‘RHOP’ Season 8: Karen Huger Prepares for Robyn Dixon’s Return

All hail the great lady. Let’s be honest: Karen Huger is the reason for most of the fans Real Housewives of Potomac Listen to the series. Her brilliant mythology combined with her wit and sharp wit make for great TV, and she always has a point of view to share. The season seven reunion is more controversial than ever thanks to the green-eyed bandit, gizelle bryant and robin dixon.giselle’s lie Chris Bassett, and Robin, unable to be honest with his life, was very loud during the reunion, making the atmosphere very tense.The tension was heightened when it was later revealed that Robin had only revealed the truth about her and her now-husband juan dixonquestion on her podcast quite darkPatron. That’s right, Robin chose to keep the funniest parts for his own benefit. Karen has a lot to say about Robin’s return and Juan’s scandal.

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‘RHOP’ Fans Love Robin Dixon, And So Does The Dame

Robyn Dixon on WHHL
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Many fans called for Robin to be fired from the show after it emerged that she had withheld information from the show. And who can blame them? That’s what the series is all about: looking inside the marriages and lives of the people in it. Rumors of Juan’s infidelity already exist, and those rumors should be addressed. It’s totally unfair to charge “RHOP” fans for information that should have been shown on the show. Especially if it could make her storyline more interesting this season. The dame did her part to keep them interesting during the season, sharing rumors that Juan was dating another woman who, interestingly enough, looked a lot like her. But alas, Robin denies, denies, denies. The fans are bored, and so is Karen. In fact, she’s so bored that when Robin brought up her and Juan’s sex life during the season seven reunion’s bachelorette party discussion, Karen yawned outright. It’s the little things we live for.

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Karen Huger, Lady of the Potomac, Queen of Shadows on RHOP

Karen Huger on RHOP
Image via Bravo

To be fair, when it comes to Robin Dixon, the grand dame thinks all the time. Their relationship has been going on for several seasons. In fact, when asked recently about the upcoming season, Karen said: “Robin is back and the show is great. The girls are the usual mess,” entertainment tonight Report. Viewers can’t help but notice her choice of words. “Robin is back,” essentially referring to the fact that Robin should probably be fired from the show. When asked about Juan’s legal woes and his dismissal from Coppin State over a poor season record and a sexual misconduct scandal, she remained fairly neutral, saying she did not want to comment on legal matters. She’s a class player, and she went on: “I don’t know, but I wish everyone the best and recovery from this, because I’m Mama Bear. No matter what I do, children come first and it is important to trust our children’s agency to educate them and to be trusted by those around them. “

Ultimately, despite her shadyness, her final statement sounds true. It’s clear that despite her extraordinary personality, she is a very caring person. She is the real and only lady, and we love her for that.

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