‘Superman & Lois’ Takes Too Long To Fix This

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 12 of Superman & Lois.CW’s superman and louise tells the life and adventures of Clark Kent (Taylor Hoechlin) and Louise Lane (Elizabeth Turok), they packed up their Metropolis home and settled in dying Smallville — a place they decided would be a better place to raise their teenage son, Jordan (Alexander Garffin) and Jon (first created by jordan elsassnow by michael bishop). Unfortunately, things are never that easy, are they? The ongoing third season digs deeper into Jon and Jordan’s lives as they approach adulthood. When Jon and Kyle work together (Eric Valdez) in Smallville’s Firehouse, where Jordan admirably tries to be a hero without powers, Jordan puts on his costume and becomes the world’s new hero, but his inexperience and some of his rather distressing The antics are catching up to him.But while it’s new superman and louise To address Jordan’s nasty attitude, a painful thing that’s been around since the first season.

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Jordan’s bad behavior has gone on for far too long

Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent talks to Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent on the porch in Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 1
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Throughout the three seasons superman and louise, Jordan’s behavior has been an ongoing and relatively unresolved issue. Jordan’s biggest problem is that he always sees himself as a victim, and the show often reinforces that toxic mindset. This is evident as Jordan quickly feels guilty for taking out his emotions on everyone around him and blaming others for everything wrong in his life. At the very beginning of the series, he has a major animosity with his twin brother Jon, the most popular football player in the Mets and has a good relationship with their father (because of their shared interests). and linked together). While the rivalry with Jon is gone, it’s only because Jordan’s powers continue to evolve. He suddenly feels stronger and more important than Jon, so he can blame Jon for being jealous of his burgeoning powers or dominating his parents’ time, keeping Jon completely on the sidelines for most of the show.

Furthermore, his relationship with Sarah (Inde Navarrete) is a good example. He spends little time considering Sarah’s perspective on the show over all three seasons. He confesses his and his father’s secrets to Sarah, with little regard for the danger it could put her in. After Sarah called off his relationship with Jordan, he was with her every moment, trying to make her feel guilty and stepping in when Sarah was in trouble. Talk to other people. In the third season, after Jordan saved Sarah and George Jr. (Dylan Leonard) from a fatal car accident, and he’s clearly angry that Sarah didn’t kneel down and worship him as her savior. She’s grateful, and she’s made it clear, but that’s not enough for Jordan. In short, he’s unhealthy possessive, well beyond the realm of a teenage boy hopelessly in love.

But, leaving that topic aside, Jordan apparently also had a serious ego issue that made him unlikable from the start of the series. Once his powers are developed, his mind is affected. His relationship with Jon changes, but Jordan also becomes arrogant, cocky, and reckless. He joins the football team to flex his newfound power and become a star, and while Jordan has no real interest in the sport, Jon becomes an outsider — and, again, a way to monopolize his father’s time because Clark has to focus on Jordan not accidentally hurting someone on the court.This recklessness has intensified since season one, leading to such drastic results that even superman and louise The question can then be ignored or forgiven.

‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3, Episode 12 Will Only Make Existing Problems Worse

Alexander Garffin, Superman and Lois
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in the penultimate episode superman and louise In season three, the world is about to discover another hero with abilities similar to Superman’s. This is being actively explored by a former colleague at the Daily Planet, using all the tricks Lois offers when she writes about the arrival of Superman. Plus, since Jordan pulled him and Sarah out of the car, George Jr. has been unable to shut up and even give interviews to tell his story. After Clark had to reveal his secret to Kyle after Jordan’s recklessness in “saving the world” led Kyle to believe that Jon had superpowers, everyone was pulling out all the stops to make sure nothing about the superhuman was leaked in Smallville in operation. Sarah, Kyle and Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) took responsibility for the secret so seriously, and Clark, Lois, and Sam (dylan walsh) made every effort to cover it up, but it was ultimately futile as Jordan’s bad behavior in the series spiraled out of control.

At school, George Jr. continues to try to convince people of the hero he saw that night, but Sarah, Jon, and Natalie (Tyler Barker) keep cheering him on. Jordan, meanwhile, boasts about how heroic and “bad” this guy is, only to throw out “if anyone” tirades afterward. When Clark and Lois found out about it, they took Jordan’s suit and told him to keep a low profile until things calmed down, but he immediately disobeyed them. When Superman was tasked with stopping a tornado from hitting Smallville, Jordan grabbed his suit and went to help. After they saved the world, Jordan landed directly next to a group of onlookers they saved, who hailed him as a hero and took selfies and videos confirming the existence of the teen hero in Smallville. Clarke and Louis then confronted him, but Jordan admitted he didn’t care if he was spotted because he wanted attention. When Clark and Louis attempted to punish him, Jordan used his powers on Clark during a brief exchange, a line no one expected Jordan to cross.

As a teenager there’s only so much excuses

Alexander Garffin, Superman and Lois
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Ultimately, there is very little that Jordan’s actions can and should not be forgiven for. Especially when we see Jon embark on his own hero’s journey without power, he must take responsibility for his actions and become a masterful adult that both his parents would be proud of. Additionally, Sarah is on a similar journey as she faces the consequences of her own bad behavior and, with the help of her parents, Lana and Kyle, strives to become better and ready for the future. Meanwhile, Jordan’s situation goes from bad to worse, and he has no interest in taking responsibility for his actions or seeing himself as a victim. (Seriously, he even made himself a victim because his parents thought it wasn’t cool for him to totally disobey him and open up his existence to the world for self-improvement.) Now, Jordan’s only logical The road is to be a total villain. He can’t take on the responsibility of having power, and even in the upcoming fourth season, the show doesn’t have enough time to correct Jordan’s bad behavior.

However, we know superman and louise Will never go there. They’ve seen Jordan as their gold-standard original character (Felicity Smoak) since the very beginning of the show, so it’s hard to take the latest episode seriously because Jordan’s actions will undoubtedly be portrayed as just thing. some point on the road. Anyway, it’s nice to see his actions condemned and not forgiven once, but it took too long. As I’ve said before, this has been a problem since the series’ inception, and it’s keeping fans away from Jordan — even more than giving him Jon’s comedic legacy. Change needs to come, Jordan needs to be humble, because this kind of angry behavior is unbearable to happen again.

superman and louise It continues to air every Tuesday on The CW.

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