners of the world to experience the wonders of wildlife and the elements of the world.

Guaranteed four Emmy wins, Earth planet Spanning 11 episodes, each episode focuses on a different habitat, including deserts, rainforests, oceans, polar regions and more. In many examples from the BBC, educational television can be number one and hold its own against the writers’ room of some of the most iconic series.

1 ‘Break Bad’ (2008-2013)

Breaking Bad - Fly - 2011

IMDb Rank and Rating: #1 — 9.5/10 stars

Voted the #1 series of the 2000s (and all time, for that matter) by IMDb reviewers, Breaking Bad The best drama in television history. The central phase of Walter White’s evolution (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher is diagnosed with cancer, as he transforms from a classroom teacher to one of the biggest methamphetamine kingpins wanted by the DEA.

Co-starring Aaron Paul As Jesse Pinkman, Walter’s former student and now business partner, viewers are introduced to one of the most dynamic duos in television history. The series received more than 50 Primetime Emmy nominations and more than a dozen wins during its five seasons on AMC. A combination of acting, writing, and television production, Breaking Bad is the leading television.

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