‘Seinfeld’: 10 funniest side characters, ranked

The character inside Seinfeld Played a major role in the success of the popular American sitcom throughout its nine seasons. From characters who only appear in one episode to those who return throughout the series, not only help to provide laughs, but also strengthen the plot of each episode.

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While it may be common for most of that praise Seinfeld Still being aimed at Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George, the truth is that there is more than meets the eye. In addition to the main actors, the world of Seinfeld Filled with immense talent, providing characters that continue to bring laughs decades later.

10 Sit

The character Sid from Seinfeld is sitting in Jerry's apartment
via NBC

Season 3’s episode “The Older Man” introduces viewers to Sid. Taking charge of the neighborhood parking lot, Sid reveals that he is taking a short vacation and hires George in his place. Sid made the job easy; It proved nothing but for George.

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Unfortunately, Sid did not return Seinfeld after now. Although he was only seen in one episode, the character has the potential to be a more permanent character. He is cheeky, quick, and most importantly, funny, offering just the kind of personality that is easy to get along with. Seinfeld’s the world.

9 Bob Sacamano

Kramer and Jerry are sitting at the table, Kramer is talking
via NBC

Although he was never seen throughout all nine seasons of Seinfeld, Bob Sacamano was mentioned in several episodes. He’s Kramer’s best friend, and from the sounds of things, he’s experienced everything from failed electrotherapy to rabies.

Kramer’s mentions of Sacamano never fail to get a laugh, simply because they are always silly. There may be a certain amount of satisfaction Seinfeld Fans if Sacamano can appear in at least one episode of the series, but at the same time, the mystery of the character and the life he leads is a great part of Seinfeld mythos.

8 Kenny Bania

Bania smiles in Seinfeld
via NBC

It can be suggested that Kenny Bania, the hack comedian that Jerry can’t seem to avoid, is one of the most annoying television characters in American television history. Always happy to see everyone, Bania doesn’t know when to quit and comes out when least expected.

However, because he is irritable, Bania is a funny character. The insults he brought to Jerry in particular always managed to deliver a hearty laugh, and Bania’s complete lack of awareness of social behavior and personal space made him an exhilarating nightmare to deal with.

7 J. Peterman

J. Peterman, played by John O'Hurley.
Image via NBC

Created as a highly fictionalized version of real-life outdoor entrepreneur John Peterman, Seinfeld’s J. Peterman is a generous and kind person who likes to be out of touch with reality. Because of this, he is the perfect boss for Elaine and apart from the series.

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Perhaps the best thing about the J. Peterman character is that his eccentric ways can create even bigger problems for Elaine. His passion for adventure makes him eager to do anything. This combined with his general clumsiness made for some really fun times whenever he was on screen.

6 David Puddy

Puddy gets a high five from Seinfeld as Elaine watches
via NBC

David Puddy, or “Puddy” as he is commonly known in the series, is easily one of them Seinfeld’s The most popular minor characters. As Elaine’s boyfriend, he proves to be more than just a fat monkey (a word he doesn’t care for, incidentally), providing plenty of laughs.

Puddy’s stone-faced demeanor makes him seem like a serious character, but every word that comes out of his mouth often reveals otherwise. From owning an obnoxious fur coat to being a face painter, there are plenty of stories about Puddy that keep on giving from a humorous perspective. He remains one Seinfeld’s Great character.

5 Leslie

The Low Talker watches backstage next to Kramer as Jerry appears on TV in a fur coat
via NBC

Known as a “low talker”, Leslie was involved in a brief relationship with Kramer in season 5, episode 2 of “The Puffy Shirt.” For whatever reason only Kramer can really hear Leslie, and Jerry’s quick assent to the unheard comment causes nothing but trouble.

Leslie may be a one-note scripted character, but she really makes her mark when her whispered words make Jerry wear a tight-fitting dress on national television. She gave a solid laugh for the entire episode, which was recognized as one of the best. Seinfeld Episodes of all time.

4 Morty Seinfeld

Morty Seinfeld cries about his wallet at the doctor's office
via NBC

Briefed by Philip Burns before Barney Martin took over, the character of Seinfeld’s father is one of the true highlights of the show. Morty likes to be quick witted and knows a thing or two about business, but more than anything else, he’s a dad.

Martin has taken the character to new heights, providing a father figure that mirrors the typical “daddy” character, making them more fun than they should be. Morty’s desire for a bargain is worthy of an eye roll or two in real life, but Seinfeld It’s pure comedy.

3 Mrs. Ross

Mrs. Ross laughs while holding a glass of wine on Seinfeld
via NBC

A fan of Seinfeld was first introduced to Ms. Ross in the fourth season of the hit series. George’s dead fiancé Susan’s mother, Mrs. Ross continued Seinfeld’s The tradition of skewering parental figures, providing a character with the owner of a hilarious character.

While it’s true that Ms. Ross doesn’t have many lines of dialogue throughout her appearances, the ones she does have are dry, zingers that are almost always aimed at George – although her husband’s constant head-butting is excellent. .

2 Estelle Costanza

Estelle Costanza sat and smiled
via NBC

The reason why George Costanza is the worst seems less mysterious when the audience is introduced to Estelle. Although there are brief moments throughout Seinfeld While Estelle is kind and friendly, her scary nature is always quick to reveal itself.

Few characters in television or film have the ability to light up the screen with their presence and provide – for less than a minute – something memorable and entertaining. Estelle is just the type of character and Seinfeld The results are much better for it.

1 Frank Costanza

Frank Costanza looked shocked
via NBC

However, George’s upbringing of Estelle was problematic, Frank only made the situation worse. He’s a dark horse, and strange facts about him are revealed slowly but magnificently throughout the series. With his hair-raising temper and often insulting way of speaking, Frank is a truly unique character.

Moreover, whenever Frank is on screen, something weird and funny happens. Hearing him say “This is Frank Costanza” on the phone to Morty Seinfeld in “The Shower Head” is one of the great highlights of the series, as his rage becomes full blown rage. No doubt about it – Seinfeld It wouldn’t be the same without Frank.

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