‘School Spirit’: Our Biggest Unanswered Question After Season 1

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the first season of “On Campus.” exist school spirit, all is not as it seems. Maddie Niles (peyton lister) wakes up in the afterlife as a spirit associated with Split River High (presumably where she died), with no memory of her final moments (or a considerable period before that). She discovers that several other students at the school have died over the years, such as Charlie (Nick Puglis), Wally (Milo Mannheim) and Rhonda (Sarah Yakin), except for former teacher Mr. Martin (Josh Zuckerman), he continued his lessons on this new plane of existence. Oddly, however, Maddy’s memory is lost, as the other ghosts have vivid memories of their final moments. Also, unlike the other ghosts, Maddie is able to communicate with one of her still-living friends, Simon (Christian Ventura), became her right-hand man and helped solve her murder.

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As they delved into Maddie’s final day, heading into the season finale, a few revelations changed everything we thought we knew about the story. What’s shocking about this episode is that Maddie didn’t actually die, but rather her body was possessed by Janet – a spirit that everyone believed was transferred shortly before Maddie reached the afterlife. after dawn (Leanne Boone) move on, other souls feel a change in the universe that they didn’t feel at the time of Janet’s alleged death, leading Charlie and Wally to a futile chase. In turn, with Rhonda’s help, they discover that Mr. Martin has been lying to them and has a connection to Janet. Every revelation and twist brings up several questions for the series to explore. So, now that the series has been renewed for a second season, these are our biggest unsolved mysteries.

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What is the deep connection between Mr. Martin and Janet? Why are they lying?

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After learning that En was able to move on because she had Maddie’s help in getting through her final moments, Wally and Charlie delved into Janet’s history to see how she was able to move on. Using newspaper microfilm, they dug through the headlines for Janet’s death, but found nothing from 1960, the year she died. So Wally backtracked further and found an article about Mr. Martin’s death. However, unlike what he claimed earlier in the day, he did not die in the fire alone. Janet died with him, both in the old chemistry lab that was converted into a shelter. And, Charlie finds a newspaper clipping of an article Janet’s parents claim Mr. Martin set the fire on purpose. So, what really happened between Mr. Martin and Janet? He covers for her when she takes possession of Maddie’s body, the two are having a heated argument about something, and then Maddie trips them. Most importantly, why are they both lying to completely cover up their connection?

What is Mr. Martin’s goal?

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After stumbling upon Mr. Martin’s lies, Wally and Charlie head to the Vault – where Mr. Martin died – to find other secrets he was keeping. What they found was beyond their imagination. His notebooks are filled with information about each soul that he has gathered over the decades they have been together. He encouraged them to write obituaries for themselves. Rhonda Da and reveals that he also has items related to their respective deaths, such as Rhonda’s Berkeley acceptance letter and the football from Wally’s death match. A collection of sorts, only getting weirder when they find a “sparse”-themed notebook to relive their last moments. It is worth noting that, from their own observation, there is nothing about Janet in his collection. Therefore, they seem to have been together from the beginning. But what is his ultimate purpose? It seems, it might be about taking control of the body, like Janet did with Maddie; however, Mr. Martin tries to stop Janet before she takes over Maddie’s body, so maybe not.

Can McGrady regain control of her body?

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This is where things get a little complicated. Can McGrady regain control of her body? Probably, but how? We first need to learn more about how Janet possesses her. Oddly enough, Mattie, while still alive, was able to see Mr. Martin and Janet on her last physical day. Of course, this also has something to do with where Janet died. That said, Janet has her own plans. As we saw in the final moments of the season finale, Janet bought a bus ticket and made plans to leave town. It’s unclear if she’ll be successful, but it’s sure to make things more difficult and prolong the amount of time Tracy spends with other spirits. Also, why does Janet seem to be running away from Mr. Martin?

Can Xavier survive?

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In the finale, one character’s life also hangs in the balance. After Xavier (Spencer McPherson) stole a tidbit from his father, Sheriff Baxter (Ian Tracy), he went to Claire (Rainbow Weddell) and Nicole (Chiara Pichardo) to find out who broke into houses around town. After a confrontation with the hooded man inside the house, Xavier ran outside to stop the man from leaving in the truck. However, the man suddenly reversed the truck into him, knocking him to the ground. When Nicole discovers that it’s Maddie (aka Janet in the truck), Xavier finds him bleeding from the head and passing out. When ambulances and sheriffs arrived, his father was shocked when paramedics asked him if he would accompany Xavier to the hospital because he didn’t realize the severity of his injuries. He’d likely survive, since Janet in Maddie killed Xavier, and any future she might have had would be ruined if she regained control of her body, but it’s still a possibility.

What does this twist mean for Wally and Maddie’s potential romance?

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Finding out she’s not actually dead, at least not completely, is sure to affect Maddie’s relationship with just about everyone. school spirit. After all, before further notice, Mattie has the chance to be brought back to life, which puts her in an awkward position with a ghost who is actually dead, with no hope of that – unless that’s Mr. Martin’s nefarious plan. However, while her friendship may have survived, albeit with a bit of bitterness, it took a major toll on her burgeoning fan-favorite romance with Wally. Wally and Tracy seem to have lost all hope now, and it’s not just because Maddie realizes how much Simon means to her.

Where do ghosts go from here?

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Likewise, how will Mr. Martin’s betrayal affect the ghost? He has been their guide since their deaths, supposedly trying to help them accept their death and move on.Since his plans are now (mostly) public, they even believe in an afterlife real? They’re going to have to rely on each other more than ever, but it seems like they’ll also have to take matters into their own hands and try to figure out how to move forward. Also, is Mr. Martin hurting their chances with his tricks? Are there ghosts like Janet who are tempted to help Mr. Martin do what he’s doing in order to get a second chance at life?

How can Maddie convince Simon that she’s real?

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In the end, after Nicole saw Maddie’s face in the video, she sent it to Simon. From there, he concludes that the Maddy he sees at school—the real Maddy we know—is just a figment of his imagination. He thinks it’s his brain’s twisted way of coping with the reality of Maddie’s death, and now he believes she really escaped her life and doesn’t care to tell him. With him being Maddie’s only connection to the world of the living, and her inevitable need for help finding Janet and bringing her back to school, his role is more important than ever. How was she going to convince him what had happened?

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