The 10 best ‘Friends’ episodes, according to Reddit

With so much buzz during its 10 seasons, it’s hard to pick the best episode friends. Running from 1994 to 2004, The Adventures of Ross (David Schwimmer), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Monica (Courteney Cox), Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) was a definite part of the 90s zeitgeist – still popular and funny today (even if every episode is bad).

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Redditor thickredhead27 posted in r/howyoudoin – popular forum friends Fans ask, “What’s your favorite episode of all time?” Top-voted comments include popular favorites but also some obscure, lesser-known episodes that are still funny.

10 “The One Eddie Won’t Go To” (Season 2, Episode 19)

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After Joey moves out, Chandler gets a new roommate – seemingly mature and trustworthy Eddie (Adam Goldberg). Unfortunately, it quickly becomes clear that Eddie has deep psychological problems. This shows him watching Chandler sleep, becoming a “dehydrating maniac” and steadfastly refusing to move.

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Goldberg is hilarious as poor, dysfunctional Eddie, who is ultimately tricked into thinking he was never Chandler’s real roommate. Redditor raclee quoted Chandler’s observation of Eddie appearing in Central Perk’s window with a mannequin: “He’s holding a human head. He’s holding a human head!”

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The gang celebrates Thanksgiving by playing football, girls against boys. It was revealed Monica and Ross were banned from playing football as children, due to their fierce rivalry – which quickly escalated. Long after everyone else had given up and gone upstairs for dinner, the Geller siblings remained locked in a ball.

The football game is funny not only for Ross and Monica’s crazy competition, but also for Rachel’s lack of skills and Phoebe’s immoral tactics (flashing her breasts at Joey and Chandler to distract them). A now-deleted Redditor commented that “the scene where Ross and Monica talk about the Geller Bowl and the Geller Cup…it’s my favorite scene from the entire show”.

8 “The One in Vegas” (Season 5, Episodes 23-24)

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The Las Vegas episode sees Monica and Chandler almost get married, Ross and Rachel actually get married, Phoebe chases down a slot machine lurker and Joey discovers his twin.

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It’s a touching moment for Monica and Chandler’s relationship, seeing them argue but then realize how much they love each other. Ross and Rachel challenge each other with practical jokes, like drunken, ill-advised pranks. The story of Joey’s twins is also funny but played with such sincerity that it’s hard not to enjoy it. Original poster thickredhead27 agreed with other users that episode two was excellent.

7 “The Man with the Baby on the Bus” (Season 2, Episode 6)

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Chandler and Joey babysit Ross’s infant son, Ben, only to leave him on the bus while flirting with two women. Meanwhile, Phoebe is replaced by Stephanie (Chrissie Hynde), is a professional, resident singer of Central Perk. She angrily staged a show outside the cafe to take revenge.

The episode, which Redditor Fit_Ear8640 described as “very underrated”, also features the first appearance of Frank Jr (Giovanni Ribisi) – later revealed to be Phoebe’s brother. He frantically pulled the previously dropped condom from her guitar case.

6 “The One Who’s Not Ready” (Season 3, Episode 2)

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Friends attended a beautiful event for Ross’s work – and no one ran on time. Rachel deliberates about the outfit while Monica obsesses over an awkward text message that landed on her ex-boyfriend Richard (Tom Selleck) answering machine. Joey and Chandler fight over the couch and Phoebe tries to hide the hummus stain on her dress.

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friends It’s always fun as a group, when all 6 characters interact with each other. This episode is also famous for Joey doing the “opposite” to Chandler of stealing his underwear. ResqTitan quotes his infamous post “maybe i commandooo?”

5 “The Man with the Embryo” (Season 4, Episode 12)

Friends - One with the larvae
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Phoebe is implanted with Frank Jr and Alice’s embryo, and is dismayed to learn the chances of a successful pregnancy are low. Meanwhile, Ross judges a quiz between Joey and Chandler vs Rachel and Monica, about what each pair knows about the other. To the horror of the girls they lost, which meant they had to switch apartments with Joey and Chandler.

This episode successfully balances a sober IVF storyline with a very funny comic contest. Redditors have been citing Chandler’s TV Guide delivery label name: “Miss Chanandler Bong” with two users sharing it as their WiFi password.

4 “The One with All the Poker” (Season 1, Episode 18)

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Friends play poker, with expert help from Monica’s Aunt Iris (Beverly Garland). Chandler and Joey confront Ross about being in love with Rachel, which he denies. However, when the latter gets a call and learns that she didn’t get the much-wanted new job, Ross intentionally (it’s implied) loses so that Rachel can win.

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The episode raised the stakes (symbolically and with poker, literally) on whether or not Ross and Rachel would get together. User eXistential_dreads said they liked the episode because it was “very comfortable”.

3 “Where Everyone’s Looking” (Episode 5, Episode 14)

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The truth about Monica and Chandler finally comes out, after Phoebe sees them leaving Ross’ apartment. The no-longer-secret couple gets involved in a complicated affair with Rachel and Phoebe, which sees the latter and Chandler disguise themselves to try.

Chandler and Phoebe’s rare pairing is hilarious – their awkward flirting scene is great. One Redditor described the episode as “comedy perfection”.

2 “Who Ross Got High” (Season 6, Episode 9)

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It’s Thanksgiving, and Chandler wants to impress Monica’s parents. Jack (Elliott Gould) and Judy (Christina Pickles) disagree with Chandler because of the lie Ross told them in college – that he, not Ross, was the one who smoked weed. Meanwhile, Rachel makes a trifle English that accidentally half shepherd pie.

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The episode ended with a fun song from Judy Geller, which DazzlingBullfrog9 quoted in full: “‘That’s a lot of information to get into 30 seconds. Okay, Joey, if you want to leave, just leave. Rachel, no, you shouldn’t put beef in a trifle. Phoceau thinks well, I have no taste.'”

1 “The One After Ross Says Rachel” (Season 5, Episode 1)

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Season four ends on a huge cliffhanger – Ross says Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s (Helen Baxendale) in their wedding. And, in an even bigger twist, Monica and Chandler hook up. ‘The One after Ross says Rachel’ erupts into chaos, with Ross trying to win Emily over, Rachel questioning the importance of saying her name, and Monica and Chandler needing a chance to be alone again.

This season five opener is a shipper’s dream, with quality Ross and Rachel drama and the exciting (and very funny) new dynamic of Monica and Chandler as a couple. eXistential_dreads said it was “the episode I watched the most in the entire series. It was when things started to get interesting for me.”

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