Shah Rukh Khan admits his inner bully in new ‘Jawan’ poster

Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan Has made his name in film history forever through his contribution to films over the years. Over the past three decades, he has carefully built an unshakable foundation as the king of romance with blockbuster after blockbuster in the genre. Naturally, this has earned SRK an unwavering army of fans around the world, making the news that he is stepping away from romantic roles for good hard to digest for many. Although there are outstanding performances in SRK’s performance throughout. Don 2, Basika And AnjamHe finally found a A lot A permanent home in the silent audience and lovers on the screen alike. However, the clear decision to accept the type of action and never look back before his latest release. President. Accredited, the film has made it clear that Khan is here to stay in his new avatar. His next movie Javan is set to take it to another level reaching new territory for the actor, an essence that is perfectly captured in the new poster for the film.

The poster was shared by SRK on Instagram with two later versions for each language Javan Will be released in, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The picture puts the fearsome Jawan at the center of the action as he stands in the middle of a dark tunnel with a live gun in one hand and a second hand in the other – ready to strike again. In a look that’s a far cry from his usual persona, SRK has a striking bald head with abundant facial hair. His look is complete with a jacket and sunglasses – even though he is in the dark. The caption reads: “When I become a villain, no hero stands a chance against me.”

Who is Jawan?

Jawan’s unbelievable behavior in the poster is in line with what little we know about the film. Although the teaser was released a few days ago, many of the episodes are still under wraps with snippets that give the main insight into the action and minor nods to the various faces of Jawan’s character. It is clear that he was once a soldier and was seen as a man of honor before he separated from the path and evolved into another. His dilemma about the purpose of his life and his yo-yoing identity play an undeniable role in the shape of Jawan. His various personas include a mother-like cover, a disturbing half-mask, and finally, a distinctive bald head. It can be speculated that these constantly changing appearances are internal questions about who he is, good or bad, or as he explains, “blessing or curse.” His habits and face are quite similar Joaquin PhoenixThe symbolic role of Joker. This inspiration is captured in Jawan’s anarchy, such as his mischievous dance in the middle of the train, unnerving laughter and cool composure when it comes to chaos and crime.

Image via Red Chillies Entertainment

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Directed by an Indian filmmaker AtleeThe project taps into SRK’s remarkable ability to switch between different personalities with ease – pulling off the same disturbing themes he did in his 1993 film as an obsessive stalker in Darr. While not much else is known about JavanIt is undeniable that the film will give even the most die-hard SRK fans something new to sink their teeth into.

Javan lands in the theater on September 7. You can see the poster and the first trailer below:

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