Stephen King’s Maximum Overload Blu-Ray SteelBook Review: A Horror Collector’s Dream

Horror master Stephen King has adapted his terrifying stories for film since the 1970s. The prolific author has been the literary backbone behind some of the greatest movies in cinema. These include Academy Award-nominated and winning films like Life imprisonment, The green Mileand Miserybox office explosions like the ones in 2017 HE and the 2019 sequel, and arguably the best coming-of-age movie of all time, stay by Me.

However, in 1986, King stepped out of his comfort zone as a novelist and decided to direct. maximum overdrive is a fast-paced, diesel-powered horror film about sentient machines trying to take over the world. The cheesy, gory, and critically panned film brought together a fun cast of Emilio Estévez (young guns, the mighty ducks), Pat Hingle (bat Man), Laura Harington (What is Gilbert Grape Eating), Yeardley Smith (The Simpsons), and Holter Graham (fly away from home). Taking place in Wilmington, North Carolina, maximum overdrive it produced cheesy one-liners, massive truck explosions, sarcastic ATMs, and squashed children. Over the past 35+ years, the film has earned a cult following in the horror community, as it remains the only film directed by Stephen King.


Vestron Video from Lionsgate, a company active in the shrinking physical media market, has released a special edition of SteelBook from maximum overdriveand no collection of horror experts is complete without it.

New art and a clearer image

Maximum Overdrive Steelbook
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Vestron Video

Aside from the spectacular new SteelBook art for the film, this remastering of maximum overdrive it’s crisp and clean, displaying a more vibrant and clear presentation during darker scenes. Everything looks better in this new digital remaster, including the massive explosions, bloody squibs, and enhanced visuals during night scenes, which were previously semi-distorted in earlier versions of the film. This is the cleanest version of maximum overdrive that has been released; It’s a horror collector’s dream.

Max Overdrive Special Edition
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group

This new special edition of maximum overdrive has a whole plethora of goodies for the die-hard horror fan. Special features include two separate audio commentaries on the film, one by Tony Magistrale, author of stephen king of hollywood, and the other of actor Jonah Ray and Blumhouse executive Ryan Turek. There are several interviews with the cast and crew, including Martha De Laurentis, the film’s producer, and actors Laura Harrington, John Short, Yeardley Smith, and Holter Graham, about their experiences with filming. maximum overdriveand the effect that acting in the film has had on their lives and careers.

One of the most interesting interviews comes from Dean Gates, the film’s special effects creator, who goes into great detail (including stills) about many of the film’s bloodier and gorier scenes that were cut to appease early showings. . .

The reports also include an interview with Murray Engleheart, co-author of AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll. The popular rock band released a soundtrack album to accompany the film, titled who did who, with the title song written for the film. The rest of the album contains songs from other albums, including “Hells Bells” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

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“The Wilmington Factor” and “Goblin Resurrectus”

Steelbook Overdrive Max Edition
De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Vestron Video

This version also contains a segment called “The Wilmington Factor”, which is a closer look at Wilmington, North Carolina, and its well-known title of “The Hollywood of the East Coast” during the mid to late 1980s. segment discusses Dino De Laurentis’ studio in Wilmington, as well as his relationship to Stephen King’s work, after filming. fire starter, Silver bulletand Cat Eye in the city. Several members of the crew who still live in Wilmington give interviews and a comprehensive look at the film location’s specialty is explored. It’s a great look into the cinematic history of the East Coast.

Perhaps the coolest segment of the special features is “Goblin Resurrectus,” which tells the story of the film’s famous Green Goblin truck prop, how it was found decades after the film was finished, and how it was privately restored and restored. has made its way on the horror convention circuit in the United States and Canada.

We highly recommend picking up this ’80s horror treasure in its new remaster, as it offers a crisp, clean display and never-before-seen special features, which are perfect for anyone who collects physical media. The Vestron Video SteelBook Blu-ray release of maximum overdrive it was released on May 30, 2023 and is well worth the price of $29.99.

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