The 10 best Insidious characters, ranked by Likability

With a scary story and an interesting magical character, yes insidious The franchise has defined a different identity in the horror genre. Each film reveals a new chapter of the awesome narrative, adding chills and keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

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In addition to the horror story and atmosphere, one of the main factors contributing to the success of the franchise is in the memorable and well-developed characters. From fearless paranormal investigators, Elise Rainier and Tucker and Specs, to a variety of haunted individuals, each character brings a unique depth and emotion to the story which will soon return to the big screen for the fifth and final installment. Insidious: The Red Door.

10 Carl


Carl, played by Steve Coulter, a demonologist and psychic medium who is Elise’s longtime friend. Carl was first introduced in Insidious: Chapter 2 And in the third installment, he appeared.

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Although Carl is depicted as knowledgeable and skilled in the field of paranormal investigation, he is less courageous than Elise in the face of danger. However, later on, Carl shows great character development that is proven when he looks into the death of Elise Rainier and the paranormal events that are still haunting the Lambert family.

9 Melissa Rainier

Melissa Rainier

Appearing in the fourth installment of the franchise, Insidious: The Last KeyMelissa Rainier (Spencer Locke) is Elise’s distant niece. Melissa contacts Elise for help when she and her family experience paranormal activity in their childhood home. As the film progresses, Melissa becomes involved in many surprising events, eventually playing a key role in confronting the sinister force that haunts the property.

Melissa shows her distant aunt Elise some shared qualities, especially is patience, and stability in the face of threats. In addition, her determination to face and defeat paranormal forces increases her popularity.

8 Quinn Brenner

Quinn Brenner

Quinn Brenner was first introduced in Insidious: Chapter 3and represented by Stephanie Scott. Quinn is a young girl who seeks the help of Elise Rainier in an attempt to contact her dead mother. However, this communication inadvertently invites evil spirits into Quinn’s life, leading to several terrifying and dangerous encounters.

Quinn quickly became a fan favorite because of her determination and courage in the face of adversity. Despite the dangers she encounters and the hardships she endures, Quinn remains determined to find a way to connect with her mother and overcome the supernatural forces that torment her. Her resilience and courage make her an interesting and lovable character.

7 Lorraine Lambert

Lorraine Lambert

Portrayed by Barbara Hershey, Lorrain Lambert is Josh’s mother and Dalton’s grandmother. Throughout the course, she became entangled in terrifying supernatural events that threatened her family.

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Lorraine and her daughter Renai have many opposites, such as their unwavering commitment to their family and their courage in the face of danger. Although she has a short screen time, it is undeniable that she played a major role in initiating the whole business by asking Elise to help Josh.

6 Dalton Lambert

Dalton Lambert

Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins) is the eldest child of Josh and Renai Lambert who falls into a mysterious coma-like state, which causes terrifying supernatural events for the first time. insidious movie. Later on, Dalton played a bigger role in his family’s affairs.

As a result of their natural need to protect and empathize with the youth in danger, the audience is captivated by Dalton. However, in the sequel, Dalton, who gets a lot of screen time, shows perseverance and courage when he enters the Further to find his father. As viewers observe his development and his eagerness to protect his loved ones, fans can’t help but root for him.

5 Renai Lambert

Renai Lambert (1)

Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne) is the wife of Josh Lambert and the mother of their three children. She is a loving and devoted mother, who becomes deeply concerned when her son Dalton falls into a mysterious and dangerous state similar to the coma in the first film.

Renai’s consistency and resilience is what makes her so beloved and memorable in the franchise. Moreover, as a mother, she puts her child’s safety first and has great courage in the face of terrifying events. Renai’s character development shows how she changes from a scared and confused mother to a brave and patient defender, inspiring the audience.

4 Josh Lambert

Josh Lambert

Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) is a loving husband and father who finds himself embroiled in a terrifying battle against supernatural forces that threaten his family’s safety. He still has the ability to program Astro as a child but his mother, Lorraine Lambert asks Elise Rainier to suppress his memories to protect him from the Astro program.

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As a compassionate and protective father who is willing to go to great lengths to ensure the safety of his loved ones, Josh is one of the franchise’s most beloved fans. He also shows a combination of vulnerability and strength as he faces his own fears to face the evil spirit that haunts his family.

3 Tucker Croft

Tucker Croft

Played by Angus Sampson, Tucker Croft is Specs’ partner who often helps Elise with supernatural investigations. He presents the technological aspects of Spectral Sightings. Moreover, writing several works both before and after he joined the Spectral Sightings team, Tucker was a pioneer in the topic of spectral mechanics.

Tucker’s sense of humor and gentleness endeared him to the audience. He often delivers a witty character and provides comic relief during tense and scary moments. Moreover, his loyalty and unity with Specs contribute to his popularity. The bond between them is evident throughout the series, as they rely on and support each other during their quest to hunt down ghosts.

2 Specifications


Steven Fisher (Leigh Whannell), commonly known by his nickname Specs, is one of two hunting partners, along with Tucker. Specs is an accomplished and gifted clairaudient who greatly assists Elise in her supernatural investigations. Moreover, not only can Specs hear the spectral energy of animals, but he can also translate them into a picture that the client can recognize.

Specs and his partner, Tucker, serve as the comic relief of the franchise, offering a gentle and light-hearted presence amidst the stress and horror. He is also a tech-savvy member of the duo, often seen tinkering with equipment and using his knowledge to help solve magical mysteries. Speck is also brave and willing to face danger head on making him the hero of the series.

1 Elise Rainier

Elise Rainier

Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) is a gifted psychic who is skilled in communicating with the dead and confronting evil spirits. She has been friends with Lambert for years and later becomes instrumental in helping the Lambert family fight the supernatural forces targeting their son, Dalton.

Elise Rainier is admired and loved by audiences for many reasons. For example, her person emanates a sense of maturity and experience, bringing a sense of reality to the supernatural elements of the film. She also acts as a beacon of hope and guidance, offering her expertise and support to the characters. Furthermore, Elise is portrayed as a strong and loving person who is not afraid to face evil, protect those in need, and sacrifice herself for others.

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