The 10 best Ridley Scott movies, ranked

There are many things that can be said about Ridley Scott As a filmmaker, and his great body of work. He has been making films for almost 50 years, and is known for his ability to release a new film every one to two years, and for his willingness to make films in different genres. Of course, not publishing in every genre has been successful, but the variety makes his films more interesting to explore and publish.

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Since 1977 (when Scott himself was already 40 years old), he has worked at a steady rate enough to lead a total of 27 feature films, in 2023. Napoleon Determined to be his 28th. His films are full of good and bad, and everything in between. Below are his ten best films, ranked from best to greatest.

10 ‘The Duellists’ (1977)

Fighter Harvey Keitel Keith Carradine

Ridley Scott’s first film has a decent timeline and performance, although the personal story and relatively low budget mean it can’t be called a full epic. The movie in question is The DuellistsAnd it focuses on two French army officers who have been competing for years, challenging each other to a fight. in large numbers throughout the early 1800s.

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It’s a kind of war movie/introspective historical drama that should appeal to fans Stanley Kubrick’sBarry Lyndon (Although that one has an epic runtime). The Duellists A small film, but it is pleasant and well-made for a debut, and is also notable for being partially set at the same point in history as Scott’s upcoming. Napoleon will cover.

9 ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ (2005)

Orlando Bloom as Balian kneels with a sword in the kingdom of heaven
Image via 20th Century Studios

As long as you watch the director’s cut, Kingdom of Heaven Up there as one of Ridley Scott’s best films, and easily one of his best historical epics. It follows a barber who is wrapped up in a holy war during the Crusades, a massive battle fought in the Middle Ages against various religions.

The director’s cut adds 50 minutes to the play’s running time, over three hours, and transitions. Kingdom of Heaven Enter the real epic. As it turns out, this requires extra time to ensure a meaningful story, and that the characters can have enough flesh. without the director’s cut, Kingdom of Heaven A series of large battle scenes that are well photographed interspersed with the interaction of complex characters, but the director’s cut, it becomes a real great movie.

8 ‘The Final Duel’ (2021)

The final duel

The final duel boasts a fantastic cast that includes Adam the driver, Jodie Comer, Matt DamonAnd Ben Affleck. The latter two also co-wrote the screenplay with the Oscar-winning screenwriter Nicole HolofcenerAnd the movie is another historical epic for Ridley Scott, featuring battle scenes, complex themes, and a tight climax that the whole movie builds up to.

Despite all these things going for it – and the film itself is very good – it didn’t do well at the box office, maybe because of COVID, and partly because it was just not the right time for the historical epic to come out. It’s a confronting and sometimes challenging film to watch, but it has a lot to say, talks about things that are still relevant today, and is an incredibly interesting and compelling presentation that ranks among Scott’s best.

7 ‘American Gangster’ (2007)

Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas in 'American Gangster.'
Image via Universal

Russell Crowe is one of the stars American gangBut it may be Denzel Washington Who steals the show here (as he often does). Washington plays a heroin smuggler who successfully smuggles the drug into America during the Vietnam War, with Crowe as the detective who constantly follows him.

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It is a type of crime/drama story with a defined period Martin Scorsese thrives on production, but as it turns out, Ridley Scott can make that kind of movie just as well. It should be noted that he did it without feeling like it borrowed too much from Scorsese in any way; Add only that there are some similar functions, and that those who enjoy movies such as: Goodfellas And Casino May find American gang Interesting, too.

6 ‘The Martian’ (2015)

Matt Damon wears a spacesuit on Mars in The Martian
Image via 20th Century Fox

The Martian It is indeed a work of science fiction, but it is less prominent that focuses on horror or death than other sci-fi films Ridley Scott, such as the linked film. Aliens set. The testimony of this is the fact Sean Bean’s The character in this movie did not die, and that The Martian Also won “Best Comedy” at the Golden Globes (OK, that decision was definitely mocked).

