The 10 Best Movies of 2007 Ranked

While some fans will argue that movies may never reach the heights of the 1970s or 1990s, 2007 was a great year for the medium until television became a more “serious” medium in terms of serious drama. storytelling.Only a year later, comic book movies really started to rise iron Man and dark Knight; at the same time, breaking Bad It premiered its first season on AMC, ushering in the modern era of “Pinnacle TV.”

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2007 was a year of great variety of movies that came out and went mainstream.blockbusters like this Bourne, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, 3:10 To Yuma, and the original Transformers It’s all high quality and new comedic voices are starting to emerge thanks to movies like Super Bad, Going Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Russ and the Real Girls, Smiley, and pregnant. It was also the most exciting year for the Academy Awards, which included one of the best picture lineups of the 21st century. Here is a ranking of the ten best films of 2007.

10 “Juno”

Juno puts Paulie's hand on Juno's stomach.
Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures

Juno It may have a complicated legacy today, but when looking back at the film’s complicated depiction of abortion, the film remains a refreshingly enjoyable teen comedy starring terrific performances Elliot Page.

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9 “I’m not there”

Weinstein Company

Despite the plethora of biopics of musicians in the 21st century, todd haynes‘ Inventiveness review bob dylanThe Legacy found an interesting way to tell the iconic folk singer’s story, with different actors portraying different aspects of his character.

Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Ben Whishawand an Oscar nomination Cate Blanchett Each offers a different insight into Dylan’s inspirations.

8 “Go Baby Go”

Gone Baby (2007) (1)
Image via Miramax

ben affleck Walking Behind the Camera, his directorial debut, proves he should be taken seriously again as a storyteller go baby goA critically acclaimed neo-noir film about the procedural and moral dilemmas of the Boston children’s abduction.

he cast his brother Casey Affleck This riveting investigative thriller is based on the author’s novel of the same name mystic river. amy ryan Nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

7 “Eastern Promise”

A shirtless man covered in tattoos
Focus Features

Viggo MortensenNext collaboration with the notorious genre director David Cronenberg earned him his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor (he was nominated again a few years later) captain marvel and green paper).

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6 Jesse James Assassinated by Coward Robert Ford

In The Assassination of Jesse James, a man walks in the middle of the railroad tracks with a lamp
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Western films often perpetuate stereotypes of toxic masculinity and fail to exhort violence, but Andrew Dominiquegreat historical epic Jesse James Assassinated by Coward Robert Ford A surprisingly nuanced deconstruction of fan culture and youth obsession.

The relationship between iconic gunslinger Jesse James (brad pitt) and his biggest fan, Robert Ford (Casey Affleck in another fantastic performance) portrays violent activism better than he does todd philips will try to do clown.

5 “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Ethan Hawke Philip Seymour Hoffman
Image via ThinkFilm

late great Sidney Lumet His career ends not with a whimper, but with a bang in this riveting crime thriller. before the devil knows you’re dead is one of the best neo-noir films of the century so far.

Ethan Hawke and the late great man Philip Seymour Hoffman Play as a pair of brothers whose plan to rob their parents’ jewelry store turns out to be disastrous.

4 ‘Hot Blood’

In Hot Cop, Simon Pegg as Nicholas Angel, Nick Frost as Danny Bateman, Jim Broadbent as Frank Bateman, Olivia Colman as Douglas Liz Thatcher
Image via Universal Pictures

a close call when naming Edgar Wrightbest movie but Hot Cop It’s the perfect anecdote for anyone who’s tired of the clichés from cop bro movies. It’s the perfect blend of action and humor, making it one of the best R-rated comedies of all time.

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3 “zodiac signs”

A man stands with a piece of pancake in his hand
Paramount Pictures

david fincherThis excellent crime thriller may not have gone unnoticed at the Academy Awards when it was released, but it has since been hailed as Se7en Directing at its best.

The film explores an obsessed cartoonist (jake gyllenhaal), an eccentric reporter (robert downey jr) and a full-time police officer (Mark Ruffalo) cross paths on a quest to find the notorious serial killer.

2 ‘there will be bloodshed’

Daniel Day-Lewis sits in There Will Be Blood
Image via Paramount Advantage

So far, men in the 21st century have not performed better than this. Daniel Day LewisIt’s a gruesome portrayal of obsessed business tycoon Daniel Plainview.

A citizen kane For modern times, there will be bloodshed yes Paul Thomas AndersonA most riveting exposition of the corrupt nature and evils of greed within American capitalism. there will be bloodshed Set the benchmark for modern epic filmmaking. The film was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won Best Actor and Best Cinematography.

1 ‘Old Men’

No Country for Old Men (2007) (1)

After years of neglect, Joel and Ethan Coen Ultimately, the stunning adaptation won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director Cormac McCarthyA riveting crime novel.as there will be bloodshed, Old Men is a deconstruction of the neo-noir archetype, dealing with the violence of the Old West.

Which of these two masterpieces should come out on top is a close call, but as terrifying as Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Plainview is, few characters embody pure evil like this Javier BardemOscar-winning performance as ruthless serial killer Anton Chigurh.

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