Stephen King’s Favorite Adaptation Isn’t a Horror Movie

Author of more than 70 books and hundreds of short stories, stephen king Has provided material for dozens of films over the past five years.from classics like The Shining, Carrieand sufferingto contemporary popular songs such as it and gerald’s gameand some notorious entries such as maximum overload and lawn mower man, King’s name (both in film and literature) has largely become synonymous with horror. However, the author’s publications and film adaptations are so numerous that she is not limited to a single genre. In fact, his favorite movie based on his book isn’t even a horror movie.

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What are some of Stephen King’s favorite book adaptations?

The Shawshank Redemption Clancy Brown
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In 2016, Stephen King and deadlineMike Felming Jr. talks about his career, with a special focus on the role of Hollywood literary writer.between berating Kubrick for his unfaithful adaptation The Shining and express appreciation for contemporary directors Lars von Trier and ben affleck, King received a blatant question about his favorite adaptation of the work.His answer was a bit open-ended, but clearly pointed to two headlines, saying: “I have a number that I like, but I like The Shawshank Redemption I’ve always enjoyed working with frank (Darabont)…I like that rob leiner thing, stand by my side“.

these two films, The Shawshank Redemption and stand by my side, didn’t become such a successful movie like Stephen King’s other works. First, neither is based on a novel.King published both stories as short stories in his 1982 anthology different seasons. Also, both of their names were changed to Screen. The Shawshank Redemption is an abbreviation for the full title of the novella: Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption. at the same time, stand by my sideThe title of the source material is simply Body. Both adaptations require some additions, omissions, and changes to pages, which is typical for almost any book-to-movie translation. Their most notable common trait, however, is that neither is a horror movie.

‘Stand by Me’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ are simple horror dramas

Rob Reiner’s 1987 stand by my side It’s a coming-of-age drama, maybe this The definitive film in the subgenre. The show follows four teenage boys who trek through the night through the Oregon forest in search of dead bodies in hopes of becoming heroes in their hometown. Along the way, they learn about themselves and grow in genuine ways that evoke empathy and nostalgia in the audience.

The Shawshank Redemption Released in 1994, the show follows the (presumably) innocent Andy Dufresne who is sentenced to 19 years in prison (tim robbins) at Shawshank Prison. Considered one of the greatest prison movies of all time, and famous according to IMDb’s 250 best movies list, Shawshank is a timeless emotional masterpiece, with iconic performances, lines and shots throughout. However, the subtle and slow epic genre may not be the first thing people think of when considering Stephen King’s twisted and inventive mind.

Neither film could be considered horror by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. certainly, stand by my side There are MacGuffin corpses and some disgusting images, like a pie-eating contest gone wrong. However, the latter is handled with humor, while the former is a gentle and purposeful plot device. At the end of the day, the movie isn’t about dead bodies, but about the journey to them, and the bodies end up being a raw metaphor for death in the accelerating lives of these young characters. Similarly, Shawshank There are some gruesome moments, especially when Andy Dufresne faces physical and sexual abuse in prison, but these only make up a small part of the story, and, moreover, they are presented as a true representation of the character’s situation. Not included as a dastardly horror convention.

In short, both The Shawshank Redemption and stand by my side They focus more on the characters and the story than the scares. Extraordinary performances, direction, script and score ensure the film’s enduring popularity and cinematic history, not horror. They also operate entirely in the real world, shielding viewers from any supernaturalism that King typically incorporates into his work. Perhaps these are one of the main reasons they have stood the test of time in the Stephen King adaptation – even non-horror fans can understand them, because their overriding themes appeal to all audiences.

What other genres has Stephen King written besides horror?

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These films don’t water down their source material, either.it’s not like Shawshank and stand by my side Hollywood is just remaking horror stories into dramas. The films are consistent in tone and narrative with King’s original book, which has great literary merit and certainly doesn’t fit his intended horror formula. They’re a reminder that King is an accomplished and talented writer in multiple fields, and capable of telling both compelling, emotional stories and terrifying feasts of horror. In 1996, he published a series of novels, which once again proved his talent. green mile, Frank Darabont brought it to the screen again in 1999, to a productively dramatic conclusion.In the 21st century, King will try his hand at science fiction November 22, 2063 and under the dome, Both works will become TV series on Hulu and CBS respectively.He has also written non-fiction, notable works including the 2000 On Writing: Memoirs of a Craft and the 2004 Loyalty: Two die-hard Boston Red Sox fans chronicle historic 2004 season, co-authored with Stuart Onan.oh he wrote dark tower Books – a highly fantasy series of eight novels, has been likened to lord of the rings and game of Thrones.

Clearly, King is more than a genre writer, and naturally, movies based on his work do more than scare. But at the same time, Darabont and Reiner have also proved their ability to adapt King’s horror works.back green mileDarabont set to make a prolific film with more of King’s horror-driven mist 2007.Likewise, four years later stand by my sideDirected by Rainer sufferingAnother more down-to-earth Stephen King story, but this time a much scarier one. All in all, King’s selection of his favorite adaptations may be notable for their lack of horror imagery, but it all goes to show that the best storytellers — whether with camera or pen — can navigate all genres. narrative.

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