The 10 Best Korean Dramas Starring Beloved K-Pop Stars

with Netflix Doona! Based on the webcomic in fall 2023 downstairs girlSinger—former member of Miss A—Bae Suzy Will return to the Korean drama stage as the protagonist.Although her acting career continued to develop, thanks to her role in while you are sleeping and homelessmany other singer-turned-actors still don’t have their breakout dramas.

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While many K-drama fans are hesitant to welcome K-pop stars, many K-pop stars have proven that singers can be the protagonists of popular K-dramas, and do so brilliantly. A tribute to singers and songwriters who are up and coming in K-dramas.

10 Hotel Lunard (2019)

IU as Ms. Jang standing among the crowd at the Luna del Hotel
Image via GTist

In Seoul, there is a hotel dedicated to the dead, run by a lady named Lady Jang.IU), cursed to run the hotel for the crimes he committed. A thief fell down the stairs one day and found the hotel, only to discover that it was reserved for the dead. He begs to spare his life, and Madam Jang makes one condition: She will spare his life, but when his son Chan-sung turns twenty, he will work at her hotel. Meanwhile, Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) travels the world to escape his fate. But when Madam Jang finally comes to Chansung, it’s all for naught and his fate is sealed.

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Hotel Luna delis a very interesting Korean drama starring famous Korean solo singer IU.After becoming a successful musician, she turned to acting and starred in shows such as Lovers of the Moon: Every Step Startling Li and my sir. Hotel Luna del is a wonderful Korean drama in which IU showcases her versatile performances, from a troubled white-eyed damsel to scarlet heart A malicious and ruthless CEO.

9 “Snowdrops” (2021)

Korean drama Ji-Soo-Snowdrop as Lim Soo-Ho and Eun-Young-Ro
Image via JTBC

snowdrops The story happened in South Korea in 1987.Ding Haiyin), a North Korean agent in South Korea, for a mission, and Eun Young-Ro (Chi Soo) when they love each other. Young-Ro is a college freshman. After Yingluo finds out that Xiuhao is covered in blood, he helps him not let the government find him. As a political Korean drama, snowdrops Packed with surprising twists and turns that viewers will no doubt enjoy.

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snowdrops Mainly known for the popularity of Blackpink. Ji Soo, one of the lead singers of the Korean girl group, played the lead role Youngro in the play. Although this is her first appearance, her performance is very natural, which not all actors can do. In the days of their debut.People who like Blackpink and Ji Soo will love it snowdrops.

8 “Moon Lovers: Every Step Startling Beauty” (2016)

Baekhyun plays the tenth prince in
Image via SBS TV

Ha Jin (IU) is a makeup artist who descends into self-torment after her boyfriend elopes with a friend. A child begins to drown as she sits alone on a dock drinking. Despite some hesitation at first, Ha-jin jumped in to save him, and just as she swam to the surface, she was forcibly pulled back underwater. Then, when she pulled herself back to the ground, she found that she was no longer in Korea, but in the Goryeo Dynasty: she was no longer Ha Jin, but Hae Soo. Hae-soo is stuck there indefinitely and has to learn to live by the standards of the Goryeo dynasty in order to survive.

Lovers of the Moon: Every Step Startling Li This is IU’s first hit. But besides IU, another Korean entertainer also plays an important role.for wise manmember of boy group Exo, singer-songwriter, scarlet heart It was his first breakout drama, in which he played the tenth prince, Wang Eun, who was very friendly with Ha Jin’s character.Too bad Baekhyun hasn’t acted since then scarlet heart.

7 “Gu Family Letter” (2013)

Lee Seung Gi as Kang Ji's Surprised Book of Gu Family
The picture comes from Sanhe Network

Gu Yueling (Choi Jin Hyuk)Is a Jiuwei Lake He saved the life of a noblewoman—GuisanXu Hua (played by Li Yunxi) was accused because of her father. Because of Xu Hua’s protest and refusal to sell her body, she was stripped naked and tied to a tree as punishment. Eventually, she escaped to Moon Dragon’s forest, where Moon Dragon promised to protect her. The two spend the rest of their lives together, and Yueling plans to become a mature person. However, things didn’t go as planned and Yueling was killed. Soon after his death, Rui Hua gave birth to his son, who was immediately named Kang Qi (Lee Seung Gi), WHO Gu family book next.

Lee Seung Gi is a singer and actor.exist Gu family book, he played Kang Ji, a half-nine-tailed fox, half-human being trying to learn to control his supernatural powers.Seung Gi also starred in other classic K-dramas such as My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox, homelessand Korean Odyssey.exist Gu family book, Seung Gi sang the OST. Another Korean singer, Suzy Bae, plays Kangchi’s first love, Yeo-Wool, in the Korean drama.

