‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 2 Review: It’s All Fury’s Fault

After a very dismal first episode that ended in an unexpected death, Secret Invasion Continue the story of the Skrull rebellion with an even better and more entertaining Episode 2. The second episode of the MCU Disney+ miniseries reveals the aftermath of the terrorist attack at the end of Episode 1, exploring how this international event led to war between humans and the Skrulls. While much of the episode is devoted to the rapidly escalating conflict, we’re also given a hint that worse things are yet to come.

Written by a series creator Kyle Bradstreet And by Ali SelimThere’s more in episode 2 Olivia ColmanSonya Falsworth and reveals more elements of Gravik (Kingsley Ben Adil) master plan, which may involve the creation of Skrull super soldiers – known in the comics as Super Skrulls. But even as the story progresses and steadily moves toward the battlefield, this episode makes one thing clear: it’s all Nick Fury’s (Samuel Jackson) at fault.

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‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 2 Shows the Cost of Nick Fury’s Broken Promises

Secret Invasion Samuel L Jackson Ben Mendelsohn
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The episode, from 1995, retraces how Fury first met the Skrulls, met Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), and promised to find their home for aliens. The show then cuts to 1997 in Brixton, London, where Fury is building his first network of Skrull agents. A female Skrull named Varra introduced Fury to young Gravik, a Skrull child whose parents were killed by the Kree. Gravik escaped behind enemy lines and arrived on Earth alone in a spaceship. Valla thinks he’s a great fit for their network and asks Fury to talk to him. Fury made a connection with Gravik, including him. Later, Talos addressed the Skrulls, reaffirming his faith in Fury, who in turn promised the Skrulls that in exchange he and Carol Danvers would help them as his spy.Brie Larson) will find them a new home. The Skrull agreed and joined him wholeheartedly. Back in modern times, G’iah, daughter of Gravik and Talos (emilia clark) to leave the location of the terrorist attack. Skrull Brogan (ben peel), pretending to be an American, was arrested by the Russians just as Talos was trying to take Fury away.

After the opening credits, we find ourselves on a train from Moscow to Warsaw, where Russian soldiers are looking for Nick Fury. They knocked on the carriage and asked the woman inside if she had seen him, but she laughed and said they were more likely to find aliens on the train than black Americans. The soldiers left, the woman became Talos, and Fury emerged from the bathroom. As they talked, Fury reminisced about his childhood, telling Talos how he rode the train from Alabama to Detroit with his mother, and mentioned a game they used to play called “Tell me something about me.” things you don’t know”. At one point, Fury’s mother asked him to tell her something she didn’t know about him and a girl named Suzie he was dating at the time. He had obviously lied to her, but the mere fact that he lied was enough to tell her everything she needed to know. Here’s another scene that’s similar to the story about his grandfather in Fury. Captain America: The Winter Soldierwhich is a nice touch for fans.

Fury asks Talos about the destruction of Skrulls (homeworld of the Skrulls), and Talos tells how they were attacked and how the millions of Skrulls left once they realized they couldn’t win How to escape. Fury then asked about the fleeing Skrulls, and Talos admitted that they were on Earth, a million in all. This shocked Fury, who said Talos had lied to him, but Talos argued that his people were being hunted across the universe. Summoning them to Earth is the only way to keep them safe. Talos hopes that with Fury’s help, humans and Skrulls can coexist on Earth, but Fury thinks this is impossible. “Humans can’t coexist,” Fury said, making it clear that there’s no room for Skrulls on Earth. He ordered Talos to get off, and the Skrull did, leaving Fury to deal with the enormous information he had learned. In London, Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) mother Elizabeth, by Juliet Stevenson, putting away his daughter’s coffin, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director received a full military send-off. Elizabeth met Fury there, and he told her that Maria died because someone was trying to hurt him. Elizabeth, outraged that he had caused Maria’s death, asked Fury to make sure her daughter’s death was not in vain.

Gravik confronts the Skrull Council in “Secret Invasion” Episode 2

Secret Invasion Kingsley Ben Adil
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A series of news clips show the aftermath of the Skrull terror attack. More than 2,000 people have been killed and the suspects in custody have been identified as Americans. British Prime Minister(anna madeley) condemned the attack, and NATO Secretary-General (Giampiero Giudica) claimed they were gathering intelligence on the bombing. Russia appears to be preparing to declare war with the US, but US authorities insist they are not involved. Gia drives Gravik to a meeting of the Skrull Council. On the way, she asks him how he knew Fury would show up. Gravik wasn’t sure, but he wished he knew. He made it clear that he didn’t think Fury was a threat and said he could have killed him at the time if he wanted to. At the council meeting, Gravik went in without Gia, gave her a gun, and told her to shoot the guards if they didn’t return within an hour. When Gravik enters the meeting, both the Prime Minister and Secretary General are revealed to be Skrulls and members of the Council.

