‘RHOA’: Kim Zorsiak’s estranged husband has issues of his own amid controversial claims

real housewives of atlanta alum Kim Zolchak She is reportedly struggling financially, according to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Chloe Bierman, their joint and personal debts are all Zolchak’s fault. The former couple shocked everyone by filing divorce papers separately in May 2023 after nearly 12 years of marriage and a family of six. Since then, they have fought a battle over their Georgia mansion, child support, alimony and custody of their four minor children. And the situation is getting worse every day. In addition to several 9-1-1 calls and records of the pair claiming each other’s claims, Bierman also said in court documents that the reality star’s gambling addiction was a major cause of their financial troubles. But it turns out Zorciak might not be the only one in their marriage with a gambling problem. TMZ Bierman reportedly owed the casino a large sum of money.

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Chloe Bierman’s Casino Gambling Debt

Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak on
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Biermann claimed that Zolczak spent too much time gambling in casinos and online, which diverted her attention from her minor children. Apparently, he spent a lot of time and money doing the same.

Sky Warrior has formally filed a legal claim against Bierman for being allowed to use unpaid credits at a Bahamian casino in the Bahamas during his 2021 trip. He was given a $100,000 credit line to use at the casino, of which $52,500 was used.

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In his attempt to collect the money owed, Bierman reportedly promised to repay the funds with what he insisted was in his SunTrust bank account, but he has yet to pay off the debt. Despite collection efforts, Sky Warrior claims they were unable to retrieve the money owed from his bank account.

The ex-NFL pro owes BMW tens of thousands of dollars

Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak on
Image via Bravo

Bierman’s casino debts are not all that is owed to his name. Reports suggest he now owes BMW a 2020 purchase of a luxury vehicle. But Bierman again pinned the blame on his estranged wife. In court documents and a statement from his attorneys, Biermann said he was behind on car payments because of Zolchak’s lax spending habits that forced him to overcompensate on family bills.

“Mr Bierman never thought he would find himself in this position, a car repossessed. But that’s what happens when people find themselves spending more than they can afford. Croy is retired and no longer receiving NFL salary,” his attorney said in a statement, per TMZ. “I don’t think anyone tells Kim. Kim is out of touch with reality when it comes to finances. Every month Croy has to scrape together enough money to pay the mortgage to keep the house from foreclosure; they’re getting collection notices , and now suing on behalf of creditors. Kim continues to spend money on online gambling, wine, and things that are not necessities but luxuries. Well, now they’re missing one luxury.”

Kim Zolciak opens up about her love of gambling

Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak on
Image via Bravo

Biermann’s claim about Zolchak is not far-fetched. Viewers of “Bravo” know that, in addition to lavish clothes, jewelry, cars and houses, Zolczak loves to gamble.

in her 2017 episode roo spin off do not be late, Viewers saw Zolciak lose $25,000 while visiting a Montana casino. “I bet big to win big, but when you lose, it definitely becomes more annoying than anything, and then I start getting angry,” she said. “When I start failing, I start losing my mind.”

In an episode that aired two years ago in 2014, Zolciak admitted she lost about $250,000 on a trip to the Bahamas. Around the same time, she was also seen purchasing multiple scratch cards while on vacation in Florida.

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