6 “Full House” (2004)

Rain as Young Jae and Song Hye Go as Ji Eun
Image via Kim Jong-hak Production

Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo), an aspiring screenwriter, is sent on vacation by two close friends. On the plane during the holiday, she met the famous actor Lee Young-jae (rain), getting acquainted with him—against his wishes—and embarrassing himself in the process. When she returns home from vacation, she learns that two people she considers close friends have sold the house her late father built. She learns that the person who bought her house was none other than Young-jae, and she offers to buy it back from Young-jae, even though it comes at a price. In return for living with him in his house and buying it from him, she has to clean up and do chores after him. In the process, the two begin to fall in love.

Rain, also known as Jung Ji-hoon, is a singer-songwriter and actor.Although his debut began with Samdu!let’s go to school; he for starring in ” Full house.He has acted in such my lovely girl and ghost doctor.

5 “While You Were Sleeping” (2017)

Suzy Bae played Hong Joo hugging Lee Jong Suk in
Image via SidusHQ

Hong Joo (Bae Suzy) is a reporter who gets premonitions through dreams, which are often frightening and realistic. Waking up in the morning, she finds that she and her mom have new neighbors across the street, and to her surprise, one of the neighbors – Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk)—the one who kept appearing in her dreams. Soon after meeting Hong Joo, Jae Chan also begins to see ominous premonitions in his dreams, his first, which include Hong Joo falling to his death.Together with a fellow police officer, they become friends in an attempt to stop

while you are sleeping is a hit Korean drama starring singer Bae Suzy as Hong Joo, a brave and proud reporter.She has previously starred in other beloved K-dramas such as uncontrollable love, Gu family bookand dream high. Prior to acting, Bae Suzy made her acting debut before the Korean girl group Miss A disbanded in 2017. After disbanding, Suzy focused on her solo projects, releasing two solo albums and appearing in several Korean dramas.

4 One Hundred Days My Prince (2018)

100 Days Korean Drama
Picture from AStory

After a traumatic event, he thought he had lost the love of his life, Yi Seo (Nam Chi Hyun), Li Lu (Do Kyungsoo) was the target of an attempted assassination by the Crown Princess. Previously, Lee Yeol became the Joseon-era crown prince due to a coup d’état by his father and his father’s friends that resulted in the assassination of the former king and the murder of Lee Seo’s family. But when Lee Yeol manages to escape the attempt on his life, his close friend Dong Joo is assassinated in his place. During the escape, Li Lie suffered a head injury and lost all memory. That’s when he met Hong Xin (formerly known as Yi Rui), the woman he loves, and they got married, although they didn’t know who the other was.

Do Kyung-soo (DO) is the singer of the South Korean pop group Exo.He has acted in many Korean dramas such as my annoying brotherand memorablealthough he is best known for playing Li Lu in the historical drama100 days my prince. He continues to work on solo projects and television appearances.

3 “You Are Beautiful” (2009)

Cast of the Korean drama
Image via Bon Factory Worldwide MI Inc.

Gao Mina (Park Shin Hye) dreamed of becoming a nun. Her older brother Ko Mi Nam dreams of becoming an idol, and his dream comes true when he is picked up as a singer by boy group ANJell. However, when Mei Nan had to return to America, Mei Niu was asked to replace him until his return. The only problem is that no one other than her brother’s manager knows she’s temporarily replacing him, so Mina has to hide her identity from the rest of the band.

although you’re beautiful is a Korean drama about K-pop stars, including two well-known singers. CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa plays the introverted and kind Shin Woo, a band member who falls in love with Mina. On the other hand, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki played Jeremy as a relaxed character who also fell in love with Mi Nyu. Both are interesting additions to the show and have been in many other Korean dramas.

2 “Hwarang: Young Poet Warrior” (2016)

Hwarang V Han Sung Korean Drama
Image via Hwarang SPC, Oh!Boy Project

hwarang Focuses on a group of young, beautiful men serving the king as a group of young warriors in Silla, the smallest of the three kingdoms. The king’s mother, Regent Ji Zeng, inherited her son’s throne, and she decided to gather young people to form this warrior group. Little did the warriors know that the king had joined them under the guise of Kim Ji-duk (Park Hyung Sik).

hwarang is a Korean drama full of popular actors, similar to scarlet heart. One notable actor is V, a member of the popular boy group BTS, who plays Han-Sung, one of the younger members of BTS. hwarang group. hwarang This is his debut in show business.

1 “K2” (2016)

Image via HB Entertainment

Ji River (Ji Chang Wook) is a former mercenary who served in Iraq and fled to South Korea after being framed for murder. Eventually, he is hired by Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah) to protect her stepdaughter Ko Ana and keep her safely hidden. The reason is that Anna (Lin Yuner) is the illegitimate daughter of presidential candidate Se-joon. Her presence – if discovered – could cost him the election.

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Im Yoon-Ah, also known as Yoona, is the author of K2. She started her foray into the K-pop scene with the pop girl group Girls’ Generation.back K2Yoona has appeared in various Korean dramas, including king in love, king of the landand Big mouth.exist K2she plays Ana, who ends up falling in love with her bodyguard, Je-Ha.

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