‘Silo’ season 2: Plot, cast, creators, and everything we know so far

adapted from the author Hugh HoweyThe novel series of the same name, the science fiction dystopia series the silo Premiering May 2023 on Apple TV+. While shrouded in layers of mystery, it still manages to build a complex and engaging world, the silo It has received critical acclaim in the months since its release. The show’s premise is simple: In a dystopian future, what’s left of Earth now lives in a giant underground silo. All records detailing who built the silo and why the exterior of the silo was uninhabitable are said to have been destroyed in a failed rebellion more than 100 years ago. Still, the community of some 10,000 people is thriving, and their underground home has nothing left. However, when Sheriff Halston Baker (David Oyelowo) makes startling demands, a series of mysterious deaths occurs, and introverted but strong engineer Juliet Nichols (Rebecca Ferguson) begins to suspect that the only home she’s ever known is based on lies.Ahead of the season finale on June 30, it was revealed the silo is returning for a second season, and here at Collider we round up everything we know so far the silo The second season of this practical guide.

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Read on to find out everything we know so far the silo Season 2.

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When and where can you watch Silo season 2?

we can confirm the silo The second season will air on Apple TV+ after its release. Like season one, we believe season two will follow a weekly release schedule and consist of 10 episodes.As for when the silo A second season is coming, with no specific date yet.If you’re looking for something to fill the siloDuring the break, the streaming giant Apple TV+ is home to many sci-fi TV shows, with packages starting at $6.99 a month. If you’d like to watch (or re-watch) the first season at the same time, here’s the link:

Watch on Apple TV+

Is there a trailer for Silo season 2?

no trailer the silo There is no season 2 yet. In the meantime, enjoy the season one trailer below, and don’t forget to bookmark this page so you’ll be the first to know when the season two trailer is out.

What is a silo?

the first season the silo Originally told the story of Sheriff Holston Becker and his IT specialist wife Allison (Rashida Jones). Holston and Alison were given permission to try and have a child three years before the current events, but were ultimately unsuccessful. During this time, Alison fell into a deeper depression and began to question the silo’s purpose. Computer geek George Wilkins joined in (ferdinand kingsley), Alison hacks into a banned hard drive and makes a shocking discovery. Alison’s request to “get out and clean up (cameras are said to be streaming live footage of the devastated world outside the silo)” is essentially a death sentence. Now, years later, a grieving Sheriff Holston is making the same request. He appoints Juliette as his successor, hoping to help her uncover the truth about the mysterious death of his lover George, which happened shortly after he checked the contents of his hard drive. In this season, the reluctant new sheriff tries to piece together the deep and dangerous mystery surrounding the silo.

Who’s in the cast for Season 2 of ‘The Silo’?

While it’s too early to officially announce casting, we believe the following cast members from Season 1 are likely to return the silo Season 2: Rebecca Ferguson as Juliet Nichols Common as Robert Sims, Tim Robbins As Mayor Bernard Holland, Harriet Walter as Martha Walker, Avi Nash as Lucas Kyle, Chinasa Uche As Deputy Sheriff Paul Billings, ian glen As Dr. Pete Nichols, sophie thompson as Gloria Hildebrandt, Sean McRae as Knox, and Tanya Moody As Judge Meadows.

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How did the first season of “The Silo” end?

Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette Nichols in Season 1, Episode 8 of The Silo.
Image via Apple TV+

Since its release, critics and fans alike have been intrigued by it Silos Themes of deceit and mystery, and the season one finale was no exception. The finale is tense as Juliet flees from the sinister mayor Bernard (Tim Robbins) and his right-hand man Robert Sims (Common). With the assistance of two silo residents, Juliet broadcasts the video from the hard drive to the control room. As staff watched in shock, a panicked Bernard ordered them to close their eyes and “not see” the video. When Juliet is finally arrested, Bernard proposes a deal: In exchange for waiving his right to a hearing and being sent straight outside for cleanup, Bernard will show Juliet the tape of George’s death. Juliet agrees, and it is revealed that George committed suicide by jumping off the building to avoid a trial. Also in this episode, Sims discovers the condition of Deputy Paul Billings (Chinaza Uche). Later, Billings told his wife that Sims allowed him to continue working in law enforcement despite the illness affecting his mobility. In addition, stargazer Lucas (Avi Nash) was transferred to a deep underground mine and sentenced to ten years of hard labor for his loyalty to Juliet.

The finale climaxes on gripping suspense as Juliet steps out of the silo to take her first steps. Walker (Harriet Walter) surreptitiously adds something to her hazmat suit, and Juliet rises to her feet in shock from the onlookers. For the first time in Silo’s history, Juliet reaches the top of the mountain, heading for a distant and destroyed city on the horizon, while many other aboveground exit points can be seen in the barren landscape.

What do we know about the plot of the second season of “Silo”?

As common as sims in silos
Image via Apple TV+

Spoiler alert: This section contains the siloSource material for Hugh Howe’s novel series.

before Silos premiere, we reported that the first season will follow the events of the first book in the novel series, wool. In most cases, this has proven to be true. However, the silo About three quarters of the way through the first season, it’s over. wool. The final season has yet to hit the screens, and we believe it will be the basis for a second season. From this book, we believe that season two will pick up right where season one left off. Outcast by her community, Juliet realizes that the multiple above-ground “exit points” around her are connected to other silos. Throughout the season, Juliet will make shocking new discoveries, and the mysteries of the outside world will only deepen. Meanwhile, in the silo left by Juliet, Mayor Bernard is tasked with controlling the restless crowd – some of whom have seen the banned video and think an idyllic oasis awaits them outside. . Will order be restored within the silo, or will curiosity lead to fatal consequences?

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What is the background of Silo?

Silo Display Spacesuit Staircase
Picture from AppleTV+

As mentioned above, the silo Adapted from the post-apocalyptic science fiction series of the same name by author Hugh Howe. The first season (and possibly the second) is based on the first part of the aforementioned series, wool. The other two books, transfer and dustmaking up the rest of the series, we believe these installments should be explored the silo Renewed for more installments after season two.

Who is the creator of “Silo” (and when does Season 2 shoot)?

the silo was created for tv Graham Yost (Justified).first season crew including director David Semel (House M.D.) and Morten Tydum (imitation game) and writer Ingrid Escaheda and jeffrey wang – Both work with Yost Justified. In addition to starring as Juliet, Rebecca Ferguson serves as an executive producer. the silo There are three photographers: Mark Patten (taboo), david luther (white queen), and Laurie Ross (bloody gangsters). Right now, it’s unclear which cast members will be returning for season two, but keep an eye on this space for updates.Ferguson recently spoke to Collider Steve Weintraub And revealed that filming has already begun on season two, so we should be receiving more updates on that season soon. Here’s what she said:

“…we only recently started filming the second season, so we were stuck at the beginning of filming. I’ll be doing that for some time to come.”

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