‘She Comes At Night’ review: A hilarious comedy about generational conflict and inconvenient guests Koviv 2023

There is nothing worse than having an unwanted family member take root in our home because social expectations prevent us from throwing the unwanted guest out.this is the subject Thomas Pavlicek & Jan Wernerof she comes at night (Purishra v Nosi), a hilarious comedy that still packs an emotional punch. Even as the directing duo struggles to find a satisfying ending to their story, the film is the perfect invitation to laugh at our shared history with inconvenient parents.

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she comes at night It’s about a young couple who are just beginning to enjoy life together and put off any life-changing decisions. Although they also have a lot of problems and insecurities, Jirka (Jiri Rendell) and Aneta (Anet Nesvadova) still have a strong relationship. Or at least that’s what they all did until Gilka’s mother (Simona Pekova) appear in the middle of the night looking for shelter. At first, Aneta thought Gilka was being too strict with his mother. However, as time went on, she began to understand how unpleasant it is to share a roof with the worst guests.

We’ve all been there: Parents come to our house and think they have the right to change the way we live. Parents have spent so many years imposing their will on their offspring that many of them can’t help but fall back into the power dynamic of calling the shots on their children. While this might be disturbing in real life, she comes at night is a delightful comedy that explores all the worst ways mothers can interfere with their sons’ lives, from emotional blackmail to breaking in doors without knocking when people are trying to have sex.

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Simona Peková’s performance puts She Comes At Night togetherStills of

she comes at night Also understand that comedy and horror are closer than most people think, since both genres involve visceral reactions to unexpected events. So while the film’s main goal is to make the audience laugh at the increasingly awkward situation, Pavlicek and Wiener introduce gripping nightmare moments in which Anetta has to face how horrific it is that her mother-in-law is at large by her side . Home. Far from disrupting the comedic harmony, these scenes intensify the young couple’s abusive and angry feelings.These moments are also crucial for the shift in tone she comes at night In the final scene of the movie, the movie asks the audience to stop laughing and face just how cruel the whole situation really is.

While we can all have fun watching mothers inconveniently take up more space at home and in marriages, the inappropriate presence of family members can do some serious damage.that’s why she comes at night Slowly shedding the comedy shell to reveal its dramatic purpose. Even when there are some good jokes in the third act, people are more likely to be angry than funny.unfortunately ended abruptly she comes at night Reduced the lasting impact of the film. There is no doubt that it makes sense that family issues can never be fully resolved and will always come back to haunt us. Still, the ending is nice for the story, especially since Pekova’s layered performance points to some sort of resolution.

she comes at nightMotherhood cannot be reduced to simple inconveniences. Otherwise, it would be easier to get rid of her. Instead, the protagonist couple are constantly attacked because of the loneliness and sadness of the old woman. Pekova brilliantly imbues her character with a certain melancholy that makes us want to empathize with this woman’s pain. In the end, this is why we often continue to have relationships with bad family members.

We grow up hearing people say that blood ties should never be broken, which is why many adults still sacrifice their mental health and throw away the stability of their lives in the name of respecting their parents. However, without clear boundaries, parents can irreversibly harm their children. But, of course, it would be wrong to reduce parents to their role as villains, as many problems can be blamed on intergenerational conflict and the false kindness of older generations to protect and guide younger generations. Pekova rolled it all into a poignant performance that never forgot that she was supposed to put a smile on the audience’s face.And if she comes at night The film’s ability to pivot from well-timed comedy to dramatic moments is thanks to Pekova in the first place.

score: Second

she comes at night The film had its world premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2023.

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