Secret Invasion Episode 3 Easter Eggs

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the third episode of The Secret Invasion.With the release of the third episode of “Betrayal” Secret Invasionwe have reached the intermediate point Marvel Studios / Disney+ Limited series. The tone of the spy thriller has been turned up quite a bit, with Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) to compete against Gravik’s threat (Kingsley Ben Adil) and his Skrull Rebellion. Last week, the show introduced us to the secret Skrull Council, told the story of Gravik hunting down moles in his ranks, and revealed a marriage that Fury had been hiding for years.

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Discover and reflect on references throughout the text Secret Invasion Oddly enough, this is more fun than the MCU’s Easter egg hunt. Fan service is clearly kept to a minimum, with connections to established heroes and past movie events appearing almost entirely in the service of the plot, and this episode is no exception.

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super skeleton

Secret Invasion Kingsley Ben Adil
Picture from Disney+

You hear what it hears first – literally. The term “Super Skrull” was first mentioned when Gravik introduced the new DNA-altering technology to the Skrull Council. Although it’s mentioned more and more throughout the series, this scene really confirms what Gravik’s been up to in The New Skrulos. The names of the Super Skrulls in the comics have been teased, mostly inconsequential nods, and now it appears that the MCU will adapt their stories fairly loosely, with Gravik intending to turn the entire Skrull Rebellion into a Super Skrull army.

Healing properties of Extremis

Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian using Extremis in Iron Man 3
Image via Marvel Studios

Now it is clear that Rosa’s work (Katie Finneran), under the tutelage of Gravik of New Skrulos, with success. After the standoff between Talos and Gravik, Talos was clearly outnumbered, but the poised Talos left Gravik with a parting gift before leaving – a knife through his chest hand part. Gravik withdrew his hand, the knife cutting through his flesh, the familiar flame of extinction engulfing and repairing his wounded limb.

Comparable to Healing Power Eternals‘Ajak (Salma Hayek), the Extremis project is returning to the MCU after a long hiatus after premiering in 2019. Shane Blackof Iron Man 3. Developed by Maya Hansen (rebecca hall) with Tony Stark (robert downey jr) and Aldrich Killian (Guy Pierce), Extremis was a genetic modification program that gave subjects self-healing properties, including the ability to regenerate entire limbs, and the supernatural ability to breathe fire and explode. Super Skull has been confirmed to be down in healing; Fury has more than just trust to worry about if a fire-breathing presence follows.

“Black Widow” Draykov

General Dreykov hugging the Overseer (Antonia) in

In the flashback scene between Fury and Valla (Charlene Woodard), who will marry Fury and take the name Priscilla, we find ourselves in 1998 New York City. She’s been working with a group of Skrulls who have agreed to help Fury and the humans of Earth in exchange for Fury’s and Captain Marvel’s help in finding a new home planet. Apparently seeing some success in her mission, Vala slipped an envelope to Fury and whispered to him: “This should keep Draykov’s men on their toes.” Bloodstained The envelope is placed under the hands of Fury and Valla, who linger on each other for a long time, which only adds to the notion that intimacy with Fury always comes with some bloodshed.

It’s not just Valla and Fury’s backstory, though.This exchange forms a bond Secret Invasion and 2021 black widowwhere Dreykov (ray winstone) as the film’s main villain—the Soviet general who leads the Red Room and a group of brainwashed Black Widows.That movie happens to take place between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity Warbut this nod shows that Drykov was active for years before his final confrontation with Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson).

Skrull surviving human captives

Fracking pods from Secret Invasion
Picture from Disney+

Tangia (emilia clark) dive into the fracking chamber looking for codes to abort a missile attack on a UN plane and we get a confirmation that raises some questions and possibilities.hydraulic fracturing pod at captain marvelwhen a Skrull uses a thought that infiltrates Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), and Gravik has a whole fleet in New Skrulos. In those pods of captive humans modeled on Skrulls, we see some familiar faces, including political pundit Chris Stearns (Christopher McDonald) and British Prime Minister Pamela Lawton (anna madeley).

Why not kill him after posing as a prisoner? It can be inferred that these individuals survived in order for their brains to continue to be accessible. We saw in the first episode that their minds are at least somewhat downloadable, but their survival means that the Skrulls need to keep them alive in order to maintain full knowledge of their memories. Does that mean the real Everett Ross (martin freeman) alive?

no one calls me nick

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury in 'Secret Invasion'
Picture from Disney+

There are many theories about how to identify a Skrull, whether it’s their clothing or their ability to retain certain facts, but Fury has his own foolproof method.As he made clear to Danvers in captain marvel, anyone who really knew him simply called him Fury. When a Skrull named Bob Fairbanks (david buck jones) posing as Talos and trying to trick Fury with a phone call, “Sorry, Nick” followed by instructions leading him to a trap, Fury notes his mistake and immediately knows he’s dealing with a skeleton. “No one calls me Nick, Bob.”

Priscilla and the man on the phone

Nick Fury's wife Priscilla (played by Charlene Woodard)
Image via Disney

At the end of the episode, we see that Priscilla, whose Skrull identity was never hidden from Fury, harbors a huge secret. It appears she is a double agent who has been assisting Gravik’s efforts and his rebellion. On the phone, she asked to speak to Gravik, but when she was refused, she followed the instructions. Unless our ears are being tricked, the man on the phone sounds exactly like Colonel Rhodes (don cheadle), indicating that we see Roddy Secret Invasion So far, it’s always been Skrulls. Fury’s confrontation and sudden fire were shocking, so that would explain Roddy’s anomalous behavior in the previous episode.

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