‘RHONJ’: Albie Manzo Reveals Teresa Giudice’s Shocking Apology

The drama is never ending when it comes to real housewives of new jersey Auger Teresa Judis.she and her ex-husband Joe Judith’s The reality series began to have legal troubles in 2014 after they were accused of fraud in federal court. The couple was charged with mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud, and must serve separate sentences. These already difficult issues were compounded when the judge in charge of the case discovered that they withheld information from the court to ensure they would both serve time in federal prison. Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in prison but was released after serving 11 months. Her ex-husband, Joe, was sentenced to three years in prison and immediately deported back to Italy by ICE after his release in 2019.

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Teresa Rooney and Joe Judith Rooney
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Caroline Manzo Became close friends with Teresa real housewives of new jersey Start shooting. These friends quickly turn enemies due to relationship problems among the cast.during an interview andy cohen Before Judith’s arrest, Caroline mentioned that she had a prediction that Joe would be sent to prison and Teresa would have to take care of herself and their daughter.Andy was reminded of this in an interview with Teresa Real Housewives of New Jersey Special Event: Joe and Theresa Unlock Judith. When Teresa heard this, she assumed that Caroline was the one who reported their suspicious financial practices and called her a “rat”. Hearing Teresa’s accusations against herself, Caroline recalled Teresa’s appearance and said that she used to be a very lovely person. Caroline has been keeping a high profile on the “rat” situation, refusing to continue talking about Theresa after initially admitting her allegations.

Teresa went on to blame Caroline for their involvement in their arrest, although there may well be theories that it was Joe’s business associate who sold them out to the federal government. She knew this, but also insisted that Caroline cooperate with her former business partners and assist in their arrest. It’s a far-fetched idea, clearly born of hatred and bigotry. After all, apart from Caroline’s interview with Andy, she has no real evidence to support these claims.

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Teresa Giudis’ half-hearted apology to Caroline Manzo

Teresa Giddis Rooney
Image via Bravo

Caroline’s oldest son, Albie Manzo, recently commented on the whole “who’s telling” situation and they didn’t agree with Teresa at all. Albi recently said he believed Teresa was well aware that his mother had nothing to do with their arrest.Albie said in a recent episode Everything About The Real Housewives Podcast: “I’m pretty sure Teresa knew who did it, but no one said anything.” But it got worse.

Albie then revealed that she had someone apologized privately to Caroline on her behalf. She has yet to publicly drop her charges, which is an incredible question considering the seriousness of them. As mentioned earlier, Caroline has made every effort not to comment on the situation, so it is a very good thing that her son is advocating on her behalf. It’s clear that while Judith has paid for her crimes, she hasn’t fully taken responsibility. She still has a grudge about being reported instead of focusing on the fact that she and her ex-husband made a mistake. She certainly owes Caroline a public apology, but that never seems to happen.

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