The Skrull Council, led by a Skrull named Shirley (Sita Indrani), making it clear that they want to punish Gravik. The young Skrull leaders, on the other hand, believed they had been abandoned by Fury and humans. He couldn’t see any way forward other than a war they would win. The Secretary asked him what he would do if the Avengers came back, but Gravik said he had thought of that and asked the Council to believe him. It was revealed that the prime minister was working with Gravik and handing over the committee to him, appointing him general and giving him full, unrestricted powers. Shirley refuses to bow to Gravik, but he allows her to go free and seems impressed by her principles. Shirley leaves the meeting and calls Talos to let him know of Gravik’s new promotion. Talos asks Shirley to arrange for him and Gravik to meet in a public place to discuss Gia’s affairs. In Neo Skrulos, the Rebellion celebrates Gravik’s promotion, but Gia notices that Gravik told Pagon (killian scott) something. She follows Pagon to a secret lab where two scientists are working on mysterious DNA samples to build some kind of machine. From a conversation between Pagon and one of them, Dr. Rosa Dalton (Katie Finneran), we find that Gravik and Pagon are looking for something called “harvesting”, which is what scientists need for their work. So far, they haven’t been successful.

‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 2 War Machine vs. Political Machine

Secret Invasion by Don Cheadle
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EU heads of state and UK PM hold emergency security summit in London, James Rhodesdon cheadle) attended as a representative of the United States. Other countries ask Roddy about Fury and Hill’s presence at the scene of the Moscow terror attack. He insisted that while he was aware of the “allegations” that Freeh and Hill were there, if they were in Moscow, it was only as ordinary citizens. He also told them that while the U.S. was “sensitive” to their concerns, the president didn’t care what they had to say unless they could present some credible evidence that the U.S. was involved in the attack. After the summit, Roddy got a call from Fury and agreed to meet him for a drink.

They meet at a tavern, and Fury admits to Roddy that he tried to stop the attack, but that doesn’t calm Roddy down. Fury then reveals the Skrull threat. Roddy suggested calling the Avengers, but Fury insisted that was too dangerous. If the Skrulls can replicate the Avengers and their powers, then it’s game over for humanity. Fury wants to fight this war alone, but he wants Roddy to support him, but the former Avenger refuses to do so. Roddy then fired Fury. However, ultimately proving himself to still be the old spy chief we all know and love, Fury told Roddy, “I’m Nick Fury. Even when I’m out, I’m in.”

Sonia torturing a Skrull in “Secret Invasion” Episode 2

Olivia Colman as Special Agent Sonia Falsworth in 'Secret Invasion'
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When Fury accepts that he’s just a useless agent, Sonia Farsworth arrives where the Russians are interrogating captured Skrull terrorists. She takes over, throws the Russians out of the room, and begins an “interrogation,” chopping off a finger and checking to see if the prisoner is a Skrull. Back in Neo Skrullos, Gia looks up Rosa Dalton on the computer and finds a list of DNA samples the Skrulls have collected from various people and creatures, from Groot to Black Order’s Culled Obsidian, Then to Iron Man’s desperate technology. She was interrupted by Gravik, but she hid what she was doing. They had a conversation, and he talked about how when Gia first joined him, he initially thought she might be a spy for Talos. He then reveals that they’ve found Brogan’s location and are taking her to free the captured rebels.

Meanwhile, Brogan is posturing as always, refusing to reveal anything to Sonia, but she injects him with a chemical that causes his blood to boil. The pain was enough to make Brogan’s tongue loose. While the Skrull prisoners didn’t know where Gravik was, he did reveal details of the machine they were building, saying he thought it would make the Skrulls stronger. She asked who was helping them, and after some pain Brogan admitted it was a married couple named Daltons.

G’iah and Gravik, and Pagon and Beto (Samuel Aduwinmy), to reach Brogan’s location. Gravik and Pagon go in, leave Gia and Beto in the car, and kill all the Russians standing guard. Gia leaves Beto, saying she’s going to the back to check on the situation. Gravik and Pagon rescue Brogan, but Sonia escapes through a secret hatch. Gia hides and calls in Russian. Gravik asked Brogan what he told the authorities, but Brogan lied and said he didn’t say anything. Gravik noticed the escape hatch Sonia had used. After driving away, the Skrulls find the police waiting for them in their safe house (we can assume this is Gia’s call). Gravik had them drive into the woods, where Pagon executed Brogan.

‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 2 Introduces Nick Fury’s Wife

Secret Invasion Character Poster Charlene Woodard
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In the final moments of the episode, Fury heads to a warehouse, where he picks up a car and drives into the countryside. Then we see a house with a female skrull working in the kitchen.Fury walks in and is met by a Skrull now in human form (courtesy of Charlene Woodard). She asks him, “Did you forget something?” Fury walks out of the kitchen and comes back with a wedding ring, and he puts it on his finger and kisses her – and that’s how we met Nick, dear reader Wife, Priscilla Fury, and possibly Agent Skrull (but on which side?).

The second episode is a clear step up from the first, getting more interesting and ending with a cliffhanger that we really didn’t see coming.The first episode already made it clear that the show could have implications for the entire MCU, but with teases of Gravik’s secret weapon, it’s starting to show us just how important it is Secret Invasion A story that might prove to be a good fit for the series, at least on the Earth side. One can only hope that the show continues to progress through the remaining episodes.

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