‘Special Ops: Lioness’: Release Date, Cast, Plot and What to Expect

A master of Western drama and thriller, taylor sheridan brought something new and refreshing Special Operations: Lioness. The filmmaker may be best known for delving into the intricacies of the Wild West, but this upcoming series breaks away from his iconic stories to explore the world of spies and agents. Special Operations: LionessSaid to be based on a real CIA program, it tells the story of a young Marine who is recruited by the CIA to befriend the daughter of a billionaire with ties to the terrorist organization so that the agency capable of destroying the organization.

In addition to the show’s fantastic creative team, you can learn more below, Special Operations: Lioness It also boasts a star-studded cast, including some Hollywood A-listers, from Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana. The show will explore different levels of espionage, with women from around the world sent on undercover missions. With a diverse star cast and genres that always captivate viewers, Special Operations: Lioness Seems to have all the potential of a good thriller. Now, whether this new series can match the success of Sheridan’s earlier projects remains to be seen. But for now, it’s safe to say that “Sheridan Psalms” will soon be joined by the upcoming thriller series, which features a gritty and determined character set against dangerous circumstances (not necessarily geography). characters, and unexpected plot twists. It’s a sign that the fan-favorite storyteller has more to tell than cowboys and outlaws on the wide-open ranch.

Expected to arrive this summer, Special Operations: Lioness is a highly anticipated show that seems like a must-see, especially if you’re a fan of spy stories.Check out our quick and comprehensive guide below for everything revealed so far about the plot, trailers, release date, cast, characters, and more Special Operations: Lioness.

Editor’s Note; This article was updated on July 10 with the latest trailer.

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When is Special Operations: Lioness coming out?

Michael Kelly, Morgan Freeman and Nicole Kidman on the 'Special Ops: Lioness' poster
Image from Paramount+

Special Operations: Lioness will premiere exclusively on Paramount+ on July 23, 2023. taylor sheridan Production, it makes sense that the series would land on the Paramount-owned streaming service, since they’ve aired other Sheridan series, including yellowstone park Derivatives 1883 and 1923this Stallone series king of tulsa,as well as Jeremy Renner series mayor of kingston.

Is there a special ops: lioness trailer?

Paramount+ released a one-minute trailer for the exciting new series online on June 8, 2023, highlighting the A-list cast, international intrigue and explosive action.

On July 10, we finally get the full trailer Special Operations: Lioness. The trailer introduces us to the show’s ongoing plot while reminding us that it will bring action.

How many episodes of “Special Operations: Lioness” are there?

Zoe Saldana as Joe
Image from Paramount+

Special Operations: Lioness According to IMDb, the show is expected to run for eight episodes.No other details about the episode are available yet, but we do know paul cameron and anthony bourne was credited as director, while Sheridan served as showrunner (thomas brady Originally set to be showrunner, but reportedly left amicably due to creative differences).

When and where was “Special Operations: Lioness” filmed?

Zoe Saldana,
Image from Paramount+

Production on the show began in Mallorca, Spain in January 2023 and is currently in post-production.Early titles were simply lionessthe spy thriller series renamed Special Operations: Lioness, May 2023. Filming locations for the show reportedly include multiple locations in Mallorca, Paris, Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

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Who are the cast members of “Special Operations: Lioness”?

Nicole Kidman, Michael Kelly and Zoe Saldana as Kaitlyn Mead, Brian Westfield and Joe
Image from Paramount+

Besides being a Taylor Sheridan project, Special Operations: Lioness Also notable is its cast, which includes some of the biggest names in film and television.As mentioned above, the Paramount+ original film stars Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avatar Star Zoe Saldaña is also an executive producer on the show. Saldana plays Joe, station chief, in charge of the CIA’s Operation Lioness Squad, who trains, manages, and leads recruits for undercover missions. Kidman plays Caitlin Meade, a senior CIA director who deals with top government officials. Although these two characters are important to the plot, neither is the protagonist of the story.Key figure Cruz Manuelos by Lesla de Oliveiraknown for his role in Netflix’s Lucky Company. Manuelos is a young Marine turned undercover agent tasked with infiltrating a terrorist organization. Here’s how de Oliveira described her character: “She goes in to befriend the target’s daughter. So this girl becomes her marker. She wants to get close to the girl so they can reach the target. But When you’re hanging out with someone every day and getting to know them as a human being, it’s hard to do what you have to do.”

These three women join the Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman Edwin Mullins, U.S. Secretary of State, Emmy nominee michael kelly of house of cards and jack ryan Best known for his role as Deputy Director of the CIA Byron Westfield.Freeman will also appear in the upcoming film 57 seconds and gunnerand Kelly will next star in penguin and Transformers: Rise of Beasts. Among other roles, 1883 alum Stephanie Noor As Aaliyah Amrohi, the daughter of a billionaire believed to be funding terrorists, Bassam Yusuf The man who showed up was the billionaire Amrohi.You can also look forward to seeing a cast of actors from Sheridan’s other projects such as yellowstone parkof Dave Annable as Neil, Joe’s husband; 1883of LaMonica Garrett As “Two Cups,” a member of Joe’s team, and mayor of kingstonof james jordan Tucker is another member of Joe’s team.rest of the cast Special Operations: Lioness Also includes Hannah Love Lanier (little mighty club) as the daughter of Kate, Jo and Neil; Jill Wagner (teen wolf) as Bobby, an agent of the CIA’s Special Activities Division; austin herbert (Ray Donovan) as Randy, a surveillance expert; jonah wharton (rookie) as Tex, another member of Joe’s team, and martin donovan (File 81) For example Errol Meade etc.

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What is the plot of Special Operations: Lioness?

Nicole Kidman as Kaitlyn Mead
Image from Paramount+

Here is the official synopsis Special Operations: LionessParamount+ Release:

“The Lioness,” based on a real-life CIA program, tells the story of Cruz Manuelos, a gruff but enthusiastic young Marine who is recruited into the CIA The Bureau’s “Operation Lionesses” to help bring down a terrorist organization from within.”

Who is the creator of Special Operations: Lioness?

Taylor Sheridan (Taylor Sheridan) Social Features
Picture from 6666 Ranch

Special Operations: Lioness Co-created and co-written by Taylor Sheridan and Jill Wagner for Paramount+. Sheridan is synonymous with some of today’s most popular Western dramas and thrillers, and he is also the show’s producer.Although yellowstone park It was his first major and is still considered his most successful project. Sheridan also previously wrote and directed the Academy Award-nominated western thriller hell or high water and action thrillers those who wish me deadand several other critically acclaimed projects. He will next serve as the show’s writer, director, producer and showrunner. yellowstone park spin off, Enforcer: Bass Reevesand land people.Actress, writer and producer Jill Wagner has appeared in numerous TV series and TV movies, including blade: the movie and teen wolf. This is her first time co-creating a show, but first time writing a script, lioness Of course, this seems like a good place to start.

Paul Cameron and Anthony Bourne to direct Special Operations: Lioness.Cameron was also a cinematographer for the series and is known for his previous work on HBO west world, he also directed several episodes.Cameron is also known for his work in films such as collateral, disappears after 60 secondsand Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Taleswait.director and producer byrne is best known for his work on bloody gangsters, ripper streetand last kingdom.Sheridan, Saldana and Jill Wagner also serve as executive producers on the show, with Nicole Kidman under her producing banner, Blossom Films and bob yarirepresenting Studio 101. David C. Glasser, Ron Burkel, David Hartkin, Gail Kosinski, Michael Maloneand John Hillcott Also an executive producer.

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