Ruby Gillman, ‘Teen Siren’ review: Vibrant animation delivers smart girl power message

A blue-skinned 15-year-old “math jock” with a strict mother dreams of going to the prom, only to discover that she is a princess with extraordinary abilities. Ruby Gilman, The Teenage Siren Have fun looking at the trials and tribulations of growing up subtly. Her teenage journey is hilariously complicated by a big secret. Ruby and her family are sea creatures – drums please – masquerading as Canadians. She endures horrific physical transformations, cheating companions, and unrealistic expectations of finding her true self. The whole family will love this film with a sweet message of girl power in lively animation.

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Ruby (Lana Condor) is obsessed with the cute skateboarder she mentors. She desperately wants to go to high school prom with the charming Connor (Jabki Young-White). But there’s one big problem that goes against the fundamentals of her mother, Agatha (Toni Collette). Under no circumstances should Ruby or her precocious younger brother Sam (Brue Chapman) be in the water. It was a tall order when their family lived in Oceanside and the dance was on a boat.

Ruby’s nerdy best friend hatches a plan to deal with her overprotective mother. Lie to Agatha and invite Connor to the dance. She has to devise a stunning prom proposal to really win his heart. Ruby’s use of quadratic equations on her graphing calculator caused the “squad” to complain. They gave her a flash gun and asked her to propose in style.

pretend to be canadian

Ruby Gilman's
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A prom proposal turns into a total disaster. Ruby fumbles and knocks Connor off the pier. She has no choice but to jump into the water to save him. What happened next caught Ruby completely off guard. Her dormant kraken power exploded in colossal fashion. She rescues an unconscious Connor, but inadvertently exposes her siren form to the entire town. Grumpy, fixed-legged fisherman guide Gordon Beacon (Gordon Lightfoot) sparks a panic by vowing to slay the monster.

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Ruby was terrified and hid. Agatha finds her daughter and restores Ruby to normal. Things take a turn for the worse when a pretty and popular freshman, Chelsea VanderZe (Anne Murphy), gets credit for rescuing Connor. The unexpected arrival of Ruby’s uncle Brill (Sam Richardson) reveals why Agatha is hiding her family. Ruby decides to take another risk and find the one person who can answer all the questions. Grandma Queen (Jane Fonda), the Kraken warrior of the Seven Seas, has been waiting for her princess for a long time.

Ruby Gilman, The Teenage Siren Several themes are creatively addressed. Ruby’s body has changed dramatically. She was terrified of looking different. Ruby feels ugly and unattractive. Why would Connor or her friends want to be seen with a spooky monster? But being a sea monster can be a gift, not a curse. Granny tells Ruby that her new form can do amazing things. Use your abilities, adapt to circumstances, and become royalty.

choose your own path

Ruby Gilman, The Teenage Siren
dreamworks animation

Agatha was also taught by her mother to be a fierce warrior, and she rejected kraken values. She didn’t want Ruby to follow Granny’s tentacle path. Pretending to be human frees her family from dangerous responsibilities. Ruby can’t believe her doting real estate agent mother is the hero who defeats the Kraken’s greatest threat. She’s caught in a tug of war between Agatha and Grandma’s expectations. Ruby must choose her own path, but cannot escape her fate.

Chelsea represented everything Ruby wanted as a high school teenager. She’s beautiful, confident, and everyone is vying for her attention. Chelsea is also hiding a big secret. Mermaids are the sworn enemies of sea monsters. But Chelsea wants Ruby to be her “Haenyeo best friend.” They can become friends and start a new chapter of interracial peace. The need for affirmation can lure naive people into bad decisions. Chelsea is a well-known wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is a bad influencer manipulating for her own agenda. Ruby’s desire to be liked makes it impossible for her to recognize malicious people. This is perhaps the most important lesson of the film.

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The conflict between the sea monster and the mermaid is a bit rote. The plot introduces a weapon that could decisively end the war. This leads to the necessary big action finale. Animation looks great. The battle between the Kraken and the laser-eyed mermaid is definitely worth watching, but it leads to a safe and predictable conclusion.

empowering young women

Ruby Gilman, The Teenage Siren Reminds me of a similar CGI movie from last year. turn red There’s a Toronto girl who turns into a giant red panda as an allegory of puberty. Both stories succeed in their goal of empowering young women. Never be ashamed of your appearance. Make the right decisions and trust the right people. Mothers seem to be domineering, but in fact they are the best for their children. They are past puberty and can provide the best guidance.

Thank you Hollywood for positive reinforcement, without preaching or preaching.But one question remains… who will win Ruby Gilman and little mermaid Compete for ocean supremacy?

Ruby Gilman, The Teenage Siren Produced by DreamWorks Animation. The film will be released in theaters by Universal Pictures on June 30.

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