The 10 Best Danny McBride Movies and TV Shows, Ranked

King Mullet himself, Danny McBride Killing it right now as Jesse Gemstone, eldest son of megachurch founder and inspirational author Eli Gemstone (John Goodman) on the hit HBO show A righteous gem. Straight-talking, shooting from the hip, and brash, foul-mouthed, he brings a larger-than-life bravado to the role he’s played throughout his career.

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From film roles in large projects such as Alien: Covenant And This is the end Thanks to a number of unforgettable HBO original shows and successful voiceover work, he has become a recognizable brand around the world. Born in St. Petersburg, Georgia, the Peach State native’s career began in the mid-2000s and only picked up steam twenty years later. Here is a ranking of his 10 best shows and movies.

10 ‘Hot Rod’ – Rico


Always more than willing to bring brash, McBride has a memorable supporting role Andy Samberg‘s Hot Rod In 2007. Rod had a dream to become the next Evel Knievel, and McBride was part of the “Hot Rod” crew as Rico Brown. McBride wasn’t the fully formed McBride in 2007 and his portrayal of Rico had an amazing haircut and was less confrontational than the one we know and love now. A righteous gem And East and down.

But do not worry because he is just unfiltered and inappropriate often blurting the stream of consciousness non-sequiturs that make him very funny. It’s hard to believe it’s been 16 years since this movie came out, and McBride has evolved quite a bit since then. Hot Rod day. And how newcomer Samberg handled the legend Sissy Spacek And Ian McShane Because his parents are still one of the biggest mysteries of Hollywood.

9 ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ – Wolf Boss

Image via Netflix

McBride attended Jack Black, Angelina JolieAnd Dustin Hoffman in a group of famous actors to lend their voice talents to the sequel to the mammoth animated film Kung Fu Panda which created a record of 613 million US dollars in 2008.

McBride has a smaller part in the film as Boss Wolf, the leader of Shen’s Wolf Army, but as is often the case, he doesn’t need much time or space to leave an indelible mark on the film. Boss Wolf has all the trademark McBride bravado and menace you’d expect from a rollicking animated character voiced by an exciting cast.

8 ‘Alien Covenant’ – Tennessee

Danny McBride in Alien Covenant
Image via 20th Century Studios

when Ridley Scott Come call back Aliens script, you generally say, “Yes, thank you, sir. Where do I need to be, sir?” and in Alien: Covenant, McBride plays Tennessee, the captain of the Covenant colonial survey ship. Scott likes to include at least one crew member who might look like a rebel marching to beat his drums (think Idris Elba in Prometheus And Sigourney Weaver in Aliens).

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While McBride’s part isn’t as big as those two actors, he still carries with him that polecat swagger and hard southern drawl. Aliens the universe. And there are some impressive moments in this film that allow McBride to spread his wings more than we’ve seen from him in the past. In the end, he fits in Scott’s world, and more than holds his own.

7 ‘Pineapple Express’ – red


The 46-year-old actor agreed Judd Apatow The crew in 2008 Pineapple Express, and we think this may be the origin of McBride’s on-screen personality that we see today. Apatow gave the actor latitude to use his magnetism and batshit machismo as Red, Saul’s mentally unstable drug supplier (James Franco).

There’s no one better to play a psychotic criminal than Danny McBride, and Apatow sees potential there. It is the first of many collaborations with Franco, Seth RogenAnd Apatow over the next decade, and we hope they can find this kind of lightning in a glass again because their work together has made for some funny movies.

6 ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ – Blast (Blackbird)

Characters from the movie The Angry Birds 2 search with complex expressions.
Image via Sony Pictures Releasing

If you have a distinctive and unique voice like Danny McBride, chances are good that you will find a good voice in Hollywood. in Angry Birds Movie, he voices Bomb’s character called Black Bird. This version of the Georgia-born actor is younger than the real-life character we’ve seen on screen, but he still has a short temper that McBride can pull off beautifully.

Director Clay Kaytis And Fergal Reilly made what we believe to be the right decision by anthropomorphizing Bomb in the film to match the actor’s larger-than-life personality. They knew that McBride’s version of the bird needed to be compared to the actor with heavy suits and made Bomb bigger and more puffier than in the comics.

5 ‘This is the end’ – self

This is the end
Image via Sony Pictures

How will Hollywood friends cope with the end of the world? Well, we see it in the film cinéma vérité 2013 This is the end. McBride played himself alongside a magnificent group of Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Craig RobinsonAnd Jay Baruchel In an apocalyptic thriller that manages to combine both elements of the actor as himself, but also plays up to the camera.

One thing we discovered for sure is that you don’t want to be around Danny McBride if the world meets its end. The actor brings some of his best trash talk to the film and unleashes it on a group of A-listers who have the misfortune of being stuck with McBride at his most sarcastic and sarcastic. It’s McBride playing who we think McBride would be in real life, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

4 ‘Tropic Thunder’ – Cody Underwood


The film may have come under some scrutiny since its release in 2008, but McBride had nothing to do with that. Tropical thunderstorms is the story of some oddball and eccentric actors (Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black) who found themselves off-script while filming a war movie in Vietnam. It also has a smaller portion from Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaugheyAnd young McBride in the role of the film Explosives expert Cody Underwood.

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Tropical thunderstorms There was a great performance that in retrospect might have presented some issues of race and intellectual disability in a rough frame, but still gave us great work from McBride who was arrested along with Nick Nolte. It’s a great tandem because Nolte is an earlier version of McBride from the 80s and 90s. Both McBride and Nolte have an unforgettable rough-edged and gravelly quality.

3 ‘Deputy Chief’ – Neal Gamby

Deputy director-danny-mcbride-walton-goggins
Image via HBO

For the second time, we see The Mullet King in action without his Samson-esque powerful long hair Deputy Chief. We like the show enough to bump it up to number three on this list, but can’t help but notice the connection between the mullet and his best screen persona.

However, he and Walton Goggins do Deputy Chief A romp so brutal that HBO wants both back for the part A righteous gem. It is fitting that his show came in third place and also the third of his three collaborations with HBO, but even though it only ran for two seasons, McBride has found the style that we so desire in an actor.

2 ‘Righteous Gemstone’ – Jesse Gemstone

The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 Danny McBride

What we are witnessing from McBride as Jesse Gemstone in the HBO hit show A righteous gem A fully developed comedian who is completely comfortable within the niche he has carved out for himself. It is a compilation of all the characters he has played and voiced in his career spanning 25 years.

Jesse is the unquestioned alpha sibling of the Gemstone trio, which includes Judy (Eddie Patterson) and Kelvin (Adam DeVine) and if you cross him or insult him in the slightest way, you will immediately regret it because of Jesse’s wrath. is beyond comparison. No one can put together a curse as insulting as Danny McBride with the factors it has, and He accepted the gift in full.

1 ‘East and Down’ – Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers holding a baseball

So when we say that Danny McBride fully embraces his gift of gab, it all starts to come into play in the role of failed big leaguer Kenny Powers in the first of three HBO original shows called East and down Ten years ago. The strong feeling of the south is on full display as Powers craps out of professional sports and begins a downward spiral that includes the amount of alcohol and delusions of grandeur.

This series of characters starts with Jesse Gemstone with a mouth and a complete lack of self-awareness or the ability to read a room. Powers may be the role the kid from Georgia was born to play, and he’s had three successful HBO shows and an ever-evolving big-screen career.

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