The film itself tells a survival story set in space, following a man left alone on Mars, and having to survive on his own while trying to find a way to contact those back on Earth. It’s a very interesting and entertaining film, and another ambitious, engaging, and exciting sci-fi film of 2010, joining the ranks of 2014. The starsand 2013 Gravity.

5 ‘Black Hawk Down’ (2001)

Black Hawk Down (2001) (1)

Ridley Scott is no stranger to wars and large-scale conflicts set hundreds – or thousands – of years in the past, though. Black Hawk down is something completely different. It is a fast-paced war film set in 1993, following the true story of a US military raid in Mogadishu that resulted in a Black Hawk helicopter being shot down in enemy territory.

What follows is a desperate and deadly rescue mission, as the soldiers are dying to “leave no one behind.” Easily one of the most violent war films of all time, the fight scenes are effective in conveying the brutality and danger faced by those involved in the conflict. It’s bound to get hearts racing, and is a huge technical achievement overall for a film that still holds up 20+ years on from its release.

4 ‘Thelma and Louie’ (1991)

Thelma & Louise - 1991
Image via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

A sweet but life-affirming female road movie, Thelma & Louise is best known for its bold and memorable ending, but it is much more than that. It follows two women who go on the run after shooting a man in self-defense, with their bond growing as they drive into the heart of America, avoiding the law all the while.

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It succeeds in crossing into many genres, and is well advanced, with the pace offered by the fact that they are driving somewhere over and over again to great effect. It is also the film with the best career performance from the star Susan Saradon And Geena DavisThere is a solid supporting cast that includes Harvey Keitel, Michael MadsenAnd Brad Pitt.

3 ‘Gladiator’ (2000)

Russell Crowe sings in Gladiator
Image via Universal Studios

No question about it: Gladiator One of the greatest action films of all time, Ridley Scott’s best historical epic, and his best non-science fiction film. It tells a simple but compelling story of a man’s quest for revenge after he is betrayed, his family is killed, and he is forced into slavery and fights as a dancer for the entertainment of the audience.

It is also the greatest film that Scott and Russell Crowe have made together, with the former being nominated for Best Director at the Oscars, and the latter winning Best Actor. Joaquin Phoenix was also nominated for an Oscar for his devastating supporting role in the film, with a Napoleon (2023) is expected to be the first time Phoenix and Scott have teamed up since then. Gladiator.

2 ‘Alien’ (1979)

Stills of the xenomorph from 'Alien' (1979)
Image via 20th Century Fox

Original Aliens A classic that just saying it’s the best sci-fi movie of all time might risk underselling it. It’s one of those films that transcends its symbolism so much that it’s so beloved and influential that it’s easy to accept, especially because on the surface, it’s a deceptive film.

It follows a dangerous alien life form setting itself apart from the unsuspecting members of the spaceship, plunging them into a nightmare where their chances of survival are slim. It has an incredible sense of atmosphere, creates perfect tension throughout, and uses the fact that sometimes, seeing and hearing nothing, but knowing it’s there, is scarier than anything else. It is also a star-making role for Sigourney WeaverAnd paved the way for Aliens(1986) is one of the greatest sequels of all time.

1 ‘Blade Runner’ (1982)

Rutger Hauer with a bird on his arm in Blade Runner
Image via Warner Bros.

Although it wasn’t properly credited upon release, Blade Runner’s The reputation has been steadily building since 1982 to the point where it is now among the most popular films of all time. It’s set in a moody version of Los Angeles in 2019, and follows a bounty hunter named Rick Deckard who’s tasked with hunting down a group of once-rogue clones, and is looking for ways to prolong their short life spans.

Science fiction is rarely thought-provoking, emotional, and just plain entertaining Blade Runner. It boasts some of the greatest production design and visual impact shots of (arguably) all time, and is simply phenomenal to see and experience; It really manages to transport the audience into its world. It’s a film that offers so much, and does so flawlessly, making it worthy of being selected as one of Ridley Scott’s greatest films ever.

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