Steven Spielberg helped make the Horror Footage even more terrifying

Few modern films have given Hollywood the adrenaline rush it needs Paranormal activity. Filmed in just 7 days with a budget of $15,000 Oren PeliThe haunted house sensation of 2009 became unexpected and huge, reviving the found-footage video genre as a franchise. Clever and chilling in equal measure, this bare-bones film about a young couple tormented by brutality leaves audiences hearing what goes down in the night for days after seeing it, proving once again that when it comes to surprises, less is true.

Before Peli’s film became an overnight success, however, it was the subject of some lectures courtesy of. Steven Spielberg. According to the Los Angeles Times, it is alleged that after securing a DVD screener, Spielberg’s experience watching the film was followed by a terrifying incident in his own home. But despite the impact Paranormal activity In him, Spielberg had the idea to make the low-budget festival even more terrifying.

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‘Paranormal Activity’ scares the hell out of Steven Spielberg

Katie stands up in the middle of the night while in 'Paranormal Activity.
Image via Paramount Pictures

Bringing the wisdom of Steven Spielberg to life is probably one of the greatest achievements a filmmaker could wish for. After all, this is the man behind the famous horror movie that has scared moviegoers for decades. Jaw has made generations of swimmers think about going in the water, and Poltergeistwhich Spielberg co-produced and co-wrote, continues to haunt our dreams with evil clowns, man-eating trees, and otherworldly monsters of all kinds.

Before it made box office history, Paranormal activity Visited the film festival. With a bit of incredible luck, the DVD recorder ended up in the hands of someone Buy and several potential distributors, including its own Blumhouse. Jason Blum and Steven Spielberg. According to the LA Times, it means that he then took the DVD home and watched it alone. And when he tried to enter his bedroom after watching the movie, he found that the door was locked from the inside even though no one was home.

Thoroughly appalled and believing the DVD itself to be haunted, Spielberg is said to have returned it to the DreamWorks office in a trash bag. But impressed and shaken as he was, he had some thoughts about Paranormal activityEndings and how to most effectively affect the audience with a horror sequel. Although director Oren Peli later expressed mixed feelings about the decision, he ultimately went with Spielberg’s advice and, with an additional $4,000, shot the final scene that ended up in the final cut.

How did the original ‘Paranormal Activity’ end?

Paranormal Activity Couple on camera while sleeping
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Before Spielberg released his ideas, Paranormal activity End up with less noise. With a camera attached to the young couple as they sleep, Katie (Katie Featherston) woke up and looked at Micah (There is anger) from her side of the bed. After leaving the room, she screams bloody murder and wakes Mika, who rushes out. From the room to his wife. Following the brief and distant sounds of the fight was a deafening silence.

Moments later, Katie returned to the bedroom covered in blood and holding a knife. Sitting on the floor next to the bed, she rocked back and forth as the camera’s timecode displayed the hours that had passed. We hear a phone ringing, someone leaving a voicemail, and finally, someone enters the house and discovers Micah’s body. According to the camera’s time code, police officers arrived half an hour later and discovered Katie in the bedroom. When she approached them, knife in hand, they shot her dead. Fade to black.

The shocking final cut that ends with ‘paranormal activity’ makes more imagination

An unseen demonic entity in 'Paranormal Activity' manages to wreak havoc in San Diego
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Unsettling as the original ending was, it just didn’t pack the same punch that Spielberg’s ending did. Peli’s ending is undeniably terrifying, inviting viewers to see what happens off-screen as Katie’s friend, Amber (Amber Armstrong), leaves a worried message on the answering machine and eventually discovers Micah’s lifeless body. But all the frustration drags on for far too long, sacrificing thrilling thrills in favor of a slow-paced contest that can’t sustain the sense of dread that Spielberg’s ending offers.

Spielberg’s alternate ending, which sees Micah thrown back into the bedroom, knocking the camera to the ground and revealing a blood-soaked Katie standing in the doorway, is quite frightening. Also, Katie getting down on all fours and sniffing her husband’s body like a predator proved to be even more sinister and effective in selling the idea that she was possessed by a demon. And the final reward of Katie looking directly at the camera, smiling and smiling at us as her face turns into a demon, closes the film with a cut to black that makes the audience fuel adrenaline and on.

Not only does the alternate ending work better on a purely visceral level, but it concludes the film with ambiguity, leaving the door wide open for a sequel to surely follow. Although we know that Micah has been killed and Katie has fallen victim to demonic possession, we still wonder what will happen in the end, and the horrors she may inflict on other unsuspecting victims. While we’ll never know how well Oren Peli’s original ending will go over with global audiences, a retrospective look at the two endings shows a clear difference in tone and narrative satisfaction.

Director Oren Peli preferred the original ending to Paranormal Activity over Spielberg’s

Steven Spielberg on the set of one of his movies.

Let’s face it, when a filmmaker of the caliber of Steven Spielberg tells you to jump, the appropriate response is “how high?” So, when he praises your film but includes a warning that the ending should be changed, it’s completely understandable that a first-time director would follow that advice. Although Spielberg’s suggestion for a different ending succeeded in providing the final thrill of the film, no doubt an effective ending to the excitement and chill that preceded it, director Oren Peli continued to have reservations about the changes to his first film.

Reflecting on the decision to shoot back at the end, Oren Peli said Entertainment week,

“They wanted to find something a little more – that would be more loved. So, we tried a little different idea … The idea that was in the final cut … I think it was effective but I wasn’t huge. I was a fan of it, initially, but it played very well to the audience I knew … That would be a new ending, it’s not the greatest feeling, and I tried to fight for my ending, but at the end of the day, the movie. Worked as a whole with the new ending, I learned to accept and love the new ending, still like my ending, but I’m okay with the new ending.”

It’s safe to say that Peli made the right choice in following Spielberg’s instructions, although it certainly still has a positive effect on the director’s original ending. But when Steven Spielberg offers you, how do you refuse?

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