Ted Lasso season three review: The game is coming to an end for Ted and the Gang

Suddenly the ted lasso The main theme is frankly prophetic. In it, Marcus Mumford and Tom Howe sing, “Yeah, I could be all you get / Yeah, I guess I could be this.” While there’s no “official” word to say that the third season of the award-winning Apple TV+ hit is the latest, creator/star Jason Sudeikis has told Entertainment Tonight that “the idea was to spend three years” with the show and the creative team have told the story they needed to tell. Even Brett Goldstein, who plays the grumpy Roy Kent, pointed out that the third series would be the series’ final bow, telling the Sunday Times last June that, “We’re writing it like this. It was planned as three (seasons).”


Updated June 12, 2023 – With the conclusion of the third season of Ted Lasso, Noah Martin has updated this review to reflect the entire season.

The final episode of ted lasso third season aired on May 31 via AppleTV+. The season finale feels more like a series finale than a season finale, offering a satisfying conclusion and leaving many characters’ stories in a place of limbo where it could be the end of their story but also leaves room for growth. . Whichever way you kick it, season three finds Ted and the gang becoming a bit more existential as a variety of characters appear to be in or quickly heading towards a major transition. Ah, but there is hope. It’s hard not to walk away from this round of ted lasso without feeling like the creators are putting together a spin-off.

Where do we go from here?

Ted Lasso series finale

Overall, the main focus of the 12-episode third season finds most of the main characters facing a major transition and where they will go with their lives. Change is in the air, as many of the characters realize they can’t keep doing the same things forever. While audiences have enjoyed the comforts of the previous two seasons, these characters need to get out of the status quo.

The new season, in general, scores all the necessary goals. Even if those goals feel emotionally familiar. Optimism, underdog determination, defusing frenzy, and people-hatred with genuine kindness are all factors that go into Ted’s journey and, well, most characters’ journeys, for that matter. It seems that Ted has it made an impact even though he gets existential about it more than ever. Ted’s ability to inspire others around him to think more positively directly impacts many of the characters who begin to strive to improve their lives and the betterment of those around them.

The season opens with Ted sending his son back to the United States as the season begins. The extended visit to London gave father and son a great bonding moment, but all too often, Ted wonders why he’s in London and if he’s really making a difference. His panic attacks, previously tempered in therapy sessions with Sharon, Sarah Niles in good shape, have resurfaced, posing a significant threat. They become increasingly difficult to deal with throughout the rest of the season and directly impact Ted’s final decision.

Meanwhile, Nathan Shelley (Nick Mohammed), who jumped ship from AFC Richmond last season to coach West Ham United, the opposing team led by Rebecca’s ex Rupert (Anthony Head), continues in a battle for his soul. . He gives Ted and Team Richmond something to combat. Again. And Head knows how to deliver the best haunting vibes. He is often seen mysteriously appearing, like Darth Vader, attempting to train an evil new recruit. However, the season begins to shift away from Nathan’s focus and his iron grip on his team, and instead he chooses to show the direct positive impact Ted has had on Nathan.

At the end of the season, Ted says, “I hope all of us, or none of us, are judged by the actions of our weakest moments, but by the strength we show when given a second chance.” It’s here that it’s clear that the writers have put the audience in the position of hating Nathan, only for the viewer to have to see if he would really listen to Ted’s advice. Can Ted have an impact on the viewer in the same way that he did with the characters in the series?

Bigger team, more players

ted lasso

The cast remains a highlight, as always. Sudeikis has already won a handful of Emmys for playing the optimistic football coach hired to run a British soccer team, with no football coaching experience. The strong cast includes Hannah Waddingham (Sex education), Brett Goldstein (Thor: Love and Thunder), Temple of Juno (The offer), Brendan Hunt (bless this mess), Nick Mohamed (Intelligence), Jeremy Swift (doctors), Phil Dunster (the devil’s hour), Toheeb Jimoh (feeding), and a solid gang of other standouts. There’s also a larger role for James Lances’ character, Trent Crimm.

Ted Lasso’The supposed final season also introduced a new set of characters for its final round. From guest appearances in an episode of Becky Ann Baker as Ted’s mother to longer story arcs for Jodi Balfour (For all mankind) as Jack, a not-so-average venture capitalist who develops a relationship with Keeley. There were many characters, but each new character introduced was meant to help enhance and advance one of the main cast members’ stories.

A powerful new teammate for AFC Richmond cannot be left out. It’s better to be surprised by that, but it’s a lot of fun to watch the effects play out in the wardrobe and with handsome Jaimie Tartt (Phil Dunster rocking a new look), who must come to terms with his own legacy. His friendship with former rival Roy Kent is certainly one of the highlights of the season, and Jaimie might have the best overall story in the entire series. When audiences remember how the series began and how it ended, it might be the best example of Ted’s impact on his teammates.

Nate’s story arc might be the most frustrating for viewers. Much of his story is resolved offscreen between episodes, and how that plays out will likely be up to the viewer. While some may have wanted to see him redeem himself on screen with a big speech or a moment of defiance, the series does so with more subtle scenes and lets the audience understand that Nate’s transition isn’t in grand gestures but in small moments. Meanwhile, Rebecca, played by the always wonderful Hannah Waddingham, finally achieves the emotional freedom she’s been searching for since season one.

the richmond road

Kent and Lasso in Ted Lasso

The third season has received mixed reviews from fans and critics, with some people not enjoying the first half as much as the previous seasons. However, the second half was positively received. It’s almost like they lost their groove for a few episodes and then quickly picked up their groove. Season three ends with a satisfying conclusion to each character arc, Rebecca sells a large part of the club to the Richmond fans, Roy and Jamie become friends, and Lasso returns home to his family, leaving behind the new his family.

Beard has an amazing moment with Nathan where the audience finally finds out why Beard and Ted are the best of friends, and this moment makes the last episode that much more tearful when Beard makes the decision to leave Ted on the plane. Trent shares a manuscript of his book with Beard and Ted. They read it and Ted leaves a comment for Trent, which sums it up perfectly. ted lasso. Even though the series is named after him, it was never really about him. Sure, he was the motivating factor for the growth of many characters, but the third season sees Beard, Roy, Jamie, Keeley, Rebecca and many other characters taking the reins from Ted and influencing other characters (like Barbara) to become who are they. they are meant to be without Ted having met them. ted lasso It perfectly sums up how one act of kindness can send ripples through people.

Best of all, the writing on the third season is in fine shape throughout the episodes being offered to press. Admittedly, some of those episodes feel a bit bloated, and some even feel like nonsense at times. But with each passing scene, it’s undeniable that Sudeikis and everyone involved have created a rare television series that manages to evoke true emotions, deliver stellar comedy, and capture the human condition. Do you always kick the ball into the net? No. But when we all look back Ted Lasso, surely, we will realize that this has been one of the best series to light up our screens in a 21st century that is going through its own identity crisis. “Yeah, it might be all you get” but ted lasso season three is a near-perfect conclusion to the Emmy Award-winning series.

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